Israeli sovereignty and Gantz’s bad faith

Blue and White leader Benny Gantz opposes applying Israeli law to the Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria, despite giving US President Trump his word that would support the move. Politicians may survive by lying to voters, but they don’t get very far by lying to US presidents.

By Caroline B. Glick. ISRAEL HAYOM

The coalition talks between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Blue and White Party leader Benny Gantz are being held behind closed doors. A lot of contradictory information is being leaked about the issues on the table and about the form of the deal for a unity government being hammered out.

But all the leaks are consistent about one aspect of the discussions.

Gantz and his colleagues oppose applying Israeli law to the Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria. This state of affairs is both surprising and disturbing.

It is surprising that Gantz opposes applying Israeli law to the areas, which are home to half a million Israelis because just two months ago, Gantz pledged to support the move.

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In this time of crisis, it’s the private sector coming through


Trump’s approach to coronavirus is exposing one of the great fault lines in American politics, which is the battle between those who believe in the free market and the private sector versus those who believe that the answer is always the government. This fault line has obviously existed for a long time, but it’s never been exposed in starker terms than now, when there is a crushing weight bearing down on America. So far, the private sector is proving more adaptable, more effective, and more decent.

At John Solomon’s new website, Just The News, Stephanie Gutmann has written a superb article explaining how Trump’s approach to the emergency differs from the approach that any American politician, past or present, has taken, because he’s disempowering, rather than empowering, the government:

In Washington, leaders typically respond to crises by expanding federal power — drafting new laws and regulations, leaning heavily on federal muscle. The COVID-19 pandemic is revealing President Trump to be a different kind of animal, with instincts and alliances that were forged over years in the private sector, where initiatives tend to move faster and finding creative ways to save money is considered a bragging point. (After all, it is usually one’s own money.)

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Enemies to the Left

By Alexander G. Markovsky, AMERICAN THINKER

The resurgence of Joe Biden and the inevitable defeat of Bernie Sanders led the pundits to declare that the Democratic Party is rejecting socialism — a development all decent men would celebrate if it were true. Yet, in a supreme irony, the Land of the Free dangerously underestimates or underappreciates the ideological nature of the contemporary Democratic Party. Neither education nor life experience has prepared Americans for grasping the Party’s epochal ideological shift toward the ideology that signifies the total inversion of the Nation’s historical traditions and values.

Every time the Democratic presidential contenders took the stage, whether it was a radical Bernie Sanders or any of the so-called moderates such as Michael Bloomberg, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, or Joe Biden, a frightening sense of déjà vu set in as those downsized American replicas of Leon TrotskyNikolai BukharinClara Zetkin, and Rosa Luxemburg clearly professed their socialist-egalitarian vision and prophetic absolutism.

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The expiration date of Western culture

The five steps in the rise and fall of a nation or culture and how one can slow them down and prevent the fall.

By Matan Peleg, INN

“A time to give birth and a time to die; a time to plant and a time to uproot that which is planted.” (Book of Ecclesiastes, Chapter 3, verse 2).

Every individual, nation, and culture has an “expiration date.”

Unlike an individual, a nation and culture can postpone their expiration dates for great lengths of time through proper conduct, because they are essentially an intergenerational relay race where the baton keeps being handed off. As long as they work efficiently to preserve their spirit and belief in the justness of their cause, there is no reason why they should collapse.

Famed 14th century historian Ibn Khaldun identified a cycle pertaining to the rise and fall of a state, which consists of five stages: conquest, social cohesion, expansion, contentment, and decline.

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Netanyahu seeks to draw out unity talks, as Gantz’s hand weakens

In the middle of Passover, the Blue and White chair’s allocated time to form a government comes to an end, and with it, his major leverage against the PM

By Raoul Wootliff, TOI

IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz (left) in a meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 2015. (Avi Ohayon/GPO/Flash 90)
IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz (left) in a meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 2015. (Avi Ohayon/GPO/Flash 90)

Despite calls from both Likud and Blue and White for negotiations on forming a national unity government to be completed as soon as possible in order to tackle the coronavirus crisis, Channel 12 news on Monday night reported that the talks could extend until the Passover holiday, which starts next week, and even beyond.

