Report: Hezbollah terror group in midst of deep economic crisis

Sky News Arabia reports Hezbollah putting off payments to members, with some in organization receiving only 60% of their salaries • With Iran hit hard by U.S. sanctions, Tehran’s annual $1 billion budget for Hezbollah may also be in question.


Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah 

Are U.S. sanctions beginning to have an impact on Hezbollah? Sky News Arabia has reported that the Shiite terrorist organization has postponed a number of payments, including to Hezbollah members as a result of financial difficulties.

According to the report, which appeared on Sky News Arabia’s website, Wednesday, employees of Hezbollah’s media, education, medical and even military systems have complained of deep pay cuts of late, with some reportedly receiving only 60% of their salaries last month.

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Venezuela: Strike While the Iron is Hot

T. Belman. If only the US would do the same in Jordan. Trump could likewise flip the country from an opponent to an ally.

By Matthew Hamilton, AMERICAN THINKER

The Trump administration has decided that now is the opportune moment to depose the leftist Maduro dictatorship of Venezuela and is breaking out all of America’s tools to make sure he doesn’t stay in power.

Failure to successfully remove the Maduro regime will result in a continued and exacerbated humanitarian crisis which has already led to an exodus of over three million Venezuelans.  Resolving the political crisis in Venezuela and restoring order and economic security won’t just avert a humanitarian crisis, it’s an opportunity for the U.S. to flip Venezuela from being an adversary to an ally.  That could be a significant blow to Cuba, Russia, Iran, and China, who have close relationships with the Venezuelan dictatorship. Golden opportunities for a diplomatic coup like this are rare.

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Gantz Closes Gap on Netanyahu

Dramatic Rise in Polls After Debut Speech

In first, Gantz projected to have path to victory if he joins forces with Lapid ? Netanyahu, Gantz tied when Israelis asked who should be prime minister

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Israel wins this round against Iran in Syria

By Ben Caspit, AL MONITOR

On the afternoon of Jan. 21, after another round of the heavyweight fight of the year between Israel and Iran, the Israel Defense Forces’ Twitter account released the following tweet: It shows a map of the Middle East, from the Persian Gulf on the east to the Mediterranean Sea on the west, under the headline, “Iran, you seem to be lost.” Four red arrows on the map point to Iran’s geographic location with the caption, “This is where you belong,” while another red arrow points to the Damascus region with the text, “Iran is here.”

This tweet went viral quickly. It reflects the clear Israeli victory in this round as well, portrays Israel’s main arguments about Iranian meddling in another state, and a healthy sense of humor as well. Nevertheless, Israel realized that this was only the first boxing round with many more to come. Over the last year, Iran absorbed numerous blows from its Israeli adversary, but it is far from abandoning ship. A high-level Israeli military source told Al-Monitor on condition of anonymity, “[Commander of the Revolutionary Guard] Qasem Soleimani evidently has a strong constitution. He keeps getting beaten up, but shows no signs of admitting defeat.”

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The Rise of Populism in Europe Ahead of the EU Elections

By Punsara Amarasinghe and Eshan Jayawardne, BESA

BESA Center Perspectives Paper No. 1,077, January 30, 2019

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: European politics is showing a distinct trend towards populism, as evidenced inter alia by the electoral results in Italy, Sweden, and Austria. The main reason for this shift is widespread insecurity over the outcomes of the migrant crisis. The rise of populism is likely to be a major factor in the 2019 EU parliamentary elections.

Populism in Europe as a civilizational legacy has a deeply rooted history dating back to Greco-Roman antiquity. As was recorded by classical historians like Livy, the overarching political structure of the Roman Republic was pierced by populism that arose as a result of loopholes in the system. The opposition of Publius Claudius to Roman nobility during the late Republic reflected the way populist discourse functioned in the classical world.

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Iraq’s Importance To The Survival Of Iran’s Regime And Economy Following U.S. Sanctions

By: A. Savyon, MEMRI


As the impact of the U.S. sanctions on Iran’s economy increases, after even countries that oppose U.S. policy are complying with them, Iraq’s importance to the survival of Iran’s regime and economy also increases.

