Deceit and double standards

Lapid’s anti-settler article reflects supremacy of political correctness over facts

Martin Sherman, YNET

Last week I published an article which pointed to the vehement and irrationally obsessive enmity towards the Jewish settlers and settlements across the 1967 “Green Line”. The very next day, this claim was vividly illustrated by an article “This land isn’t Israel” by Yair Lapid which provided dramatic endorsement for my argument. In it, Lapid, a somewhat ionic figure in the shallow mindless glitz that has become dominant norm in today’s Israeli media, launched into a toxic tirade against the Jewish population living across the 1967 lines.

In his “masterpiece” of malice, he sternly warns an entire population, the overwhelming majority of which are demonstrably law-abiding – perhaps the nation’s most law-abiding – citizens, residing in government approved towns and villages – that due to the alleged actions of a unspecified number of youthful hot-heads, they have been excluded from being part of Israel and part of the Israeli people. According to Lapid “…they define the place they live in as “not Israel.” This is a lawless land, lacking respect, where people who are different than us live and conduct themselves in line with codes we don’t understand. It is a land that has rejected all the basic values that hold us together.”

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Durban II epitomizes what’s wrong with the world

UN’s ‘Durban II’ African Prep Meeting Slams Israel, Free Speech; But Silent on Darfur Atrocities and African Ethnic Violence

Abuja, Nigeria, August 26, 2008 — Geneva-based human rights group UN Watch expressed alarm over the declaration adopted today by an African regional meeting in Abuja, Nigeria, which will now shape the UN world conference on racism to be held in April.

    “The declaration fails to address racial and ethnic crimes committed by Sudan, tramples international human rights guarantees on free speech, places Islam above all other religions, and targets Israel alone, implying that it is uniquely racist,” said UN Watch executive director Hillel Neuer. “Regrettably, Durban II is looking more and more like the original Durban debacle of 2001.”

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Ahmadinejad – incitement deserves indictment

By Ted Belman

Yesterday I met, by chance, Dr Elihu Richter who is a knowledgable activist winding down his career at Hebrew U. He sent me a copy of Commentary on Genocide: Can We Predict, Prevent, and Protect? which he recently published. He also referred me to an article, incitement deserves indictment, he and R. Blum, G. Stanton and I. Charney wrote two years ago.

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel was the first world leader to recognize the connection between Iran’s uranium enrichment, its testing of long distance missiles, and the genocidal statements of its president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. A day after declaring that Israel “should be wiped off the map” on October 25, he incited students to scream “death to Israel,” at a government-sponsored conference called the “World without Zionism.”

    Chancellor Merkel declared: “A president that questions Israel’s right to exist [and] denies the Holocaust, cannot expect to receive any tolerance from Germany. We have learned our history.” Will Chancellor Merkel’s warnings of the parallels between Iran’s actions today and Nazi Germany’s first steps towards genocide in the 1930’s prod the world into effective deterrent action? The International Association of Genocide scholars (IAGS) has passed a resolution noting that Iran’s actions, including Ahmadinejad statements, are early warning signs of genocide. These signs include open expressions of an exclusionary ideology characterized by hate speech, an authoritarian government that represses dissent, the organization of fanatical militias, such as the Revolutionary Guards, and a sustained record of support for terror attacks against Jews around the world.

This is the same Merkel who is permitting German businesses to trade with Iran.

Currently he is working with Irwin Cotler to cause to have Ahmedinejad indicted for incitement to genocide. The efforts started when this was published. I might add that when they sought approval for such a move in the US Senate, Joe Biden, Obama’s running mate, opposed it.

We talked for quite a while and found we saw eye to eye on many things.

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Obama: Born in the USA

WND published Democrat sues Sen. Obama over ‘fraudulent candidacy’
Lawsuit disputing U.S. citizenship based in part on discredited claims

    However, says it obtained Obama’s actual birth certificate and that the document was indeed real. The site discredited some of the claims of Internet bloggers, such as that the certificate as viewed in a scanned copy released by Obama’s campaign lacked a raised seal. also established that many of the alleged flaws in the document noted by bloggers were caused by the scanning of the document.

    A separate WND investigation into Obama’s birth certificate utilizing forgery experts also found the document to be authentic. The investigation also revealed methods used by some of the bloggers to determine the document was fake involved forgeries, in that a few bloggers added text and images to the certificate scan that weren’t originally there.

