Harvard Professor Ruth Wises teaches about Daniel Deronda for free

Ruth Wisse Teaches George Eliot’s Great Novel of Jewish Nationalism:
Daniel Deronda

If we are lucky, quarantine is a good time to read. And if I could recommend one book—except maybe the Book of Books, the Hebrew Bible—it would be George Eliot’s masterpiece, Daniel Deronda. Written in the 1870s—yes, decades before Herzl—it is the greatest Zionist novel ever written: an intellectual and emotional defense of Jewish nationalism.

But it is also simply one of the greatest novels ever written: a profound reflection on love and family, human excellence and human evil, modern politics and social class, Jews and Gentiles.

A few years ago, the masterful Professor Ruth Wisse filmed 8 incredible lectures that carefully illuminate Eliot’s classic. For the first time, we are opening up this video course for free to anyone who wishes to register. The time is now: read a great book—and take a masterclass—that will change your life and Jewish worldview forever.

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