Why is Passover different from all other weeks? Because in the middle of the seven-day festival, on April 12, Blue and White chairman Benny Gantz’s allocated time to form a government that he would head comes to an end, and with it, his major leverage against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu’s Likud won 36 Knesset seats in the March 2 election to Blue and White’s 33, but the Likud leader’s right-wing bloc again failed to muster a parliamentary majority. In consultations with President Reuven Rivlin, Gantz won 61 MKs’ recommendation that he form a government, including from the entire Joint List of majority-Arab parties.

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Trump shows off new rapid coronavirus test kit in Rose Garden, as HHS says 1 million Americans tested

‘Historic milestone’: President Trump announces that over 1 million Americans have been tested

By Andrew O’Reilly, FOX NEWS

President Trump and the Department of Health and Human Services [HHS] announced Monday that the United States has tested over 1 million people for the coronavirus, as the president unveiled a new rapid test kit for the contagion aimed at providing results within five minutes.

Speaking from the White House’s Rose Garden, Trump said that reaching 1 million tests is “a milestone in our war against the coronavirus.”

Trump’s announcement on the new rapid test kit from Abbott Laboratories comes just days after the company said that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration had given them emergency clearance to produce its cartridge-based test. The company says that its test delivers a negative result in 13 minutes when the virus is not detected.

Also during the press conference, Trump also announced that Ford is repurposing an auto parts factory west of Detroit to start building simple ventilators to treat coronavirus patients.

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Watch, as former terrorist reveals the truth/facts:

The Video, released by the pro-Israel groups Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights and Im Tirtzu, has already been viewed over 150,000 times in the first 24 hoursand 250,000 the next day.

Arutz Sheva

“The so-called occupation is the largest industry of lies in the entire world,” explains former Palestinian Authority terrorist-turned-peace activist Mohammed Masad in a new viral video.

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Coronavirus: How “Progressive” Ideology Led to Catastrophe in Spain

by Soeren Kern, GATESTONE INSTITUTE  •  March 30, 2020

A demonstration during International Women’s Day on March 8, 2020 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images)

  • A class action lawsuit filed on March 19 accuses the Spanish government — highly ideological by any standard, as the Communist coalition partner, Podemos, was founded with seed money from the Venezuelan government — of knowingly endangering public safety by encouraging the public to participate in more than 75 feminist marches, held across Spain on March 8, to mark International Women’s Day.
  • The Spanish government’s main point man for the coronavirus, Fernando Simón, claimed in a nationwide press conference that there was no risk of attending the rallies on March 8. “If my son asks me if he can go, I will tell him to do whatever he wants,” he said.
  • “Honestly, it seems to me a joke that the government has waited until today, clearly for political reasons, to make this announcement. The Socialist-Communist government has once again put its political interests above the common good. This gross negligence should lead to resignations. — Elentir, Contando Estrelas, March 9, 2020.

A class action lawsuit files in Spain accuses the government of knowingly endangering public safety by encouraging the public to participate in more than 75 feminist marches on March 8, to mark International Women’s Day, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Spanish government, comprised of a coalition of Socialists and Communists, is facing legal action for alleged negligence in its handling of the coronavirus pandemic. The government is accused of putting its narrow ideological interests ahead of the safety and wellbeing of the public, and, in so doing, unnecessarily worsening the humanitarian crisis now gripping Spain, currently the second-worst afflicted country in Europe after Italy.

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The Moral Dilemma of Coronavirus: Is it Lives Versus Money?

T. Belman. I posted this comment on Jewish Journal.

“In a nutshell this article only considers which alternative will save more lives. But what about the question when is enough, enough. e.g. We know that if we lower the speed limit there will be less traffic deaths but we have decided to tolerate a certain number of deaths in order to allow higher speed limits. When we strive for higher and higher perfection we experience the law of diminishing returns. We thus decide to lower our expectations because it is too cstly to achieve a better result.

“Then there is the question of limited resources. We could if we choose to, double our resources at great cost for the few times they are needed. But we don’t. We decide on a certain amount knowing that at times we will run out of resources to deal with a problem.

“Bottom line is, are we prepared to go into economic depression affecting the vast majority of our people in order to save some people. Even if the number of people we save, is lass that the number of flu deaths or traffic deaths. Or even if deaths from coronavirus would exceed those deaths.

“You tell me.”

By Pamela Parensky, JEWISH JOURNAL | MAR 29, 2020

Coronavirus Wuhan. US quarantine, 100 dollar banknote with medical mask. The concept of epidemic and protection against coronavrius.

