Israel’s non-disengagement

The late Prime Minister Ariel Sharon denied that Israel was planning a second disengagement from Judea and Samaria, but it turns out that he and former Justice Minister Tzipi Livni appointed a secret team that was charged to look into the feasibility of the idea.

Israel's non-disengagement

A bulldozer razes a home in Neve Dekalim during Israel’s disengagement from settlements in northern Gaza in the summer of 2005 | File photo: Dudu Grunshpan

Fifteen years ago today, the day after Tisha B’Av of that year, 1,751 families (about 9,000 people) were evicted from their homes in Gush Katif and northern Samaria, along with thousands of supporters who had come to help them. A total of 26 communities in Gush Katif, the northern part of the Gaza Strip, and northern Samaria were turned into ruins in what was defined as either “disengagement” or an “expulsion.” The unprecedented event, which then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon initiated as part of the peace process, is still etched on the hearts of many on the Right and the Left as a serious trauma and a major mistake in terms of defense and security.

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Hydroxy Hysteria Reaching a Fever Pitch

By Brian C. Joondeph, M.D., AMERICAN THINKER

COVID-19 can cause a fever, but nothing like the fever of hysteria gripping broadcast and social media over hydroxychloroquine, a potential treatment for the Wuhan flu. Ever since President Trump mentioned hydroxy as a possible therapeutic, the media have castigated it as worse than rat poison. They’ve criticized any use of it in a constant barrage of fear porn, telling everyone that this 60-year-old drug would kill anyone who dared take it.

When Trump mentioned he was taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventative, Fox News crank Neil Cavuto had a seizure, telling his audience, “I cannot stress enough. This will kill you.” Tell that to those Americans taking hydroxy to the tune of five million prescriptions written each year.

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Lockdown exposes the chasm between the left and right

By Patricia McCarthy, AMERICAN THINKER

The shutdown of the U.S. economy, U.S. schools, and everyday life, allegedly dictated by the COVID-19 virus, has been a dream come true for the left.

Never before had leftists given a thought to the political potential of a flu epidemic or pandemic.

Were Republicans remotely as diabolical as the Democrats, the H1N1 pandemic might have similarly plagued the Obama administration if they had acknowledged it.  They did not; Obama ordered testing to cease to keep the numbers low.

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Israel’s Delicate Dance: Balancing China and its Best Friend

by Dr. Eric R. Mandel, MEPIN

Since Israel’s inception 72 years ago, the Jewish state has been a nation with few friends except for the US. So over the past decade, when the world’s two most populous nations want to cozy up to you, don’t question your right to exist, respect and seek your innovations, and unlike Israel’s current number one trading partner the European Union, are not burdened with endemic antisemitism, Israel is overjoyed to welcome them into their home.

The development of these relationships has been considered one of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s greatest political triumphs, so much so that India, which used to be a client of the old Soviet Union, an arch villain of Israel and the US, is now Israel’s defense industry’s largest customer.

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Reckoning With the Riots

The people’s enemies must be dealt with by measures of whatever severity is required to end this intolerable state of lawlessness.

By Conrad Black, AM GREATNESS

The showdown is coming over urban violence in America. The continuing rioting and destruction erupting in new cities every few days is almost certain to provide yet another profound demarcation of opinion over how to govern the United States and address the problems that have so stirred the country since the killing of African American George Floyd by a white Minneapolis policeman on May 25. America’s toleration of a completely unjustifiable level of general violence compared to anything in its past demonstrates considerable progress in civility and restraint in the past 50 years.

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Netanyahu’s five-point battleground to stay in power

A look at the simultaneous fronts Netanyahu is fighting both to remain prime minister and strengthen Israel.

By Alex Traiman, INN

Binyamin Netanyahu

Since fortifying Israel’s frayed political system with a victory over his political rivals and the formation of a unity coalition in April, governance for Israel’s embattled prime minister has been anything but simple.Netanyahu is currently fighting on multiple battlefronts, both for his political survival and Israel’s greater well-being:

  • Coronavirus

Immediately upon the outbreak of the global pandemic, Netanyahu took a military approach to coronavirus response. Borders were shuttered, hospitals were girded, and essential medical equipment was produced and acquired. The nation was successfully locked down, flattening a steep curve to fewer than a dozen new cases of the virus per day.

