Ahmadinejad – incitement deserves indictment

By Ted Belman

Yesterday I met, by chance, Dr Elihu Richter who is a knowledgable activist winding down his career at Hebrew U. He sent me a copy of Commentary on Genocide: Can We Predict, Prevent, and Protect? which he recently published. He also referred me to an article, incitement deserves indictment, he and R. Blum, G. Stanton and I. Charney wrote two years ago.

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel was the first world leader to recognize the connection between Iran’s uranium enrichment, its testing of long distance missiles, and the genocidal statements of its president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. A day after declaring that Israel “should be wiped off the map” on October 25, he incited students to scream “death to Israel,” at a government-sponsored conference called the “World without Zionism.”

    Chancellor Merkel declared: “A president that questions Israel’s right to exist [and] denies the Holocaust, cannot expect to receive any tolerance from Germany. We have learned our history.” Will Chancellor Merkel’s warnings of the parallels between Iran’s actions today and Nazi Germany’s first steps towards genocide in the 1930’s prod the world into effective deterrent action? The International Association of Genocide scholars (IAGS) has passed a resolution noting that Iran’s actions, including Ahmadinejad statements, are early warning signs of genocide. These signs include open expressions of an exclusionary ideology characterized by hate speech, an authoritarian government that represses dissent, the organization of fanatical militias, such as the Revolutionary Guards, and a sustained record of support for terror attacks against Jews around the world.

This is the same Merkel who is permitting German businesses to trade with Iran.

Currently he is working with Irwin Cotler to cause to have Ahmedinejad indicted for incitement to genocide. The efforts started when this was published. I might add that when they sought approval for such a move in the US Senate, Joe Biden, Obama’s running mate, opposed it.

We talked for quite a while and found we saw eye to eye on many things.

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5 Comments / 5 Comments

  1. Who is going to kill them? United States can not do it, Gerald Ford wrote an executive order banning U.S. government agencies from doing it, the British and the French do not do it anymore, and Israel has its hands full taking out the leaders of terrorist orginizations.

  2. A’jad should be assasinated.. by an unknown country… let it be one of history’s mysteries… and also knock of Khoimeni .. and also Hugo Chavez needs to go. And while some mysterious and brave country is at it… why not get rid of Kim Jong Il too.

    The troublemakers of this world need to have (as the Obama’s say), their comfort zones disrupted.

    No leader who aspires to be the next Hitler should ever expect to see the sun and not fear for his life.

  3. Nothing wrong with the death penalty, the men on death row deserve worse then being injected in the arm.

  4. Ahmadinejad should be charged with incitement to genocide.

    Bush to be indicted for instigating a war resulting in some 680,000 deaths and countless maimed. Which when converted in proportion to American population is 7.5 million deaths.

    In Texas, Bush ordered the death penalty for single death homicides on numerous occasions and boasted that he was proud to do so.

  5. This is the same Merkle who is permitting German businesses to trade with Iran.

    I couldn’t help but think of all the countries that trade, big-tiem, with the US or Israel, yet consistently vote against us in the UN and support terrorist organizations such as the PLO and HAMAS. Business is business, the world around. I’m satisfied, if Merckle stands with Israel politically and militarily. Ultimately, it’s in the political and military arena that Iran will get squashed like a bug — no matter how many countries have made a buck off of her.

    Open mouth, Ahmedinejad, and insert cruise missle.