By now, commentators have noted the similarities between our coronavirus crisis and the classic “trolley problem,” first formulated by the late philosopher Philippa Foot.

Imagine there’s a runaway trolley heading straight for five people who will be killed. You’re standing next to a lever. If you pull it, the trolley will switch to a different track where only one person will be killed.

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Pentagon Order to Plan for Escalation in Iraq Meets Warning From Top Commander

A secret Pentagon directive orders planning to try to destroy a militia group backed by Iran, but America’s top general in Iraq cautions of the risks.

By Mark Mazzetti and Eric Schmitt, NYT March 27, 2020

American military vehicles at Al Asad Air Base in Iraq in January. A new military campaign in Iraq could require thousands more troops.
American military vehicles at Al Asad Air Base in Iraq in January. A new military campaign in Iraq could require thousands more troops. Sergey Ponomarev for The New York Times

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon has ordered military commanders to plan for an escalation of American combat in Iraq, issuing a directive last week to prepare a campaign to destroy an Iranian-backed militia group that has threatened more attacks against American troops.But the United States’ top commander in Iraq has warned that such a campaign could be bloody and counterproductive and risks war with Iran. In a blunt memo last week, the commander, Lt. Gen. Robert P. White, wrote that a new military campaign would also require thousands more American troops be sent to Iraq and divert resources from what has been the primary American military mission there: training Iraqi troops to combat the Islamic State.

The Pentagon directive and General White’s response — both classified internal military communications — were described by several American officials with direct knowledge of their contents. The exchange comes amid a simmering fight inside the Trump administration over policy toward Iran and the course of America’s war in Iraq, which began just over 17 years ago.

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Turkey vs. Syria: A Culture of Enmity

By Col. (res.) Dr. Dan Gottlieb and Lt. Col. (res.) Dr. Mordechai Kedar, BESA

Turkish forces enter Alexandretta on July 5, 1938, photo via Wikipedia

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The 290 Turkish soldiers killed in action on Syrian soil in recent years are a grim reminder of the unsettled questions that continue, after decades, to poison relations between the two neighboring countries.

Turkish soldiers have been killed on Syrian soil with disturbing regularity over the past few years. Seventeen died there prior to Operation Euphrates Shield and another 72 during that operation, which went on from August 24, 2016 through March 29, 2017. Ninety-six were killed during Operation Olive Branch (January 20, 2018-August 9, 2019), 16 in Operation Peace Spring (October 9, 2019-November 25, 2019), 14 after that operation, and 75 in the current Turkish military operation in Idlib province.

The enmity between Turkey and Syria is a longstanding component of the modern Middle Eastern political arena. It is concealed from time to time by other regional trends and events, but it is always present. Syria was the only state of the Arab League’s 22 member states to recognize the Armenian Genocide (though Lebanon eventually recognized it as well).

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The consequences of the Saudi oil price war

Experts weigh in on the kingdom’s slashing of prices while demand plummets

By Dr. Villy Abraham / THE MEDIA LINE MARCH 30, 2020

A worker fills a vehicle with petrol at a gas station in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, February 16, 2020. (photo credit: AHMED YOSRI/ REUTERS)

A worker fills a vehicle with petrol at a gas station in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, February 16, 2020. (photo credit: AHMED YOSRI/ REUTERS)

Saudi Arabia, the world’s second-largest oil producer, started a price war, ushered in by failed talks between OPEC and Russia. The talks were intended to address the major challenge posed by the coronavirus pandemic.

“The Saudi’s motive for cutting production was the drop in demand for oil which is a consequence of the lockdowns enforced around the world over coronavirus,” Danny Zaken, a journalist and lecturer at Sapir Academic College, told The Media Line.

Russia refused to cut production and consequently negotiations failed and the alliance between OPEC and Russia collapsed. Russia says it is waiting to see what the full impact of the outbreak will be on demand.

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Government likely postponed to next week due to ongoing disputes

T. Belman. The allocation of portfolios is a big deal. Big enough to create big pressure to find an alternative to what is being touted. Afterall, the right block is only 3 mandates short of forming a government yet the center left get half the portfolios. Its not right.

Netanyahu, Gantz meet all night then fight all day.

