Watch the uncensored frontline doctors press conference


July 29, 2020 | 8 Comments » | 732 views

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8 Comments / 8 Comments

  1. This video will not play on my Apple Mac laptop computer. Has anyone else had trouble playing it? I wonder if one of the communications monopolies has banned it frm the internet.

  2. Herman Cain died this morning, Tesha B’Av, from COVID-19. He was 74. Several years ago, he survived Stage 4 cancer.

    Herman has been a good Christian brother, and a welcome relief from the constant drone of lies in the media. I miss him already.

  3. @ Adam Dalgliesh:

    None of my wife’s social media contacts can get it either. I emailed her this link

    so she can pass it on to others. I have a copy of the video itself also, but it is too big for my email program.

    The cure the doctors talked about probably would not have helped Herman Cain. He beat cancer several years ago; but with that and his advanced age, he was in the group where hydroxychloroquine had a less than 100% cure rate.

  4. @ Michael S:Michael, I still can’t get this video to play on my computer. Does it play on yours? I wonder why I can’t play it from this site.

    I wish Ted would advise me on this point as well. Has anybody else reported that they can’t get this video to play from this page?

  5. @ Ted Belman: I am truly puzzled. I suspect it has something to do with having an Apple computer, since Apple is heavily tied in with Twitter Facebook and YouTube, and its part owner Bill Gates is a Fauci-Tedros ally. I cannot think of any other explanation. I finally got to watch the video on Dr. James Tedaro’s site, Medicine Uncencored. Dr. Tedaro is the author of a scientific study of his and otherdoctor’s COVID patients which demonstrates the effectiveness of the hydroxichloriqine, arithromycin and zinc combination in treating -19, and once of the main medical advocates of its use.

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