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Linda Goudsmit on her recently published opus: The Book of Humanitarian Hoaxes: Killing America with ‘Kindness’

President Donald Trump is the existential enemy of globalism

By Joan Swirsky

Joan Swirsky Interviews author Linda Goudsmit on her recently published opus, The Book of Humanitarian Hoaxes: Killing America with ‘Kindness’.

The Book of Humanitarian Hoaxes: Killing America with ‘Kindness
Joan (JS): Linda…when did you have the blazing insight that what you were witnessing in the politics of American leftists were not sincere efforts to improve the system, but rather elaborate hoaxes designed to destroy our country?  

Linda (LG): From 2017 to 2019––I wrote a number of articles in response to current events. At about the third article, I realized that there was a consistent pattern of leftist political policies that were presented as altruistic, but in  reality were deceitful, tactical, political strategies deliberately designed to collapse––to destroy––America from within.

JS: Indeed, your book spells out the quite astounding number of 50 Humanitarian Hoaxes! And quite courageously, you identify the culprits you believe are responsible for this malevolent con job on America. I must add here that readers can also access your articles at: and

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“Mostly Peaceful Protests” they say.

The violence is inconsistent with the media’s repeated false claims that the Black Lives Matter riots have been “peaceful”, “mostly peaceful”, “largely peaceful” or any other weasel words and modifiers.

By Daniel Greenfield, FPM

49 Chicago police officers were injured by rocks, pipes, and fireworks while trying to defend the statue of Christopher Columbus in Grant Park. Despite their valiant defense of the man who discovered America, Mayor Lori Lightfoot sided with the BLM mob and had the statue removed anyway.

3 law enforcement personnel with the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Protective Service may face permanent eye injuries after having lasers shined in their eyes by Black Lives Matter rioters.

12 police officers were injured in Seattle by attackers throwing rocks, bottles, and fireworks.

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Tisha B’Av warns against disaster born of internal hatred. Is anybody listening?

As bitter, swelling anti-Netanyahu protests run into violent opposition, the Hebrew calendar mandates a timeout — to reflect on past tragedies, and focus on avoiding another one

By  David Horowitz, TOI

An Israeli protester argues with police officers during a protest against corruption near the house of Israel's Minister of Public Security in Tel Aviv, Tuesday, July 28, 2020. (AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner)
An Israeli protester argues with police officers during a protest against corruption near the house of Israel’s Minister of Public Security in Tel Aviv, Tuesday, July 28, 2020. (AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner)

Today is Tisha B’Av, Judaism’s day of tragedies — the 25-hour fast that commemorates an accumulated history of disaster, covering everything from the destruction of both Temples to the greenlighting of the Final Solution. Talmudic wisdom ascribes the Temples’ destruction and exile of the Jews to “sinat hinam,” baseless hatred. This year, the timing of the fast veritably cries out to Israelis — the regathered exiles — to internalize the lessons of our history, remember what unites us in this extraordinary modern Jewish state, and step back from the brink of further catastrophe.

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Police brace for mass rallies outside PM’s residence after violent incidents

T. Belman. Given that the left in the US has permitted and even encouraged their protests to be anything but peaceful,  I am pleased that Israel will not tolerate any violence whatsoever.

I’m all for law and order.

Additional forces to be deployed, marches likely to be banned; acting commissioner says action will be taken against ‘violence in any form’ after far-right attack on demonstrators


Thousands of demonstrators chant slogans and hold signs during a protest against Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu outside his residence in Jerusalem, July 25, 2020. (AP/Ariel Schalit)
Thousands of demonstrators chant slogans and hold signs during a protest against Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu outside his residence in Jerusalem, July 25, 2020. (AP/Ariel Schalit)

Police were preparing Thursday for mass rallies planned for Thursday and Saturday evenings outside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s official residence in Jerusalem, the latest in a series of anti-government protests that have increasingly set the stage for violence.Police are preparing to deploy in large numbers, officials said. Among other measures, police are to place more undercover officers amid the protesters, use more technology to monitor certain activists, and mobilize more officers to oppose violence against the protesters.

