That Building IS Ground Zero

Laura: To all those putrid shills and apologists for the stealth jihadists behind the ground zero islamic supremacist mosque, that building IS part of ground zero.  The wreckage from one of the planes that was flown into the World Trade Center smashed into The Burlington Coat Factory. As to that despicable punk Pelley from 60 Minutes who denied the building for the proposed mosque was ground zero and chastised Pam Geller for truthfully referring to it as such, as well as that filthy slob Bob Beckel, both shills for jihad, they need to hear the story of this former marine from New Rochelle, Peter Parente, who was at the site just days after 9/11.

New Rochelle Marine Disputes Defenders of ‘Ground Zero’ Mosque in New York City

Submitted by Robert Cox, New Rochelle Talk

(NEW ROCHELLE, NY) — The ongoing debate over the controversial Islamic community center and mosque planned for the site of what was to have been a Burlington Coat Factory retail outlet in lower Manhattan, has left Peter Parente frustrated. Parente, 42, a U.S. Marine honorably discharged in 1993, was part of the small team of construction workers assigned to clear plane wreckage from the building located at 45–47 Park Place in the days after 9/11.

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FBI Invites In Hamas Operative

Laura: There is no need for hamas or other jihadists to stealthily infiltrate our government since they are being invited in. Those who are being entrusted to safeguard America’s security are the ones who are endangering us the most. You just can’t make this stuff up. In the name of muslim outreach, the FBI escorted a known hamas operative into secure government facilities. Political correctness has reached insane proportions. And when Act For America members confronted the FBI about this suicidal policy, the FBI had the audacity to claim the story was fabricated and treated callers in a hostile manner. But the story is true.

FBI Escorts Known Hamas Operative Through Top-Secret National Counterterrorism Center as “Outreach” to Muslim Community

Posted by Patrick S. Poole, Big Peace

A known Hamas operative and unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism financing trial in U.S. history – Kifah Mustapha – was recently escorted into the top-secret National Counterterrorism Center and other secure government facilities, including the FBI’s training center at Quantico, during a six-week “Citizen’s Academy” hosted by the FBI as part of its “outreach” to the Muslim Community. The group was accompanied by reporter Ben Bradley of WLS-Chicago (ABC), who filed a report on the trip to Washington D.C. on Sunday, who observed:

Sheik Kifah Mustapha, who runs the Mosque Foundation in Bridgeview, asked some of the most pointed questions during the six week FBI Citizens’ Academy and trip to Washington. He pushed agents to fully explain everything from the bureau’s use of deadly force policy to racial and ethnic profiling. “I saw a very interesting side of what the FBI does and I wanted to know more,” Sheik Mustapha explained after returning from D.C. He hopes the FBI’s outreach runs deeper than positive public relations.

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Bowing to Islam’s view of us

By Mark Steyn

While I’ve been talking about free speech in Copenhagen, several free speech issues arose in North America. I was asked about them both at the Sappho Award event and in various interviews, so here’s a few thoughts for what they’re worth:

Too many people in the free world have internalized Islam’s view of them. A couple of years ago, I visited Guantanamo and subsequently wrote that, if I had to summon up Gitmo in a single image, it would be the brand-new copy of the Koran in each cell: To reassure incoming prisoners that the filthy infidels haven’t touched the sacred book with their unclean hands, the Korans are hung from the walls in pristine, sterilized surgical masks. It’s one thing for Muslims to regard infidels as unclean, but it’s hard to see why it’s in the interests of us infidels to string along with it and thereby validate their bigotry. What does that degree of prostration before their prejudices tell them about us? It’s a problem that Muslims think we’re unclean. It’s a far worse problem that we go along with it.

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India and Israel working together.

A Muslim writer writes about India’s Soft Corner for Israel.

He gives a great deal of information about their relationship and comments particularly about their cooperation in defense and geo political matters.