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Iran: its goals and strategy

By Ted Belman

A week ago, I posted a number of articles dealing with Georgia, Russia and Iran, all of which differed. So I was thankful that Meir Javedanfar offered to make himself available for an interview. His company MEEPAS (Middle East Economic and Political Analysis) web site gives his bio. Meir has also started a new blog called Middle East Analyst

    Meir Javedanfar is an Iranian born and Iranian and British educated Middle East Analyst based in Tel Aviv. Meir has a Masters in International Relations and Strategic Studies from Lancaster University , as well as extensive experience in the analysis of Middle Eastern economic and political issues.

    Mr. Javedanfar is multilingual. He speaks Farsi, English, Spanish and Portuguese. He has been consulted in all of the aforementioned languages by numerous media organizations including CNN, FOX News, BBC, The New York Times and others. He has also lectured at numerous universities and conferences, such as George Washington University, Foreign Affairs Symposium of University of Baltimore, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv University and conferences in Brazil, Nigeria, Spain and Italy.

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This is a trial of the West, not Karadzic

By Ted Belman

I intend to follow the trial of Radovan Karadzic. I believe that the record of what happened will finally be clarified. Here’s the first installment from Byzantine Blog.

Dershowitz interviews Radovan Karadzic

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands: U.S. criminal defense lawyer Alan Dershowitz said Thursday he plans to call former Bosnian Serb political leader and war crimes suspect Radovan Karadzic as a witness in a related case at the U.N. Yugoslav Tribunal.

Dershowitz is helping defend Momcilo Krajisnik, who is appealing his 27-year-sentence for persecution, extermination and the murder of Muslims and Croats during the 1992-1995 Bosnian War.

Karadzic and Krajisnik were once close allies as president and parliamentary speaker in the breakaway Bosnian Serb republic, and have now been reunited in the tribunal’s detention center.

Dutch Soldiers from Srebrenica Battalion Offer to Testify in Karadzic’s Defense

Some 15 Dutch soldiers of the former Netherlands battalion stationed in Srebrenica during the Bosnian civil war came to Belgrade on Wednesday, offering to testify in the Hague tribunal on behalf of Dr. Karadzic, a member of Radovan Karadzic’s defense team Milivoje Ivanisevic told Vecernje Novosti.

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Don’t give into Shas

Why Shas fails its own constituency


The cabinet is scheduled to vote today on the 2009 budget, and the outcome may hinge on the issue of child allowances. These monthly stipends the state provides to families for each child under 18 carry an annual multi-billion-shekel price-tag.

Shas, the Sephardi ultra-Orthodox party, which has 12 Knesset seats and is an integral component of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s coalition, says it will vote against the budget if the stipends are not increased. That would leave matters on hold until after the Kadima primary. But Shas has also made clear that it will join a post-Olmert Kadima-led government only if the stipends are increased.

Shas’s stance has the potential of forcing new elections sooner rather than later.

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Gates wants to appease Iran at Israel’s expense

Our World: Iran’s American protector
Caroline Glick , THE JERUSALEM POST Aug. 18, 2008

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates is the darling of Bush administration foes. Gushing about Gates in a recent column, Washington Post writer David Ignatius crooned, “Gates is an anomaly in this lame-duck administration. He is still firing on all cylinders, working to repair the damage done at the Pentagon by his arrogant and aloof predecessor, Donald Rumsfeld.” Ignatius called on the next administration to give Gates a major role leading its foreign and defense policy.

It can only be hoped that Ignatius’s advice will be ignored.

Today the US’s strategic posture lies in tatters in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of US-ally Georgia. The fact that aside from issuing strong reprimands the administration has no policy for contending with Russia’s aggression shows clearly that the move caught Washington completely by surprise.

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Israel Shines


1. Scientists in Israel , found that the brackish water, drilled from underground desert aquifers, hundreds of feet deep, could be used to raise warm-water fish. The geothermal water, less than one-tenth as saline as sea water, free of pollutants, and a toasty 98 degrees on average, proves an ideal environment.

2. Israel i-developed designer-eyeglasses, promise mobile phone and iPod users, a personalized, high-tech video display. Available to US consumers next year, Lumus-Optical’s lightweight and fashionable video eyeglasses, feature a large transparent screen, floating in front of the viewer’s face that projects their choice of movie, TV show, or video Game.