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Tick, Tick, Boom, Boom, Time’s Up, Obama Goons?


Remember, remember!
This third of November,
The Democrats’ Russian collusion plot;
I know of no reason
Why the Democrats’ treason should ever be forgot!

There’s something happening here.  People with titles are beginning to say out loud what people without titles have been saying for four years — that Barack Obama’s FBI and CIA conspired to frame Donald Trump as an agent of Russia in order to spy on his campaign and then remove him from office.  Attorney General Barr used the opportunity of being called in to testify before Jerry Nadler’s House Judiciary Committee to state plainly that there were “grave abuses involved in the bogus ‘Russiagate’ scandal,” and DOJ spokeswoman Kerri Kupec has stated, “What happened to candidate Trump was one of the greatest political injustices in history.”  Even Lindsey Graham, who has often seemed determined to use his chairmanship of the Senate Judiciary Committee not to hold anybody accountable, is insisting that former members of Obama’s administration will testify before the November election.

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Trusteeship: Giving Lebanese Independence a Chance, Finally

By Shoshana Bryen, JEWISH POLICY CENTER  • July 29, 2020 •

A motorcyclist rides through a blockade in Beirut during a demonstration against the economic conditions.

Beirut International Airport had a power outage, forcing at least one plane to abort its landing. Word is the airport will be subjected to periodic outages, but perhaps with more warning next time.

Lebanon, a once-lovely, once-prosperous country, is now an insolvent pit that has defaulted on a series of Eurobond payments and is likely to miss more. The Syrian civil war, Hezbollah’s capture of the south and installation of tens of thousands of missiles aimed at Israel, COVID-19, a terrorist-dominated government in Beirut and general governmental incompetence—plus corruption—all contributed.

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For Israel, Not Winning is Losing

by Nave Dromi, JEWISH PRESS

Israel’s unwillingness to defeat its enemies invites further aggression.

The late Senator John McCain once said: “When you’re not winning, you’re losing.”

Israel has won a lot of wars in its relatively brief history, but the last outright victory came almost half a century ago, in 1973 when it rebounded from early losses to defeat its Arab neighbors who, for the third time in 25 years, had tried to annihilate the Jewish State.

Arguably since that time, and especially in recent decades, Israel has shown little appetite for military battleground victories.

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Yamina MK: Is Netanyahu helping Trump make a Palestinian state in Area C?

T. Belman. The Arab encroachment with EU financing in Area C has been going on long before Trump was elected. Thus, one must look elsewhere for answers as to why Israel is so passive on the matter.  Its not like she doesn’t know.  She doesn’t seem to care.

Kahane speculated that Netanyahu had allowed for the illegal Palestinian construction to continue by way of helping bring the Trump plan to fruition with regard to Palestinian statehood.

By Tovah Lazaroff, JPOST JULY 29, 2020

PRIME MINISTER Benjamin Netanyahu visits the Jordan Valley community of Mevo’ot Yericho in February 2020 (photo credit: TOMER NEUBERG/FLASH90)

PRIME MINISTER Benjamin Netanyahu visits the Jordan Valley community of Mevo’ot Yericho in February 2020

Has Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agreed to help US President Donald Trump create a Palestinian state in Area C by ignoring illegal Palestinian building in that area of the West Bank, asked Yamina MK Matan Kahane.

“We are losing territory [in Area C] daily,” he told the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee (FADC) on Wednesday.

He spoke at the start of a heated FADC debate on the phenomenon of illegal Palestinian building in Area C and the lack of an adequate Civil Administration response.

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Do not knock down the Arch of Titus, let it stand

Judaism’s Saddest Season: The 9 Days and Tisha B’Av are a time of historic tragedies, but the Arch now proclaims Am Yisrael Chai.

By Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischer, INN


  1. “As a Jew, As a Catholic”

Eighty percent of American Jews have absolutely no idea what Judaism is. You see them on TV. You read them in some publications. Sometimes they say that they are motivated by their “Jewish values.” In reality, the vast majority of them would not know real Judaism if it were placed on their laps, served on their plates, or sung to them on their iPods. Sadly, they do not know how to read a sentence in the Talmud. Sadly, they have no clue what happens in most of the Jewish calendar year. Indeed, a large chunk of those “Jews” who tell pollsters that they are Jewish in fact are not even Jewish altogether.