    The fact of the matter is that by availing the ongoing international phenomena of terrorism, Jewish-Hindu lobbies are collectively working in America and other European countries to exploit the double standards of the west in relation to terrorism and human rights vis-a-vis Pakistan and China. Israel and India are equating the ‘war of independence’ in Kashmir and Palestine with terrorism. If India considers Pakistan as its enemy number one, Israel takes Iran in the same sense, especially due to its nuclear programme which is also negated by the US. Tel Aviv is also against Pakistan as it is the only nuclear Islamic country. However, these similarities of interest have brought the two countries to follow a common secret diplomacy with the tactical support of Washington, targeting particularly Pakistan and China including other states like Nepal, North Korea, Bangladesh, Iran, Syria etc.

    Read more …

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GOP outspending Dems

Democrats Find Many Big Donors Cutting Support


[..] The absence of these Democratic megadonors is contributing to a huge disparity in spending between pro-Republican and pro-Democratic groups. The groups wield huge influence in many House and Senate races because they can take in contributions of unlimited size.

In the last week, Republican-leaning groups outspent their Democratic counterparts on television by more than seven to one on Senate races and nearly four to one on House races across the country, according to data from the Campaign Media Analysis Group, which tracks political advertising. The gap shows few signs of abating, even with the midterm election season in full swing. [..]

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Obama out… Tom Friedman Is Searching For A New Leader

The Tea Kettle Movement

There are actually two Tea Party movements in America today: one you’ve read about that is not that important and one you’ve not read about that could become really important if the right politician understood how to tap into it.

The Tea Party that has gotten all the attention, the amorphous, self-generated protest against the growth in government and the deficit, is what I’d actually call the “Tea Kettle movement” — because all it’s doing is letting off steam.

That is not to say that the energy behind it is not authentic (it clearly is) or that it won’t be electorally impactful (it clearly might be). But affecting elections and affecting America’s future are two different things. Based on all I’ve heard from this movement, it feels to me like it’s all steam and no engine. It has no plan to restore America to greatness.

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The Despicable George Soros Exposed

Laura: Barry Rubin profiles millionaire kapo and sociopath George Soros. This is a vile individual who, without remorse, will gladly sell the Jewish people down the river, aid its genocidal enemies for his own self-preservation and to maintain his own wealth and power.

Fear and Survival: The Tragedy And Threat That Is George Soros

By Barry Rubin, Rubin Reports

I’ve long pondered the bizarre doings of billionaire financier George Soros, who’s become the single biggest funder of left-wing and often anti-Jewish (certainly, anti-Israel) causes in Europe and North America. Most recently, it was revealed that Soros was a huge contributor to the anti-Israel J Street group even though the organization had lied about that connection.

But how can one explain the behavior and motives of Soros? For me, finally, the missing piece of the puzzle has fallen into place.

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Western Liberals Enable Islamic Supremacism

Laura: Another brilliant piece by the Sultan Knish. While the leftist establishment believes it is bigoted to oppose a mosque near the site where thousands of Americans were slaughtered by muslims, it endorses the racist arab demand that Jews shall be forbidden to live amongst them. The war being waged against us by muslims will continue as long as the free world continues to play the role of dhimmi and indulges islamic supremacist demands. For years the west has indulged the muslim double standard that they are to be given complete freedom and even preferential treatment in infidel majority countries while muslim majority countries are allowed to discriminate against and oppress their non-muslim populations without any objections from the west.  According to liberals, it isn’t muslim incitement to hatred, violence and genocide against Jews, hamas missiles or suicide bombers that presents an obstacle to peace, but rather a Jewish kindergarten.

An Inoffensive Mosque and an Offensive Kindergarten

Daniel Greenfield, The Sultan Knish

If you believe the newspapers, a kindergarten in a town built by Jewish refugees from Yemen is about to doom all hopes for peace in the Middle East. Forget the fact that there was never any peace long before a few dozen Jews who fled Yemen built themselves a small town where they could raise their families, without being murdered for their faith or driven into ghettos– as is the fate of the last remaining Jews of Yemen. Forget a thousand years of Muslim bigotry, which time and time again have exploded into orgies of violence, pogroms of hate and terrorist atrocities. No, it is the kindergarten at Kiryat Netafim that is at fault here.

