Review of Sarah Palin’s new book,

America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith, and Flag

By Olivia Rodan Jacobs, author of Jerusalem 3000 THE POISONER’S AGENDA. Olivia tells me she is an avid reader of Israpundit.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed Sarah Palin’s autobiographical book, GOING ROGUE, I was initially disappointed when I picked up AMERICA BY HEART and realized this wasn’t going to be an anecdotal STORY book but a serious explanation of the ideology that governs Sarah’s life–and by her analysis, also shaped the founding fathers of our nation and still inspires the majority of hard-working Americans today. Fortunately, I found her writing style not only kept me enthralled but also made understanding her point of view easy.

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Freedom of speech under attack

U.N. Resolution and Political Correctness Aim to Curtail Freedom of Speech in the West

By Matthew M. Hausman

Freedom of speech is a right that is often taken for granted in the West, but one that is essential for the continuity of democratic society. It is also an endangered species that is currently under stealth attack by religious extremism masquerading as multicultural tolerance. As the United Nations recently called for member states to ratify the “Defamation of Religions Resolution,” as European nations enact legislation to designate as hate speech the critical discussion of specific religions, and as the political left blames western democracies for inflaming Islamist passions by refusing to submit to doctrinal totalitarianism, the right to speak freely is being threatened by a culture of political correctness in which progressive policymakers seek rapprochement with the Arab-Muslim world.

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Michele Bachmann shines

By watching this two part video of her recent speech you will learn of her great appeal and also of the battle lines for the next two years. T. Belman

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Good News, Israel

Compliments of Anglo Saxon Raannana Real Estate

Quote for the Week

    “I think of a hero as someone who understands the degree of responsibility that comes with his freedom.” Bob Dylan American poet and songwriter. (Our young women translate this nostrum into action. [See Below])

* We’ll start with the GN story of the day, the week, the month and probably the year. Israel is a high tech super power and there’s no denying that; it has been a chicken schnitzel champ for years and now for the first time it is in the enviable position of being a natural gas power to be reckoned with, with the confirmation yesterday of the presence of a huge deposit of natural gas sitting below its shore in the Leviathan gas field. Estimates show that the find contains 16 trillion cubic feet of gas whose monetary value ranges from $US45bn to $US90bn depending on which report you read. Fact is that Leviathan officially became the biggest deep-water gas discovery in the whole world for the last 10 years and has fulfilled the most optimistic hopes pinned on it. “Leviathan is the latest major discovery for Noble Energy and is easily the largest exploration discovery in our history.” said Noble Energy CEO Charles Davidson. Mr David Stover President and COO of the company continued, saying, ‘Leviathan has the potential to position Israel as a natural- gas-exporting nation.’ But we feel it only right and proper to leave the last word[s] to our Prime Minister, Mr Netanyahu: “A day in which we learn about the Leviathan gas field, a day in which we pass a two-year budget [as distinct from its one year predecessors], and a day in which we are told that the Israeli economy grew faster than most of the economies of the west [see below for details] and created 100,000 jobs – this is a day on which to be very optimistic indeed,” And there’s no need to add to that.

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Palestinian draft condemning Israeli settlements designed to win U.S. support

By The Associated Press and Haaretz

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said his new attempt to get the United Nations to condemn Israeli settlements in the West Bank was specifically designed to win U.S. support.

The Palestinians have drafted a proposal and are lobbying for a Security Council resolution that would declare West Bank settlements illegal and an “obstacle to peace.”

The U.S. has said it does not support the move. Israel has said it’s an attempt by the Palestinians to avoid negotiations.

Speaking in Brazil on Thursday, Abbas said the Palestinian draft used the “same words” as U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has in criticizing settlements.

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Judaeophobia vs Islamophobia

Phyllis Chesler, FrontPageMag

Although he was loyal to a Middle Eastern country, the American military hired him as an intelligence officer and translator anyway—partly because he knew an important Middle East language. Nevertheless, he was a poor choice. This man passed classified documents to “insurgents” in Iraq who were battling American forces; he also had conversations with members of Al Qaeda and kept their documents on his computer.

His name—one of five aliases—is Noureddine Malki. He pretended to be from Lebanon, the persecuted son of a Muslim father and a Christian mother, and on this basis allegedly sought and received asylum in America, naturalized citizenship, and a job as an Arabic translator for the Army.  He received top secret clearance and was working in Iraq where he took bribes from various Sunni sheikhs and passed classified information on to them.