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The Real World Order

By George Friedman, Stratfor Intelligence Report

The other country that is watching and thinking is Iran. Iran had accepted the idea that it had lost the chance to dominate Iraq. It had also accepted the idea that it would have to bargain away its nuclear capability or lose it. The Iranians are now wondering if this is still true and are undoubtedly pinging the Russians about the situation. Meanwhile, the Russians are waiting for the Americans to calm down and get serious. If the Americans plan to take meaningful action against them, they will respond in Iran. But the Americans have no meaningful actions they can take; they need to get out of Iraq and they need help against Iran. The quid pro quo here is obvious. The United States acquiesces to Russian actions (which it can’t do anything about), while the Russians cooperate with the United States against Iran getting nuclear weapons (something Russia does not want to see).

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Fmr. Italian Pres.: We Paid for Immunity From Terrorist Attacks

by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz

( In a letter appearing in the weekend edition of the respected Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, former Italian President Francesco Cossiga revealed that the government of Italy agreed to allow Arab terrorist groups freedom of movement in the country in exchange for immunity from attacks in Italy.

Cossiga wrote that the government of the late Prime Minister Aldo Moro reached a “secret non-belligerence pact between the Italian state and Palestinian resistance organizations, including terrorist groups,” in the 1970s. According to the former president, it was Moro himself who designed the terms of the agreement with the foreign Arab terrorists. Ironically, Moro later met his death at the hands of homegrown Italian terrorists, the Red Brigades, in 1978. Cossiga was president of Italy from 1985-1992 and is today a senator-for-life in the Italian legislature.

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Concurrent Military Operations: War in the Caucasus

By Ted Belman

Global Research discusses the “Naval Blockade” or All Out War Against Iran?. The theory is that the US used Georgia to distract Russia and keep it out of the fight with Iran. I have some trouble with this theory because if the blockade is not to happen now why distract Russia now.

Here’s an excerpt.

    The planning of a naval blockade by the Bush administration (Operation Brimstone, H Con 362) occurs at the very outset of an unfolding crisis in the Caucasus, marked by the Georgian air and ground attacks on South Ossetia and Russia’s counterattack. The timing and chronology of these related and concurrent military operations is crucial.

    We are not dealing with separate and unrelated military events. The war in Georgia is an integral part of US-NATO-Israeli war preparations in relation to Iran.

    Georgia does not act militarily without the assent of Washington. The Georgian head of State is a US proxy and Georgia is a de facto US protectorate.

    The attack on South Ossetia was launched by Georgia on the orders of the US and NATO. US military advisers and trainers were actively involved in the planning of Georgia’s attacks on the South Ossetia capital. (For further details see Michel Chossudovsky, War in the Caucasus, Towards a Broader Russia-US Military Confrontation, Global Research, August 10, 2008)

    Russia is an ally of Iran.

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Resistence to Jihad shutting down

ACT for America, introduces the Times article, A festival of groveling to terrorists
with the following,

    According to the Leslie Sacks blogspot, “The Human Rights Council at the United Nations has now banned any criticism regarding Sharia Law and human rights in the Islamic World. According to President Doru Romulus Costea – and following the efforts of delegates from Egypt, Pakistan and Iran – the Council will no longer tolerate criticism of either Sharia or specific fatwas in the name of human rights.”

    Earlier this year, the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) called for aggressive, worldwide legal actions to stop the “defamation” of Islam.

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The U.S. is in free fall

By Ted Belman

I am sorry to say it, but it is true. 911 changed everything.

The US has proved no match for the Islamists in the world. The US is no longer calling the shots anywhere.

    – Lebanon is now part of the Syrian/Iranian alliance.
    – Iraq may be stabilized for now but there is no way the US can get out without turning it over to Iranian control.
    – Pakistan is no longer a US ally.
    – Georgia has been dismembered and is now in the Russian Camp
    – Iran is proceeding unmolested to develop the bomb
    – The US Roadmap is going nowhere.
    – Turkey is also flexing its muscles and its independence from the US and Israel. It can no longer be counted on.
    – Afghanistan wouldn’t last a day if NATO pulled out.
    – Venezuela in in the Russian/Iran camp

Where does that leave the US?