Underlining Iraq’s importance to Iran, Sadollah Zarei, who is on the editorial board of the regime mouthpiece Kayhan, wrote in a January 23, 2019 article: “America imagines that it will weaken the government of Iraq, and particularly the situation of [Iraqi Prime Minister] Adil Abdul-Mahdi, with military pressure in northern and southern Iraq, to the point where it [Iraq] will be unable to carry the burden of the warm and extensive Baghdad-Tehran relations. On the other hand, [the U.S.] will [also] create insecurity for the Iranian regime in two areas of Iranian investment. America knows that Iran has made important investments in the last 15 years in [Iraq’s] provinces of Sulaymaniyah, Erbil, Basra, Nasiriyah, and others, and that it [Iran] has become an important partner of Iraq, particularly in the energy sector.

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IISS vs INSS: David vs Goliath – Part I 

By Martin Sherman

Over the last few weeks, I have tried to convey the huge imbalance in the resources available to IISS and our ideological adversaries—and have appealed for support in trying to redress this imbalance. To assist IISS in this, you can donate by clicking HERE

This month, the disparity was on stark display.

INSS: Well-heeled & influential

One of IISS’s most influential ideological rivals is INSS (the Institute for National Security Studies). Associated with, but legally independent from, Tel Aviv University (TAU), INSS is one of most affluent think-tanks in Israel. Located in an impressive multi-story building on prime real estate adjacent to, and owned by TAU, which reportedly granted it rent free for 25 years, INSS was established with a multi-million dollar endowment.

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The True-State Solution

T. Belman. There is no way this article could have been written without following the Jordan Option on Israpundit. It even quotes Mudar Zahran. And the Wall Street Journal published it.

By Daniel J. Arbess, WSJ Jan. 2, 2019

A view of the Dead Sea and Jordan from the West Bank.

The Trump administration has offered tantalizing clues about its forthcoming “Deal of the Century” for Mideast peace. It could be a bold new concept—replacing the failed “two-state solution” with a Jordan-Israel confederacy, in which Jordan would be recognized as the Palestinian state. Call it the true-state solution.

Palestinians have always been the majority in Jordan, though they haven’t been treated as such since its creation as a British-appointed Hashemite monarchy in 1921. The true-state solution would enfranchise the Palestinians. Jordan would extend citizenship to, and assume administrative responsibility for, Arabs now living on the West Bank of the Jordan River—including the cities of Jenin, Nablus, Ramallah, Bethlehem and Jericho—which would be Israeli territory. West Bank Jordanians could receive financial support to relocate across the river to Jordan itself if they wish, or remain as permanent residents (but not citizens) of Israel. Israelis would be free to live anywhere west of the Jordan River. Variations of this “Jordan option” have received increasing attention across the region in recent years.

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US security aid to Palestinians to dry up this week

In a move expected to worsen relations between the Palestinian Authority and the Trump administration, PA declines some $60 million out of fear that accepting the money would expose it to lawsuits under 2018 Anti-Terrorism Clarification Act.

Reuters and Israel Hayom Staff

U.S. security aid for the Palestinian Authority was set to dry up on Thursday after the PA declined the money over concerns it could increase its exposure to U.S. anti-terrorism lawsuits.

The loss of the nearly $60 million in annual funding marks another tear in ties between the Trump administration and PA President Mahmoud Abbas, and potentially undermines his security cooperation with Israel in Judea and Samaria.

Diplomatic sources said Palestinian, U.S. and Israeli officials were seeking a way to keep the money flowing despite Abbas’ decision to turn it down as of a Jan. 31 deadline set by Congress’ Anti-Terrorism Clarifcation Act (ATCA) of 2018.

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Is an Islamic Reformation possible?

Christianity went through a Reformation in the 16th century. Can Islam do the same in the 21st?