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Sarah for President? YES

A couple of months ago I posted an article which listed many leading Jewish intellectuals that support Sarah Palin for President. In this article David Solway adds his name to the list. T. Belman

There is probably no one more qualified for the White House than Sarah Palin. But is she electable?
by David Solway,PAJAMAS MEDIA

Sarah Palin continues to galvanize the imagination of both her ardent supporters and her hectoring adversaries. It is easy to understand her appeal to those who have rallied behind her and her possible candidacy for the office of president of the United States. She has a lot going for her: charm, personableness, natural smarts, moral probity, executive competence, independence of character, and a passionate love of country. These are undeniable advantages, or should be in any sane political environment.

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U.N. Watch at work


At the United Nations, 2011 will be a challenging year. I want to brief you on what lies ahead, share highlights from the year that was, and ask you to please consider donating to ensure the vital work of UN Watch.

Consider, first, what’s being decided today. The U.N. General Assembly is expected to vote overwhelmingly to hold a “Durban 3” celebration in New York during September 2011, days after the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

As you know, the U.N.’s original Durban “anti-racism” conference, in 2001, turned into a festival of anti-Semitic and anti-American hatred, incited by PLO chief Yasser Arafat and other supporters of terrorism. It’s outrageous that anyone would now celebrate that event.

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Palestinians Draft UN Resolution Against Israeli Settlements


Calls for a freeze on Jewish construction in disputed Territories – while Arab construction, which far exceeds Jewish development, continues unfettered – are clearly biased.

Arabs claim that Jewish settlements “change the status” of the Territories and represent a distortion of the Oslo Accords. The phrase applies to acts that change the political status of the disputed territory – such as outright Israeli annexation or a Palestinian declaration of statehood. Since Jewish settlements are legal, any halt in construction should be reciprocated.

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The wars of 2011


Israel must be prepared for two things this upcoming year: A missile war with Hamas and a political war with Fatah.

On Sunday thousands of Israel haters gathered in Istanbul to welcome the Turkish-Hamas terror ship Mavi Marmara to the harbor. Festooned with Palestinian flags, the crowd chanted “Death to Israel,” “Down with Israel” and “Allah akbar” with Hizbullah-like enthusiasm.

The Turkish protesters promised to stand on the side of Hamas when it next goes to war with Israel. They may not have to wait long to keep their promise. Over the past two weeks Hamas has steeply escalated its missile war with over 30 launches. Last week, a missile that narrowly missed a nursery school wounded a young girl.

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Durban III: Time for the U.S. to Defund the UN?

by Roger L Simon, PAJAMAS MEDIA

When I was a kid, I thought the United Nations was the most righteous and positively idealistic organization in the world. It was the hope of humanity and I worshipped it. (My father — a doctor — volunteered for WHO and I would accompany him to the New York headquarters about once a month, gawking at the colorful Third World costumes and wishing I could speak French, la langue diplomatique.)

Man, times have changed. I now regard the UN as a kind of global racket with three principal, often related, areas of, in Mafia style, special interest: propaganda for totalitarian countries, massive corruption (e.g. Oil-for-Food) and spying.

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The English Defense League

by Brian of London, INN

The EDL has attracted attention in Israel and the UK. We leave the reader to judge for himself.

The English Defence League (EDL) has attracted some attention in Israel because of the incongruity of non-Jews waving Israeli flags at demonstrations dubbed “far right” by the press and the Israeli Embassy in London’s virtually unprecedented step of condemning a pro-Israel local group in another country. The irony is compounded by the fact that this happened immediately after the EDL held a large pro-Israel rally outside the embassy.

This distancing was presumably motivated by the attacks on the EDL in much of the British media and fear that failure to denounce the group will increase anti-Israel feelings in the United Kingdom, already at an all-time high. In fact, however, the people attacking the EDL are already Israel’s enemies while this group is one of its few friends nowadays. Moreover, the accusations of the EDL being a racist or fascist group are simply not true.

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Look what Obama expects Israel to give up now

Negotiators push surrender of territory twice used to invade Jewish state

By Aaron Klein © 2010 WorldNetDaily

GOLAN HEIGHTS, UNSPECIFIED – APRIL 29: Israeli soldiers make their way along a mountain path during a training march on April 29, 2010 in the Golan Heights, the disputed strategic volcanic plateau Israel captured from the Syrians in the 1967 Six Day War. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned Tehran and Damascus this week that Washington’s commitment to Israel’s security is ‘unshakable’ in a speech before the American-Jewish Committee. (Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images)

TEL AVIV – The Obama administration is pressing Israel to enter into negotiations with Syria aimed at compelling an Israeli retreat from the strategic Golan Heights, WND has learned.

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NYT shows true anti-Israel colors

Israeli diplomat ambushed by NY Times staff

The New York Times, flagship of the liberal American media, has never been a friend of the Jewish state. But the newspaper’s aversion to Israel turned to open hostility this month when its top editors ambushed and tore into an unsuspecting senior official from the Israeli Consulate in New York City.

