Ettinger is right on demography

By Ted Belman

Recently I was surprised to learn that not all right wingers accept the New Demographic Study.

In my recent post, An expanded Israel will be both democratic and Jewish , I challenged Gadi Taub’s who also didn’t accept it. In response he wrote

    I saw your remarks on my NYT op-ed piece. And I agree that arguments – mine as yours – are only as good as the facts they rely on are. But the demographic studies you rely on, with which I am familiar, are considered highly unreliable by professional demographers. The One Million Person Gap is a politically motivated study, rather than a scientific one. I’ve quoted some professionals on this very briefly here.

I forwarded this response to Mike Wise who wrote,

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Another reason to reject the Two-State solution.

By Ted Belman

In any imagined deal, except for Israel possibly accepting a token amount of “refugees”, everyone assumes they will resettle in the new Palestine. This may seem doable but in reality it would prevent a peaceful two-state solution from emerging.

Israel now has about 6.0 million Jews including those living east of the greenline and 1.5 million Arabs. Gaza and the West Bank have about have about 1.4 and 1.6 million Arabs respectively. In total there are 4.2 million Arabs in the combined territory. The total number of Arab refugees including their descendants exceed 4.2 million located as follows; 400,000 Lebanon, 400,000 in Syria, 2 million in Jordan some of whom have been given citizenship and the rest in Gaza and elsewhere.

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Obama’s Fictitious “Moderate Muslim Majority”


[..] Though lacking a shred of evidence, President Obama insists there exists a “vast majority” of “moderate Muslims” who do share Western values. After all, part of the “story” is that “radical Muslims” are just a small group of former “moderate Muslims” who have been “radicalized,” as one can become a “radical Muslim” only through brainwashing.

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Here We Go ’Round the Cactus Bush

By Sarah Stern, EMET

    “When the pursuit of peace becomes the entire objective of foreign policy, it becomes a weapon in the hands of the most ruthless. It produces moral disarmament.” —Henry Kissinger

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s recent announcement that peace talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians, which are set to resume on Thursday, “should resolve all final-status issues within one year” indicates such a profound misunderstanding of the complexity of the issues, the history of what has occurred until now, the fragility of the situation on the ground, and what actually lies at the heart of the disagreement, that it would be almost comical, if it weren’t so lethal.

A bit of recent history is in order. On July 25, 2000, the Israelis, led by Prime Minister Ehud Barak, and under the cajolery of President Bill Clinton, made a maximalist offer to Yasser Arafat in the summit known as Camp David II. That offer included up to 97 percent of the West Bank, all of Gaza (then in Israel’s hands), shared sovereignty of Jerusalem, and a “right of return” of thousands of Palestinian refugees or a compensatory package for refugees who could not be resettled.

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An expanded Israel will be both democratic and Jewish

By Ted Belman

The NYT published an Op-Ed by Gadi Taub titled In Israel, Settling for Less

He warns the the religious settlers numbering 130,000 out of 500,000 settlers by their “actions could spell the end of the Israel we have known.” [..]

    The consequences of these differences are huge. If the settlers achieve their manifest goal — making Israel’s hold on the territories permanent — it will mean the de facto annexation of a huge Arab population and will force a decision about their status. In Israel proper, the Arab minority represents about a fifth of its 7.2 million citizens, and they have full legal equality. But between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River, there are roughly equal numbers of Arabs and Jews today.

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“There is a war of interpretation of international law.”

Dep. FM Ayalon addresses forum of international jurists hosted by the MFA

Last night, (Sunday, 29th August), Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon welcomed and addressed a large gathering of jurists and lawyers from around the world. The forum was hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ayalon told the 150 jurists that Israel and the international community are facing new challenges. “The law has become a battlefield,” the Deputy Foreign Minister told the audience. “There is a war of interpretation of international law.”

“Israel’s enemies have embarked on the most wide-ranging delegitimization campaign in history; a campaign designed to undermine Israel’s right to exist, let alone its right to defend itself. This threat has many dimensions, and among the most important is the legal one. This new arena has cleverly been termed ‘lawfare’ – a strategy of using or misusing the law as a means to achieve military or political objectives.”

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The last refuge of the liberal


What’s a liberal to do when he’s lost the argument? Pull out the bigotry charge.

Liberalism under siege is an ugly sight indeed.

Just yesterday it was all hope and change and returning power to the people. But the people have proved so disappointing. Their recalcitrance has, in only 19 months, turned the predicted 40- year liberal ascendancy (James Carville) into a full retreat. Ah, the people, the little people, the smalltown people, the “bitter” people, as Barack Obama in an unguarded moment once memorably called them, clinging “to guns or religion or” – this part is less remembered – “antipathy toward people who aren’t like them.”