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No love for Muslims, unless they’re Palestinian

Christopher Hitchens, one of the most important journalists in the English-speaking world, needs to take a long, hard look at Palestinian history and at the nature, behavior and aims of the Palestinian national movement.
By Benny Morris

Christopher Hitchens, one of the most important journalists in the English-speaking world (a columnist for Vanity Fair, a contributing editor to The Atlantic), is of two minds about the Islamic Arab world. Or, rather, for him it is divided in two – the Palestinians and all the rest

About “the rest,” he is fairly clear (as in his just-published book, “Hitch-22: A Memoir): It is a world riddled by corruption, violence and brutal autocracy, gradually falling into the grip of a nihilistic or medieval Islamism that is challenging the core values of the West – liberalism, democracy, tolerance and equal rights for women, homosexuals and ethnic minorities.

Hitchens broke ranks with his leftist colleagues (he had long written for the British New Statesman weekly, and later, the U.S. weekly The Nation) and famously supported both of the Gulf wars: in 1991 and 2003.

Hitchens has condemned the Sudanese Arabs for murdering their Christian and animist kinsmen in Southern Sudan and in Darfur, and the Iraqi Arabs (and Muslim Turks) for killing and oppressing the Kurds.

Indeed, he has written books on the Kurdish struggle for independence and on Cyprus in which he was critical of the 1974 Turkish invasion and ethnic cleansing of the northern third of the island.

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Hamas Reveals Nobel Lauret, Arafat, Approved Hamas and Fatah Terror in Oslo War

Yamit Most of us already knew Arafat gave the green light without Hamas confirming it but they did anyway so good for them, for what it’s worth.

Hamas Reveals Nobel Lauret, Arafat, Had Blood On His Hands, Approved Hamas and Fatah Terror in Oslo War

by Michelle Nevada


My favorite line from this story is this one, “It was the first time Hamas has stated that Arafat, who like his successor was championed by the American government as Israel’s ‘peace partner,’ gave instructions to Hamas to break two years of relative quiet and launch what evolved into a decade of suicide bombings and deadly rocket attacks.”

A very true, albeit subtle, commentary upon the character of Arafat and his murderous successor, Abbas.

If the world could just get past its hatred of Jews, they would soon realize that it isn’t Israel that is an “obstacle to peace.” Every time Israel gives even a little bit, it increases the violence and murder. We were right to be suspicious of Arafat then and we are right to be suspicious of Abbas now.

Israel wants peace more than anyone, but we know that peace is impossible with the likes of Abbas. Abbas is a terrorist, like Arafat—why do you think Arafat liked him and promoted him?

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Jewish peace or Arab peace initiative?

Obadiah Shoher

Why doesn’t Israel accept the Arab peace initiative? It offers Israel normalization with all Arab states (though not Iran) in exchange for returning to the 1967 borders, Jerusalem, and a solution to the refugee problem. That’s basically what the Israeli government agreed to; most Israelis accept the solution except for the partitioning of Jerusalem. The differences are mundane: the Saudis want full return to the 1967 borders while Israel offered to exchange settlement blocs for similar tracts of empty land, and the Palestinians agreed. The peace plan does not require Israel to accept the refugees, just to find a solution: presumably, compensation will do, and the US and EU would be happy to foot the bill for resettling the refugees in Palestine.

The issue of Jerusalem is a matter of names. What is the Jerusalem which Jews want for our eternal capital? The sprawling Arab neighborhoods of “East Jerusalem” are not Jerusalem in the biblical sense. Jews lived there, but we also lived in Hebron, Schem, and all of Judea. In religious terms, giving away Hebron and Schem (which the majority of Israelis accept) is a crime incomparably worse than abandoning districts of no special significance east of the ancient Jerusalem.

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Ben-Gurion’s legacy on Jerusalem under assault

T. Belman. Yesterday I toured east Jerusalem with a new group Keep Jerusalem. Please read all about them. Their mission is to educated the public of the multitude of reasons for not dividing Jerusalem, a la Olmert or Barak, and why division is a stupid and dangerous idea. I have been invited to work with them to prevent this from happening. In the evening Danny Danon spoke with us about the peace process and Bibi. Apparantly the coalition is strong enough to keep Bibi in check but there is no room for complacency. The US government is pushing for the division of Jerusalem as recommended by Olmert or Barak.