The Israeli official was invited by the Times editors, among them rabid columnist Thomas Friedman, to meet with them at their office. Being a veteran at dealing with the American media, the official assumed the invitation was for a friendly discussion and perhaps an interview regarding the peace process and other matters of importance to Israel.

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Good News Israel

Compliments of Anglo Saxon Raannana Real Estate

Quote for the Week

    The Jews have been in business for 4000 years and they are still a going concern; as productive, as innovative and as creative as ever they were – and then some.

• There’s no doubt that 2010 was a record year for tourism. Here are some of the facts:

    * Israel played host to 3.4 million visitors – a record.
    * They spent a total of 21.7 million nights [How do they get that figure!?] in Israeli hotels – also a record.
    * Our hostelries enjoyed an occupancy rate of 66%, – yet another record and well up on the figures for 2009.
    * The Industry employs 33,000 Israelis and perhaps most important, they employ them throughout the country.

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Israel – Fertile Ground for global High Tech Companies

Straight from the Jerusalem Boardroom #148, December 25, 2010
Yoram Ettinger, “Second Thought: America-Israel Initiative”

1. Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO, Joe Lonsdale, founder of Palo Alto’s Palantir and Blumberg Capital invested in Israel’s any.Do. Schmidt’s investment fund, Innovation Endeavors made six investments so far, two of them in Israel (Globes business daily, Nov. 29, 2010). The $23BN Broadcom acquired its 7th Israeli company, Sightic Vista (Nov. 26).

2. Knowledge@Wharton, the online business journal of the Wharton School (

“Israel is becoming fertile ground for the likes of Google, [Swiss pharmaceutical multinational] Roche and other companies looking to acquire innovative businesses to add to their portfolios… Innovation, together with engineering excellence and very quick-to-market production of high-quality products, makes Israel shine…The Israel site has become one of Microsoft’s three strategic global development centers since opening in 2006, responsible for much of the new technology which the firm is now known for, such as its free anti-virus software…

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Palestinians: Obama no longer backs Palestinian state within 1967 borders

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report

Palestinian leaders in Ramallah, including Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Salam Fayad, are sunk in gloom over what they perceive as US President Barak Obama repudiation of his promises to them and greater sympathy for the Netanyahu government’s side of the Middle East dispute. They also see a spreading push in Europe, the Arab countries and Moscow for them to bite the bullet and reconcile themselves to partial or interim accords, since no feasible solutions are visible on the outstanding core issues of borders, refugees and Jerusalem.

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Leftists Caught Red-Handed: ‘Burning Sheep’ Libel Was Faked

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, INN

( A Jordan Valley Arab farmer has exposed the tactic of leftists accepting Arab claims and falsely accusing Jews of attacking Arabs. He admitted that the “burning sheep” libel against Jews was meant to disguise his own blunder of losing control of a brush fire.

Last week, left-wing groups in Israel and counterparts in the United States spread a story that that an Arab shepherd “saw settlers light a fire in the field where his herd was grazing, burning to death 12 pregnant ewes, and then drive away.”

The story of the sheep burning was so extreme that the police immediately doubted the claim. The supposed burning of the sheep occurred on the Sabbath, when observant Jews, the usual scapegoats, are forbidden to drive.

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What to expect in the peace process

By Ted Belman

Israel has made a switch from concessions based diplomacy (its about time) to security based diplomacy. So I was informed when I attended a panel discussion in Jerusalem which was organized by Hadar-Israel.

The panelists included Maj-Gen (ret) Amidror, Maj. Gen. (res) Uzi Dayan and Amb Dore Gold. It was chaired by Dan Diker. It was a great evening. These people are at the top of their game and know what they are talking about.

Amidror focused on rejecting an international force as our security blanket arguing that the last thing Israel needs is for American soldiers to go home in coffins. Besides only the IDF will fight the terrorists in defense of Israel. History teaches us this.

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No Comparison: Shariah and Jewish Religious Courts

“The Law of the land is the law.”

By Rabbi Aryeh Spero, AMERICAN THINKER

Many stealth jihadists pushing to have Shariah law instead of American civil law govern American Islamic communities are making the preposterous claim that Shariah Courts are similar to Jewish religious courts that observant Jews often use to adjudicate intra-community disputes. This is entirely inaccurate given that Shariah has as its goal the replacement of American law with Shariah, whereas Beit Din, Jewish religious court, limits its purview and has no intent or desire to flout American law.

Over 1800 years ago, the Talmudic Rabbi Samuel set the tone of how Jews were to interact with the laws of Babylonia, which had become the primary residence of the Jewish People after its exile from Israel. His statement and decision has guided the Jewish community throughout their dwellings in new lands: “The law of the land is the law.” Rabbi Samuel understood, as did all subsequent rabbinic figures, that dwelling in a land and being a good citizen meant living by its laws and standards.

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