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Fiorina to visit Israel

California’s GOP Senate Candidate Brings Race to Israel

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, INN

California Republican candidate Carly Fiorina is headed for Israel in a move she hopes will give her an edge over incumbent Democratic and Jewish Senator Barbara Boxer. Both candidates bill themselves as “pro-Israel.”

Sen. Boxer previously has been supported by pro-Israel groups, but Jewish voters’ growing dislike of U.S. President Barack Obama may taint her record.

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As nationalism rises, will the European Union fall?

By Charles Kupchan, WaPo

The European Union is dying — not a dramatic or sudden death, but one so slow and steady that we may look across the Atlantic one day soon and realize that the project of European integration that we’ve taken for granted over the past half-century is no more.

Europe’s decline is partly economic. The financial crisis has taken a painful toll on many E.U. members, and high national debts and the uncertain health of the continent’s banks may mean more trouble ahead. But these woes pale in comparison with a more serious malady: From London to Berlin to Warsaw, Europe is experiencing a renationalization of political life, with countries clawing back the sovereignty they once willingly sacrificed in pursuit of a collective ideal.

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Jewish brains, Arab money

Dankner sets up new investment fund with Saudis

Israeli business mogul says sees ‘huge potential in emerging markets, which serve as long-term growth engine’

An interesting collaboration between Israel and Saudi Arabia has come to light. IDB Group, chaired by Nochi Dankner, is establishing a $1 billion investment fund together with Saudi partners in Swiss bank Credit Suisse to invest in emerging markets in Latin America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

The fund will be called EMCO and will be the first investment collaboration of its kind between an Israeli company and a the Saudi investment company belonging to the Olayan family, a Qatari government investment company, and Swiss bank Credit Suisse, in which IDB holds 3.2% of its shares.

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The Israel Lobby is nothing compared to the Saudi Lobby

The Vast Power of the Saudi Lobby by Ted Belman

Whatever Saudis Want, Saudis Get by Ted Belman

The Arab Lobby Rules America

by Alan M. Dershowitz, THE DAILY BEAST

Lost in all of the controversy over the mosque is the fact that the Arab lobby is one of the strongest in America—even stronger than Israel’s, says a controversial new book. Alan Dershowitz on how Arab governments influence U.S. politics.

While the media and politicians engage in frenzied debate about the virtues and vices of building—or preventing the building of—a Muslim community center (cum mosque) near the “sacred ground” of 9/11, Iran continues to build a nuclear weapon, as the Israelis and Palestinians take a tentative step toward building a peaceful resolution to their age-old conflict. Inevitably, whenever Middle East issues take center stage, the question of the role of lobbies, particularly those that advocate for foreign countries, becomes a hot topic. This book by longtime Middle East authority, Mitchell Bard, is a must read for anyone who cares—and who doesn’t?—about the role of lobbies in influencing American policy in the Middle East. Its thesis, which is sure to be controversial, is easily summarized:

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Islamic incitement to violence

Daniel Greenfield distinguishes real incitement from alleged incitement in his article The Real Incitement to Violence

[..] While the media is feverishly speculating what might have caused a Muslim cabbie to be stabbed, perhaps we should also take a look at what causes Muslim cabbies to try and kill others. If anti-mosque protesters can be accused of inciting violence because of their negative statements toward Islam, it is only fair to look at what negative statements Islam has to make about Christians, Jews and other non-Muslims.

Let’s begin by looking at the opening chapter of the Koran which contain the verses.

“Guide us the straight way, not (the way) of those who earned Your Anger (such as the Jews), nor of those who went astray (such as the Christians). (Koran 1:5-6)

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Refuting David Makovsky’s whitewash of PA Education and incitement

By Arliene Kushner

In his recent article, ME Peace something to look forward to? David Makovsky writes:

    “The PA has begun reshaping the curriculum of Palestinian institutions that accredit imans, and screening is also being conducted to weed out school teachers who support Hamas radicalism.”

Dr. Arnon Groiss, Director of Research for IMPACT-SE – which monitors and translates all Arab educational materials – says that he wishes it were so that the curriculum for imams were being revised. Instead, The PA Ministry of Religious Affairs oversees ten schools that train imams. These schools use 25 texts in different religious subjects that are either published by or for the PA, in Jordan. Bearing the PA logo, they were all originally Jordanian.

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Leo Strauss, Back and Better Than Ever

[“An opportunity to hear and read Leo Strauss, the greatest political philosopher of the twentieth century.” Paul Eidelberg]


When President George W. Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq in 2003, conspiracy theorists suspected that a puppet master was behind him. No, not Dick Cheney. The alleged puppeteer was the late Leo Strauss.

