Netanyahu playing it cool

Netanyahu seen unlikely to accept U.S. compromise in Mideast talks

    [..] the proposal, which would include U.S. guarantees over core issues in the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians on issues including refugees, security arrangements and Israel’s status as a Jewish state. In return for the American guarantees, Israel would extend the suspension of construction in West Bank settlements for several more months. At this stage Netanyahu is believed to be resistant to the offer.
September 28, 2010 | 6 Comments »

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6 Comments / 6 Comments

  1. Anyone that buys into the pikuach nefesh argument without looking at prior history and where it has gotten us is deluded. Pikuach nefesh can be argued the opposite way much more effectively. Lets deal with Hashem instead of the nations. I AM SO SICK OF THIS!

  2. I’m sure BB (PiPi) never brought it up. He will cave anyway so why should he screw up his grand plan. Kadima for Lieberman and some Likud MK’s, The key is Shas and Aguda, if they stick he might be able to pull it off. Peres is now with Rav Ovadia reminding him of what Pikuach Nefesh means and offering him a few billion to sweeten the pot.

  3. We’ve seen firsthand the value of US guarantees in the past. Obammy & Co basically denied the existence of the side letter from Bushco to Sharon. Fool me once…