By Rafael Castro, INN

Whether Islam will be reformed is one of the most uncertain issues of our times. The stakes of this reformation are tremendous. An Islamic World whose intellectual energies are released from dogma and censorship could contribute greatly to global prosperity during the 21st century.

The issue is clouded by misconceptions and false historical analogies. Many Westerners think that Islam’s reform is inevitable, and that just like the reforms of Christianity were ushered by modernity, so will Muslims adapt their faith to modern science and technology.

Some of the world’s most avant-garde cities dot the landscapes of the Arabian Peninsula. That is, in deeply traditional societies which are ruled largely by Islamic sharia. Arab Peninsula societies have managed to accommodate material modernity with religious traditionalism, refuting claims that modern science and technology invariably usher secular thinking.

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Migrants as Jews: the new Holocaust denial

T. Belman. I cringe whenever liberal Jews and others, justify allowing Muslim refuges into the US by comparing them to Jewish refugees during the holocaust who should have been allowed in. There is no comparison. Muslim values are inimical to western values, Jewish values aren’t. MUslims represent a danger to the US because of Jihad whereas Jews are a benefit to the US.

This crazy comparison has become mainstream and the death of 6 million Jews has been turned into a mere parable of human suffering to justify importing more migrants.

By Giulio Meotti, INN

The comparison between the Jews murdered in the Holocaust and the migrants coming to Europe is one of the most subtle and effective forms of Holocaust denial.

Two cases in a week. The mayor of Padua, an Italian northern town, said: “Today’s refugees are like the Jews of that time”. Technically, it is a banalization and ultimately a normalization of the Holocaust.

In the Netherlands, the Holocaust museum in Westerbork, through which Anne Frank also passed, organizes seminars comparing Jews to migrants, enough to push some families of Holocaust survivors to boycott the museum.

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Jordanian woman tortured in Jordan

By Mudar Zahran



A PhD holder and lawyer , she was forced into hiding by agents of a king who presents himself as a democratic leader to the world. The people of Jordan know better and in a growing swell of demonstrations demand his abdication.

A year ago, in the midst of a civilian protest, Dr. Heba Melham took off her Hijab to protest the abysmal state women’s rights in Jordan. She condemned the lavish lifestyle of King Abdullah and his “Palestinian” wife Queen Rania, (who does not wear a hijab), as their citizens starve, and questioned why Jordan cannot have true peace with Israel.

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Foreign Allegiance

Foreign Allegiance

by Tabitha Korol 

Progressivism has exposed America to self-destruction by welcoming aliens who, by their own confession, brazenly declare that they are here to challenge and then destroy our way of life.

Whereas America’s doors have always been open to people of all races and religions who come with hope and gratitude for the opportunities granted in a free society, we were unprepared for those who want to erase our history and accomplishments, destroy our monuments and  customs, and replace our laws with their barbarism, in the hope of replicating their oppressive regimes here.

Two Muslim women have been voted into office under the cover of deceptive manifestos.  They misrepresented their platform and have thereby candidly sullied the dignity of their positions, insulted the United States, the Executive Office of the President and, specifically, our esteemed President Donald J Trump.

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PM Netanyahu suspends observer mission in Hebron

“We will not allow the continuation of an international force that acts against us,” PM says of the Temporary International Presence in Hebron, which has been accused of systematically targeting Jewish residents • Palestinian Authority denounces the move.

By Ariel Kahana, News Agencies and Israel Hayom Staff

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “They want to uproot us from here. They will not.” 

Israel on Monday said it is suspending operations of an international observer force in the West Bank city of Hebron after 25 years.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said it would not extend the mandate of the Temporary International Presence in Hebron, saying “we will not allow the continuation of an international force that acts against us.” It did not give a timeframe for the observers’ exit.

TIPH has deployed unarmed civilian observers from Norway, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey in Hebron, located in Judea and Samaria, since 1997. Its stated mission is to report on violations of international humanitarian and human rights laws.

