“There is a war of interpretation of international law.”

Dep. FM Ayalon addresses forum of international jurists hosted by the MFA

Last night, (Sunday, 29th August), Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon welcomed and addressed a large gathering of jurists and lawyers from around the world. The forum was hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ayalon told the 150 jurists that Israel and the international community are facing new challenges. “The law has become a battlefield,” the Deputy Foreign Minister told the audience. “There is a war of interpretation of international law.”

“Israel’s enemies have embarked on the most wide-ranging delegitimization campaign in history; a campaign designed to undermine Israel’s right to exist, let alone its right to defend itself. This threat has many dimensions, and among the most important is the legal one. This new arena has cleverly been termed ‘lawfare’ – a strategy of using or misusing the law as a means to achieve military or political objectives.”

Ayalon gave a few examples, including the Goldstone Report, but also talked about an even more glaring example. “The war of 1948, imposed by the Arab states on Israel, resulted in two refugee problems, one Jewish and one Arab,” Ayalon said. “Yet the world acknowledges only the Palestinian refugee problem, while denying justice to Jewish refugees from Arab countries.”

“This despite the established record of UN resolutions and statements by world leaders calling for the resolution of the refugee issue, with no distinction made between Arab and Jewish, including United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 and the President Clinton parameters. Over the decades, the Arab propaganda machine virtually wiped out any notion of a Jewish refugee problem, undermining the rights of Jewish refugees from Arab countries, who today, together with their descendants, are the majority of Israel’s Jewish population.”

The Deputy Foreign Minister explained what is needed to fight back. “In combating the delegitimization campaign, we find ourselves confronting a formidable alliance of extremist groups, terrorist organizations, and cynical activists prepared to undermine the intent and credibility of international law and human rights principles for political goals,” Ayalon said. “Against this alliance, we need to build an alliance of our own. We need a coalition of people of good will, who care about law, truth, human rights and the future of democracy.”

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  1. The surest way to get rid of the rest of the Christians is to use the method of Moses Hess, Karl Marx, Wladimir Uljanov and Lev Bronstein: Convert them into Leninist Bolshevik Atheists. It worked in tens of millions of cases, so far.

  2. Sorry I do know what I am talking about and am willing to forgo Christian support when it means allowing them to subvert the political system in Israel to the benefit of Christian missionaries in Israel. Not implementing existing laws against missionaries under threats. The relatively new Christian tactic of grafting Judaism into Christianity like the myth of non existent Judeo-Christian Values. In the past decade Christian missionaries have invested over ten billion dollars to attack Judaism and subvert Judaism to Christianity.

    Where it up to me which it isn’t I would ban all Christians from entering the Land of Israel, even at the loss of their support and lost tourist dollars. Somethings are more important. I don’t blame the Christians I blame the Jews for stupidity, ignorance and of course avarice


    I view the Threat by Christians as not less than I view the threat by Muslims and Iran. One is physical and the other spiritual/physical

    Both seek in their own ways to rid the world of Jews.

  3. Sorry, Yamit, but you don’t know what you are talking about. Born again Christians are among the staunchest supporters of Israel. I know that because I closely worked with one of those groups in Europe. In North America, they are even more on the side of Israel. So, we would do well to jettison our blinkered prejudices aside and look at the reality, till Last Judgment arrives, when we shall have a friendly meeting to define the next course of action!

  4. The first thing we need to do is to kick ayalon out of Israel. His wife is a born again Christian and he is probably one as well judging from his Strong Christian advocacy. He is in any event the last one I would choose to lead the fight for Israels legitimacy.

    He is as corrupt and traitorous as any Israeli official and a blatant political opportunist to-boot.

  5. The very first thing I learned at lawschool concerning International Law, was that no interpretation of any of its provisions is permitted. An international agreement has no contents whatsoever, except for its written Articles which shal be understood and implemented litterally. This is where International Law separates from politics and theology.