The famous professor of political philosophy, who died in 1973, had many disciples in the Bush administration, and journalists had frequently misquoted Strauss as arguing that “one must make the whole globe democratic.” Opponents of the war who were looking for a more sinister scapegoat than faulty intelligence about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction put two and two together: Strauss had given his pupils an imperialist itch, and now that they were in power, they were scratching it.

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The banality of evil

By Ted Belman

My reading through out my adult life usually centered on Jewish History. The issues that interested me the most were the holocaust, the inquisition and the first century C.E. With respect to the inquisition, one book remains etched in my mind, namely Cecil Roth’s The Spanish Inquisition. One reviewer said of it

    “This was one of the most repugnant histories I have ever read. But it’s also a necessary one. Cecil Roth’s effort was written in 1937, when the darkness falling over Europe was unmistakable. Clearly, Roth was writing both a history and sounding an alarm.”

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The most vile of manifestations of the Islamist jihad in Canada

This is our future

Recent terror threats have been stopped, but we have refused to heed the warnings

By David Harris, Ottawa Citizen Special

This is your future. That was my wretched thought on behalf of Canadians as I watched Thursday’s Project Samossa news conference.

Samossa was the major national security investigation that erupted this week in counterterrorism raids and the arrest of four Muslim-Canadians. The government’s charges against three of them imply a wealth of evidence that will shock the conscience of Canadians.

These charges and limited revelations suggest that we could be front-row witnesses to the most vile of manifestations of the Islamist jihad in this country. The allegation is that people living among us and enjoying the immense privileges of Canadian citizenship, are siding with enemy forces aiming to kill and maim our boys and girls serving in Afghanistan — and maybe residents of Ottawa and other Canadian centres, too.

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Have Dems re-enslaved blacks?

Putting falsity of left’s ‘racial progress’ in black and white

By Joseph Farah, WND

When black members of the tea-party movement this week rejected unfounded accusations of racism at a news conference in Washington, a provocative comment was made by one activist that is worthy of further exploration.

“Democrats have re-enslaved America,” said Kevin Jackson, president of the Black Conservative Coalition. He said tea-party activists, if successful, would reduce the size of government and set in motion another Emancipation Proclamation, the document that President Abraham Lincoln signed that effectively ended slavery.

“This time, even the white folks get freed,” said Jackson.

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The US should back Israel and not undermine her.

By Ted Belman

I was one of four bloggers asked by The Hill to write a 500 word essay in answer to this question, “Can the Obama administration forge a peace agreement, and what steps should it be taking in Mideast policy?” It picked two bloggers from each side although only two were posted. The Hill has enormous traffic so I was honoured and relished the opportunity to address a large audience.

My dilemma was in deciding how best to use the 500 words. Here’s my essay. Should I have used the words differently? You can go to the link above to read my opponent’s piece of trash.

Time for a paradigm shift in the peace process

By Ted Belman

One cannot answer this question without regard to the religious, historical and legal context for the conflict. The conflict has continued for over 100 years and for good reason.

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Good News, Israel

Compliments of Anglo Saxon Raannana Real Estate

Quote for the Week

    An athlete cannot run with money in his pockets. He must run with hope in his heart and dreams in his head. (Emil Zatopek. One of the greatest marathon runners ever. And it applies to swimmers, sailors and all those sportsmen and women who brought honor to Israel this week [see items below])

· It’s been a good week for Israeli sportsmen and women so we’ll give them pride of place in this edition of GN:

    ü Israel has participated faithfully in the Olympic Games since 1952, regrettably with scant reward in terms of medals – a bronze went to Judoka, Yael Arad in 1992 and our first – and only – gold was brought home by sailor Gal Friedman in 2004 – It would seem that all that is about to change if the Youth Olympics is anything to go by. With a small delegation of 15, 14 – 18 year olds we would have expected them to get lost amongst the 3,600 competitors from 205 countries competing in the same 26 sports that are on the current Summer Olympics program. But quite the reverse, Israel has got plenty to show for its 12 days in Singapore. The cry went up: Let the Games Begin! So they did and Gili Haimovitz, Israel’s Tai Kwando champ wasted no time in winning Israel’s first gold medal of the Games and from there on it only got better, seven medals in all; four gold, two silvers, both going to Ya’akov Toumarkin Israel’s only double medal winner, and one bronze, placing Israel 15 out of 205 on the unofficial medal table. Bravo to our young athletes, the shape of things to come, and while we don’t want to single anybody out we can’t resist the temptation to mention Dima Kruyter who placed first in the high jump a really elite event.

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