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Israel Was Ground Zero for the New Woke Religion

How coverage of the Jewish state became a signifier of the ideological activism that now permeates Western culture


Chris Hondros/Getty Images
A video cameraman for the Reuters News Agency in the West Bank city of Ramallah, April, 2002>CHRIS HONDROS/GETTY IMAGES

This year many people have discovered that liberal life and institutions in the West are in the grip of something resembling a new religion. Anyone following the doings of the past few months won’t need a recap of the attempted “cancellations” of scholars and scientists for heresies, the purge of editors for running the wrong op-ed, or the excommunication of J.K. Rowling.

Adherents of the thought system vaguely described as “woke” believe themselves to be fighting evil in the name of justice. They share a hierarchy of good, a lingo, purity tests, and a stark division of the world into friend and foe, all of which borrow heavily from religious modes of thought. But one of the most obvious signs that religion is in play, and not merely empirical observation or political criticism, is the way this ideology has focused and amplified the condemnation of Jews.

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Coalition chair faces ‘revolt’ for cracking whip

PM Netanyahu steps in to stop MKs from impeaching Miki Zohar from his role as head of Likud faction over his “thuggish” conduct.

By  Yehuda Shlezinger, ISRAEL HAYOM

Coalition chair faces 'revolt' for cracking whip

A political bully? Likud MK Miki Zohar | File photo: Oren Ben Hakoon

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday had to step in to prevent furious lawmakers from pursuing the dismissal of MK Miki Zohar as head of the Likud faction and chairman of the coalition.

Twelve of the 32 Likud MKs signed a petition to fire Zohar, whose style as coalition chair has been slammed as “thuggish.”

In recent weeks, Zohar has threatened to sanction MKs and ministers who go against coalition discipline, and has been locking horns with Finance Minister Israel Katz, a high-profile Likud lawmaker and Netanyahu confidant, even demanding Katz be fired.

The proverbial straw for the ministers and MKs demanding Zohar’s impeachment was his decision Monday to remove fellow Likud MK Yifat Shasha-Biton as head of the Knesset Committee on the Coronavirus Pandemic.

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PA’s collapse could provide ‘brighter future’ for Palestinians

While some fear the breakdown of the Palestinian Authority, former senior US officials say that Israel should promote its end so that a new generation of leaders can take over.

By Ariel Ben Solomon, ISRAEL HAYOM

Palestinian president urges 'review' of all past agreements with ?Israel

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas | File photo: AFP/Abbas Momani

Despite US President Donald Trump’s release of the “Peace to Prosperity” Mideast plan earlier this year to help resolve issues associated with the decades-long conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, it remains clear that no negotiations between the two parties are on the horizon amid a Palestinian boycott of the Trump administration.

Given this and the ongoing discussion of Israel’s imminent move to apply sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, questions are being raised over the viability of Palestinian Authority, especially as Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, 84, has once again threatened to cut off security cooperation with Israel over the move.

While some in both the Israeli and US governments fear the collapse of the PA, former senior US officials told JNS that Israel should promote the end of the entity so that a new generation of leaders can take over.

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Obama Holdovers with Islamist Connections Still Employed by the DoJ


What’s with all the Obama holdovers who can still be found throughout the Trump administration? It is now just a little over three months before the 2020 presidential election, and despite an alarming amount of evidence of Obama holdovers still in the Washington bureaucracy, working hard to block Trump policies, all too many of these saboteurs are still in place. One of them is an appeaser, capitulator, and Muslim Brotherhood stooge named Eric W. Treene.

The Justice Department’s “Religious Freedom in Focus” is “a periodic email update about the Civil Rights Division’s religious liberty and religious discrimination cases.” It lists as a contact the Special Counsel for Religious Discrimination, Eric W. Treene. I exposed Treene’s subservience to Muslim organizations linked to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood over eight years ago. What’s Eric Treene still doing there?

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