A response to former prime minister Ehud Olmert from a former Israeli ambassador to the UN. Today, he says, Israel must reestablish that red line.

Right after the War of Independence, prime minister David Ben-Gurion faced inexorably difficult pressures over the future of Jerusalem.

The UN planned to press its case for internationalization. Its grounds were General Assembly Resolution 181, adopted in 1947 and known as the partition plan, which not only advocated the establishment of Jewish and Arab states in former British Mandatory Palestine, but also recommended putting Jerusalem under UN control as a corpus separatum, or separate entity.

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Canadian Journalist Resigns After Editors Spike His Anti-Jihadist Column

Belman. Cathy Shaidle is a friend of mine and a great fighter.  I have a similar story to tell.  Yesterday I was contacted by a journaluist I know who wanted me to comment on an article he wrote about Islam and moderates etc which was just published by a prominent right wing academic internet journal.  I told him I didn’t like the article because it was confusing.  On the one hand he seemed to be making the case against Islam and on the other hand he was being generous to it. I gave him all the sentances I didn’t like.  He told me that all those sentences were inserted at the request of the editor or the piece wouldn’t be published.

By Cathy Shaidle, News Real Blog

They don’t make ‘em like Rory Leishman anymore. He’s one of those old fashioned newsmen you only see in black and white movies these days.

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Cead mile failte to Hell, Mr Israeli ambassador

by kevin Meyers

Trying to argue Israel’s case to the Irish is no longer the futile burden of Zion Evonry. God help his successor in just about the worst assignment an Israeli diplomat can ever get

The Israeli Ambassador Zion Evonry is returning home: his time in Hell is done. Now it is the turn of some other poor bastard in the Israeli diplomatic service to come over and meet the conjoined forces of hatred, ignorance, blindness, hysteria and prejudice that the name ‘Israel’ invariably inspires. Short of Hamas opening up a few death-camps for Jews now, rather than after they’ve finally defeated Israel, I’m not sure what would destroy the irrational Israelophobia that is so powerful in Ireland.

Critics of Israel deplore its origins within the Balfour Declaration of 1917, which committed the British to making a homeland for the Jews. So do I. It was not British land, and no British government had any right to make any promises about it. But I cannot revisit the past and restore the Hapsburg Empire, or overthrow Bolshevism. Many things resulted from that terrible time. One of those was the formal creation of a homeland in Palestine for Jews. The forces that erupted across Europe in the following decades produced an entirely new world order, in which Israel took its place, as thousands of Palestinians either fled, or were forced to flee, their homes.

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Harvard Leftists Bully Peretz

Laura: Left-wing Jew-hating fascists harass Marty Peretz for being a Zionist during a ceremony at Harvard honoring him. Why does Harvard allow this aggressive riffraff to take over the school, disrupt activities and harass invited guests?

Peretz should not be humiliated. He ought to consider it a badge of honor that this radical riffraff opposes him.

Red Guard Harvard Students “Educate” Dr. Martin Peretz


This past weekend, a throng—nay, a large crowd of Harvard students publicly taunted, shamed, and stalked the venerable liberal intellectual Martin Peretz. Like the jihadists who distribute videos of their beheadings, the protesters also released their mini “Aktion” on YouTube. They call it: “Party for Marty.”

These students decided to rain on “Marty’s” parade, ruin it for him on the day Harvard was honoring him. The video shows students holding up signs presumably with Peretz’s own (but out-of-context) words. It is accompanied by Lesley Gore’s girlish voice singing the 1963 popular song: “It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want To.” The students are smiling, enjoying themselves, enjoying what they hope is Peretz’s enormous discomfort.

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President Stuxnet

By David Solway, Pajamas Media

In 356 B.C., a Greek psychopath by the name of Herostratus set fire to the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus in order to immortalize his name. Hence the phrase: to pursue a Herostratic honor.

In 2008 A.D., a rather inscrutable individual was elected president of the United States and proceeded without delay to covet and acquire a more or less identical distinction, intent on destroying the temple of constitutional liberty under the rubric of a “fundamental transformation.” Of course, there is more to it than simply desiring a historic reputation by whatever means at his disposal. It has become obvious that the president is a confirmed Alinskyite [1] seeking to replace a functioning republic with a socialist mega-state. His leftist friends and mentors, now well-known, along with his policies and activities make this a more than reasonable assumption.