By Gill Hoffman, JPOST MARCH 29, 2020 23:29

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the nation on the coronavirus outbreak, March 19, 2020 (photo credit: AMOS BEN-GERSHOM/GPO)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the nation on the coronavirus outbreak, March 19, 2020 (photo credit: AMOS BEN-GERSHOM/GPO)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Blue and White leader Benny Gantz met from 10:30pm on Saturday night to 6:30am on Sunday morning and reported that they had made “significant progress” in a joint statement, vowing to meet again later Sunday to finalize an agreement on a new government.

But that meeting never ended up happening, as leaks about possible portfolios made each side harden their positions as they faced both public pressure and complaints from inside their parties and blocs.

They still talked about issuing a joint statement on Monday, but it appeared increasingly likely late Sunday that a new government would not be sworn in until next week.

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Harvard Professor Ruth Wises teaches about Daniel Deronda for free

Ruth Wisse Teaches George Eliot’s Great Novel of Jewish Nationalism:
Daniel Deronda

If we are lucky, quarantine is a good time to read. And if I could recommend one book—except maybe the Book of Books, the Hebrew Bible—it would be George Eliot’s masterpiece, Daniel Deronda. Written in the 1870s—yes, decades before Herzl—it is the greatest Zionist novel ever written: an intellectual and emotional defense of Jewish nationalism.

But it is also simply one of the greatest novels ever written: a profound reflection on love and family, human excellence and human evil, modern politics and social class, Jews and Gentiles.

A few years ago, the masterful Professor Ruth Wisse filmed 8 incredible lectures that carefully illuminate Eliot’s classic. For the first time, we are opening up this video course for free to anyone who wishes to register. The time is now: read a great book—and take a masterclass—that will change your life and Jewish worldview forever.

We hope you’ll share this special daily digest with friends. They can click here to subscribe.

Watch for Free Now
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The Jewish State in its true light.

In the 29th Mar 20 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

  • Hundreds of Israeli companies, academics and NGOs are working to combat coronavirus.
  • Top Israeli companies are donating cash to help fight coronavirus.
  • Israeli tech advances are just some of the positive effects of the coronavirus.
  • Israeli microgreens contain concentrated immune system-boosting nutrients.
  • The Internet is full of Israeli ideas for things to do while in isolation.
  • El AL flew its longest-ever flight, to bring home 230 Israelis from Australia.
  • Prayers for rain have filled the Sea of Galilee – and are now tackling coronavirus.

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Another Pandemic Known as Social Justice

By Eileen F. Toplansky, AMERICAN THINKER

The National Association of Scholars (NAS) has produced a report titled “Social Justice Education in America.”  Written by David Randall, it defines, describes, and delineates many of the destructive and deceptive ideas behind the innocent-sounding social justice programs that have mushroomed in American institutions of higher learning.

According to this December 2019 report, “in the last twenty years, a generation of academics and administrators has transformed higher education into an engine of progressive political advocacy.”  Identity politics plays a major role in how social justice will be administered.  Social justice activists work to increase the “state’s coercive power” to decide who will get their fair share concerning employment, housing, income, health care, leisure, political power, property, social recognition, and wealth.

Consequently, social justice buzz words such as food justice, educational poverty, and health equity aim to increase state power “to tax the citizenry to fund progressive spending priorities.” If social justice warriors deem it, then any alleged privilege must be eliminated so that “identity groups defined by categories such as class, race, and gender” will not be oppressed.

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Netanyahu, Gantz make ‘significant progress’ in all-night coalition talks

PM and Israel Resilience leader to meet again later Sunday to try to reach signed deal, but report says still no final agreement on distribution of ministries


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L) greets Benny Gantz, leader of Blue and White party, at a memorial ceremony for late Israeli president Shimon Peres, at Mount Herzl in Jerusalem on September 19, 2019. (GIL COHEN-MAGEN/AFP)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L) greets Benny Gantz, leader of Blue and White party, at a memorial ceremony for late Israeli president Shimon Peres, at Mount Herzl in Jerusalem on September 19, 2019. (GIL COHEN-MAGEN/AFP)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli Resilience party chief Benny Gantz wrapped up an all-night meeting early Sunday on the terms of a unity government, which they were hoping to finalize later in the day.

A joint statement from the two said they reached “understandings and significant progress” during the talks at the Prime Minister’s Residence in Jerusalem, without elaborating.

Further talks will be held later Sunday with the aim of reaching a signed deal, according to the statement.

Israel Resilience MK Gabi Ashkenazi, Gantz’s deputy, also took part in the overnight meeting.

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