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Olmert make’s offer – PA has refused it

By Aluf Benn, Haaretz

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has presented Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas with a detailed proposal for an agreement in principle on borders, refugees and security arrangements between Israel and a future Palestinian state.

Olmert, who met with Abbas this week, feels there is time to reach an agreement during his remaining time in office. He is now awaiting a decision from the Palestinians.

Ted Belman
Why must he offer “every inch”?
Why is he not demanding defensible borders as is Israel’s right>
Why is he not demanding a penalty for the aggression, say at least 20% of J & S?
Does Maaleh Adumin include all of E1?
Why is Olmert offering more than Barak at did Camp David?
Why is he not demanding more land east of Ben Gurion Airport?

The centerpiece of Olmert’s proposal is the suggested permanent border, which would be based on an Israeli withdrawal from most of the West Bank. In return for the land retained by Israel in the West Bank, the Palestinians would receive alternative land in the Negev, adjacent to the Gaza Strip. The Palestinians would also enjoy free passage between Gaza and the West Bank without any security checks, the proposal says.

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Turkey’s abandonment of the West


Russia’s invasion of Georgia should serve as proof that there are some regimes that simply cannot be considered strategic allies of the West. And as the US and NATO try to assess the wreckage of their attempt to forge a post-Soviet alliance with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, another erstwhile ally is showing that it too, cannot be trusted.

On Wednesday, Iran’s genocidal, nuclear weapons-seeking leader, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, will arrive in Istanbul for a “working visit” with Turkish leaders. This visit represents a diplomatic triumph for Teheran. Since assuming office three years ago, Ahmadinejad has feverishly pursued diplomatic ties with Western-allied states in an effort to weaken the West’s will to take action to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Turkey is the first NATO member to welcome him to its territory.

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Arab intransigence will lead to a Jewish one-state solution

By Ted Belman

Ahmed Qureia, of the PA, recently warned,

    “The Palestinian leadership has been working on establishing a Palestinian state within the ’67 borders,”

    “If Israel continues to oppose making this a reality, then the Palestinian demand for the Palestinian people and its leadership [would be] one state, a binational state,”

I also want a “one state” solution, but not a binational state.

Ami Isseroff delves into Qureia’s threat in Palestinians: Our way or the highway

    Those who blame Israel for the perennial impasse in peace negotiations, including the Palestinians themselves, are fond of portraying the desperate plight of the Palestinians under the supposedly oppressive occupation. One would think that a desperate person or a desperate people would seek to improve their lot by any means possible, and would be eager for the chance for peace and freedom. That is evidently not the case for the Palestinians.

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Untying a Georgian Knot- self determination v sovereignty


[..] It’s natural for Americans, or Israelis, to side with the Georgians. They’re a small country fighting a very big one, and one with a nasty record of pushing small countries around. Moreover, they have a government that’s pro-American and pro-Israeli, and that’s proud of belonging to Europe and the West at a time when Europe and the West are no longer so proud of themselves. One’s first instinct is to identify with them against the Russians.

But the Abkhazians and the Ossetians are even smaller people who feel they’ve been pushed around by the Georgians. In fact, it’s a sheer accident of history that they find themselves in Georgia in the first place. When the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was established after the Bolshevik Revolution, which itself followed hundreds of years of Czarist expansion, all of Russia was divided into 15 or 16 (the number fluctuated) “union republics” according to ethnic and national lines. But since the number of different ethnic and national groups in Russia ran into the hundreds, most of these were given separate “autonomous republics” that were incorporated into the “union republics” for reasons of bureaucratic efficiency.

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Suppose a peace agreement is reached

Bitterlemons poses this question. Four different answers are provided.

Serious but inconclusive by Ghassan Khatib
The three parties cannot afford to reach agreement on a solution to the conflict.

Unlikely to go far by Mousa Qous
Both peoples suffer from the absence of charismatic leaders who are able to take historic decisions for the benefit of peace.

On borrowed time by Yossi Beilin
I fear the current quiet will not last long without a significant political horizon.

by Yossi Alpher

An Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement between PM Ehud Olmert and President Mahmoud Abbas is not likely. The two leaders are weak, Olmert’s days as leader are numbered, Abbas too may not last long and the two sides are too far apart on the core issues of Jerusalem and refugees/right of return. But let’s assume they surprise us and produce an agreement “in principle” while they are both still in office, i.e., in the coming months and perhaps even weeks.

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