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Israel’s friend?….U.S. To Sell Arab Gulf States Unprecedented $123 Billion In Arms

These Arms sales need congressional approval. The hypocrisy of American congressman feigning Israeli support which costs them nothing then approving such sales to all of Israels front line and 2nd line enemies .
America is trying to break Israel by stimulating an Arms race where Israel can’t compete, think Reagan breaking the USSR using same tactics. After the Nov. elections America will press Israel to sign NPT and open Dimona for inspection and international control. Israel being pushed by America to the 67 borders will not be defensible. Israel will have to rely on her Nukes as the primary military deterrent doctrine but not just deterrent but as our primary offensive military doctrine. If Iran or another ME country gets nukes they would render our Nukes worthless as a deterrent. American weapons sales to our enemies including nuclear technology transfers Bush signed with the Saudis and Jordan just before leaving office makes Israels position very vulnerable and the Americans in a win win situation. Weapons sales to Sheiks billions to American Arms producers and stock holders, more influence with Arabs and the means probably for finishing off those pain in the ass Jews. Yamit

US in $123bn arms deal with Persian Gulf states Bloomberg

The Arab states of the Gulf have embarked on one of the largest re-armament exercises in peacetime history,

Ordering US weapons worth some $123bn as they seek to counter Iran’s military power. A package of US arms worth more than $67bn for Saudi Arabia accounts for the largest single component of this military build-up, providing a huge boost to the American defence industry.
The first phase of this agreement – soon to go before the US Congress for approval – is estimated at about $30bn.
Anthony Cordesman, from the Centre for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, said that the US was aiming to achieve a “new post-Iraq war security structure that can secure the flow of energy exports to the global economy”.

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We have friends in Congress

Franks Calls on Administration to Recognize Israel’s Right to Build Settlements

Press Releases

September 28, 2010 – Following the expiration of Israel’s self-imposed moratorium halting the construction of new Israeli settlements in the West Bank, Congressman Trent Franks (AZ-02) today released the following statement:

    “Upon the lapsing of the moratorium on new settlements, State Department representatives expressed the Obama Administration’s ‘disappointment’ that Israel would resume its construction of houses in the West Bank. Unfortunately, I believe the Administration’s disappointment is seriously misdirected.

    Read more …

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Demoting Islam’s Religion Status

By Martel Sobieskey, New Media Journal, March 19, 2009

One thing is certain, Islam is not a religion by anything Americans believe one to be – not even close. In fact, Islam is the antithesis of what we deem to be religious. Above all, Islam is a totalitarian political machine of blood thirsty conquest which zealously advocates the downfall of the U.S. government. Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world…” because he was 100% non-political. In extreme contrast, Mohammed and the Koran bellicosely command your kingdom is my kingdom, surrender or die! Let’s be to the point. It is sheer madness, exceedingly irresponsible, criminally negligent, and strategically suicidal to continue granting religion status to an absolutely aggressive and implacable ideology that demands the destruction of our government and all other religions.

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Tehran confirms its industrial computers under Stuxnet virus attack

This is a new Kind of warfare: The equivalent of a computer-code nuke with a high-tech version of the Manhattan project behind it somewhere. I’ll speculate that it’s code has the “sophistication” that it is almost impossible to reverse-engineer. That would take some strong code, which would take some serious supercomputer algorithms to achieve. Yamit

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report

Mahmoud Alyaee, secretary-general of Iran’s industrial computer servers, including its nuclear facilities control systems, confirmed Saturday, Sept. 25, that 30,000 computers belonging to classified industrial units had been infected and disabled by the malicious Stuxnet virus.

This followed debkafile’s exclusive report Thursday, Sept. 23, from its Washington and defense sources that a clandestine cyber war is being fought against Iran by the United States with elite cyber war units established by Israel. Stuxnet is believed to be the most destructive virus ever devised for attacking major industrial complexes, reactors and infrastructure. The experts say it is beyond the capabilities of private or individual hackers and could have been produced by a high-tech state like America or Israel, or its military cyber specialists.

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