This is a trial of the West, not Karadzic

By Ted Belman

I intend to follow the trial of Radovan Karadzic. I believe that the record of what happened will finally be clarified. Here’s the first installment from Byzantine Blog.

Dershowitz interviews Radovan Karadzic

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands: U.S. criminal defense lawyer Alan Dershowitz said Thursday he plans to call former Bosnian Serb political leader and war crimes suspect Radovan Karadzic as a witness in a related case at the U.N. Yugoslav Tribunal.

Dershowitz is helping defend Momcilo Krajisnik, who is appealing his 27-year-sentence for persecution, extermination and the murder of Muslims and Croats during the 1992-1995 Bosnian War.

Karadzic and Krajisnik were once close allies as president and parliamentary speaker in the breakaway Bosnian Serb republic, and have now been reunited in the tribunal’s detention center.

Dutch Soldiers from Srebrenica Battalion Offer to Testify in Karadzic’s Defense

Some 15 Dutch soldiers of the former Netherlands battalion stationed in Srebrenica during the Bosnian civil war came to Belgrade on Wednesday, offering to testify in the Hague tribunal on behalf of Dr. Karadzic, a member of Radovan Karadzic’s defense team Milivoje Ivanisevic told Vecernje Novosti.

“We talked about their possible testimony. They stressed that the Serbs did not commit war crimes against the Muslim civilians when they were passing through several dozen of their villages [in Srebrenica municipality] the Dutch soldiers were securing. They came over at their own expense and said they will testify and invite more of their fellow soldiers to testify too. They left Belgrade on Thursday,” Ivanisevic said.

To see how relevant their testimonies would be, Ivanisevic talked to each Dutch soldier who came to Belgrade, individually, about when and where he was and what was he doing. Asked by Vecernje Novosti why haven’t they showed up before to say what really happened in Srebrenica, Ivanisevic said he didn’t pose that question, but added that Dutch soldiers complained there is a complete repression against them in Holland that had lasted for the past 10 years because they are blamed for allegedly “failing to protect Srebrenica”.

“Perhaps the things are finally getting ripe now”, Ivanisevic said. “They told me they came here in apprehension and worried, because they expected to be hated in Serbia just like back home. They said in Srebrenica at the time they had to protect themselves from the Muslims, rather than protect Muslims from the Serbs. Serb Army, according to them, was helping the Muslim women and their children, bringing them food and water”, Ivanisevic conveyed the conversation he had with Dutch soldiers who were stationed in Srebrenica in 1995. CONNECTED

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2 Comments / 2 Comments

  1. On his crimes in Croatia alone, Radovan could be hung 10,000 times.
    Croatians are not Moslems.

    (Croatia) The predominant religion is Catholicism (87.8 per cent)

    For every one that testifies in his defense you can find 100 witnesses and 100 graves to the murderous polices of the former Serbian Government and directly tied to Radovan.
    Moslems-Shmoslems – use the evil of one group to over look the evil of another (fascist racists).

    Anti-USA hate mongers like Felix Quigley try to stir up hatred against the USA opposing the “Serbs” to the West. it was the Serbian Fascist government not the “Serbs”.

    Felix Quigley is a “Friend of the (insert name of stooge nationality here)”.
    He is a “Friend of the Israelis” and “friend of the Serbs” a friend of anyone he can hope to rouse up against the USA.
    Oh but he is not a friend of the Israelis who may support Georgia, he is only a friend of the Israelis who will help him hate the USA. HE even looks for Israeli complicity and Israeli agents “making trouble” in South Ossetia.
    Felix never mentions anything he likes or admires about Israeli culture, for him that is irrelevant something he forgot to consider. They only have their purpose for in in his war on Capitalism and democratic capitalism.

    Yes, capitalism, Felix is a Marxist, he has an agenda. Like the Christians, there is not room for any third parties like Israelis or any others in the final act of his game plan. They will all be leveled, they will become Marxist Canadians and Marxist Israelis and Marxist Serbs and serve the Marxist cause or be rubbed out.
    Felix wants to once again restore the glory of Communist Marxism and this time he will sidestep Stalinism. Perhaps this time it will be Quiglism and he has already selected his new Beria.

    So beware anyone who calls you “friend” but doesn’t appear to be much like Gandhi.

    Fascist Serbia was a Rapist and murderer as well as a rape victim. The world is a better place now that they have been bombed back into a Democracy. Whatever truths there are in Islamofacist aggression in the Serbian conflict it stands side by side with the Fascist Serbian Aggression and concentrating on one side does not eliminate nor obscure the other.
    The current world has been at war with Fascism , totalitarianism and dictatorship for over a century, That is the true nature of current Global conflict, Totalitarian systems versus Democratic and those with ulterior motives wish to disguise and obscure the true nature of this conflict but they can always be identified by their total unconcern for the victims of fascism like the victims of Saddam Hussein, Hu JinTao, Mao,Stalin, and Karadzic. Men all cut from the same cookie cutter.
    The sad thing is that fascist ideologies are still so shining and resplendent today in every country that people cannot recognize what the cookie cutter looks like and what it will do to them.

    It’s a trial of the West’s stand against fascist ideologies.

  2. We’ll see. Serbia getting justice from a NATO countrty like the Netherlands, is like a rape victim getting justice from her rapist. The whole deck has been stacked against the Serbs, and in favor of the Moslems, from day one.