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Turkey’s Erdogan Reveals Ethnic Change Plan for Kurdish Syria

By Edwin Mora, BREITBART

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday revealed plans to return four million Syrian refugees to Kurdish-held northern Syria, fueling fears that Ankara is going to further upend the region’s long-established demographics by forcibly replacing the local Kurds with Arabs.

“We are aiming in the first phase to create safe zones where four million Syrians who now live in our country can return,” Erdogan declared during a speech in Istanbul, Hurriyet Daily News reports.

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Centrist Democrats launch pro-Israel faction to counter far-left

As support for Israel falls among younger Democrats and the party’s left-wing, centrist Democrats launch pro-Israel group.

By Ron Kampeas, JTA,

Jennifer Granholm, former governor of Michigan and and leader of the new faction

Jennifer Granholm, former governor of Michigan and and leader of the new faction

Prominent Democrats are launching a pro-Israel group to counter a drift away from Israel on the party’s left.

The Democratic Majority for Israel, according to The New York Times, will be led by Mark Mellman, a longtime Democratic Party pollster who has been active in the pro-Israel community.

“Most Democrats are strongly pro-Israel and we want to keep it that way,” Mellman told the Times. “There are a few discordant voices, but we want to make sure that what’s a very small problem doesn’t metastasize into a bigger problem.”

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Israeli Scientists Find Cure For Cancer, Report Says

By HANK BERRIEN, DAILY WIRE January 28, 2019

For all the Israel-haters out there, they’d better hope that that Israelis are forgiving if they are stricken with cancer, because if a new report out of Israel turns out to be true, scientists in the Jewish state have discovered a cure. And not just a cure for certain forms of cancer, but a complete cure for the deadly disease.

According to Dan Aridor, chairman of the board of Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies Ltd. (AEBi) and CEO Dr. Ilan Morad, their treatment will not need time for the body to acculturate to it before it works. Aridor stated, “We believe we will offer in a year’s time a complete cure for cancer. … Our cancer cure will be effective from day one … and will have no or minimal side-effects at a much lower cost than most other treatments on the market. Our solution will be both generic and personal.”

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Intel announces $10 billion expansion in Israel

Finance minister says chipmaker’s plan to invest in Kiryat Gat manufacturing site is expected to bring thousands of jobs to Israel’s south.


Intel in Israel

Intel said Tuesday it is expanding its operations in Israel, where government ministers said the US computer chipmaker will invest some 10 billion dollars in a new plant.

“Intel today announced it will submit a business plan to the government of Israel for continued investment in the company’s Kiryat Gat manufacturing site,” a statement from Intel’s Israeli representatives said.

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The Muslim Quarter of the Old City was Jewish before the Mandate

Jews are now returning


Northern Jewish Quarter – Minutes Away from the Western Wall

A few months ago I had the privilege of visiting a newly reacquired Jewish property in what is today the Muslim quarter in order to witness Jews returning to a former Jewish home.

Although I usually focus myself on sticking with teaching Jewish mystical thought to a wide variety of students across the world, I have a soft spot for present day urban pioneering in ancient Jewish neighborhoods now settled by Arab squatters.

It is a little known fact that most of today’s Muslim quarter was actually Jewish until the Arab riots and pogroms of the 1920s and 1930s pushed the indigenous Jews out and into the present Jewish quarter. In 1948 the Jewish quarter was wiped out by the Jordanian Legions.

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The false promise of peace


On Jan. 6, the Foreign Ministry released a statement in Arabic revealing that a number of delegations from Iraq had visited Israel, including influential Sunni and Shiite figures in the country, in 2018.  The Foreign Ministry did not name names. The news made waves in Iraq after it was leaked to the press that some of the officials that took part in the delegation were sitting members of parliament. Many lawmakers, including the head of Iraq’s parliament, demanded an investigative committee be established and officials who came into contact with the “Zionist entity” be punished to the full extent of the law. Everyone in the country was outspoken about their opposition to the normalization of ties with Israel, everyone that is, except for one former lawmaker. But we’ll get to him later.

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