Golan battles bring Hizballah near Israeli border  


The shells exploding on the Golan in the last 48 hours came from a battle between Syrian rebels and the Assad regime army plus Hizballah 3km from the Israeli border.

In the last 48 hours, Israel has conducted air strikes on and aimed tank fire at Syrian army positions near Quneitra’s northern suburb of Baath city, 3km from IDF Golan border defenses. (See map). Those positions were the source of the mortar shells that exploded on the Israeli Golan – 10 on Saturday, June 24 and three the next day. They came from a battle in which Syrian and Hizballah units were fighting off a Syrian rebel offensive around Quneitra.

The rebel militias set up a coalition to coordinate their offensive. It is dominated by the Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS), which Damascus claims is an arm of Al Qaeda-Syria. In fact, it is an alignment of dozens of Islamist groups, some of which belonged and still do to Jabhat Fateh al-Sham – the former Nusra Front.
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Michael Doran Addresses the UN Security Council  

Michael Doran, HUDSON

On June 20, 2017, Hudson Senior Fellow Michael Doran delivered remarks to a United Nations Security Council briefing titled “The situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question.” His prepared remarks are reprinted below:

Mr. President,

Members of the Security Council,

It is an honor to appear before you today to discuss the fiftieth anniversary of the 1967 War, and the current state of Arab-Israeli peacemaking.

Mr. President,

Please permit me to focus my remarks on the key factors that prompted Israel to take control of the West Bank in 1967, and to discuss the continued significance of those factors today.
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A systematic blunder  

Yoram Ettinger, ISRAEL HAY6OM

Can Israel afford to defy U.S. presidential pressure to concede land, which is historically and militarily critical to the future of the Jewish state?

U.S. presidential pressure has been an integral part of the U.S.-Israel saga since 1948. However, in retrospect, U.S. pressure on Israel has been based on erroneous assessments of the Middle East, failing to advance the cause of peace, as evidenced by the only two peace accords (between Israel and Egypt and Jordan), which were the result of direct Israeli initiatives, not U.S. pressure.

In fact, U.S. pressure on Israel has forced Arabs to outflank the U.S. from the maximalist side, causing further setbacks to the peace process.
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A rare concensus  

Eric R Mandel, JPOST

T. Belman. How can Mandel say that Saudi Arabia doesn’t support “political Islamism”? At least he redeems himself later in the article.

There should be no illusions about political Islamism or aligning with conservative Sunni states.

After speaking with foreign policy experts and members of Congress on both sides of the aisle last week, there was a rare consensus that we shouldn’t harbor any illusions about our strategic Arab alliances in the Middle East.

US President Donald Trump’s realignment back to our Sunni Gulf “allies” makes sense on the surface, as we share the goal of curbing Iran’s obsession to dominate the region.
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Bennett: ‘Not one refugee will cross the Jordan’  

Shimon Cohen, INN

Education Minister attacks idea to allow descendants of Arab refugees to settle Judea and Samaria, says they won’t stop at Israeli border.

Education Minister Naftali Bennett continued to criticize Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman’s plans to allow Arab construction in Area C, under full Israeli control, of Judea and Samaria. In an interview with Arutz Sheva, Bennett declared that Israel would not allow one Arab refugee or descendant of refugees to settle in Area C.

Liberman had previously stated that Israel would not accept a single refugee within the the pre-1967 lines. However, he left open the possibility of Arab refugees and their descendants settling in Judea and Samaria as part of a future Palestinian Arab state.
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Arab states issue ultimatum to Qatar  

Rick Moran, AT

The crisis in the Gulf over Qatar’s ties to terrorism and Iran took an even more serious turn as Arab states issued an ultimatum to Doha demanding that it close the propaganda media outlet Al Jazeera, cut ties with Iran, remove a Turkish military base, and pay reparations.

Qatar is not expected to comply with any of these demands.


Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates have sent a 13-point list of demands apparently aimed at dismantling their tiny but wealthy neighbor’s two-decade-old interventionist foreign policy which has incensed them. Kuwait is helping mediate the dispute.

A Qatari government spokesman said Doha was reviewing the list of demands and that a formal response would be made by the foreign ministry and delivered to Kuwait, but added that the demands were not reasonable or actionable.
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Trump’s Presidency Reaffirms Nationalism over the Globalist Ideal  

E. Jeffery Ludgig, AT

Decades ago, while walking across the campus of one of our elite institutions to receive an award, I was accompanied by Professor Charles Price, a brilliant chemist with degrees from Swarthmore and Harvard. Professor Price informed me that he was president of the World Federalists. I had never heard of that organization, and asked him what the group stood for. He told me that they were working towards one-world government. I was not consciously shocked by his statement, but at some level must have been stunned and confused since I never forgot it.

Like many of my naïve peers, I assumed that the United Nations had been created at the end of World War II as a forum to bring the nations of the world together, to enter into constructive, problem-solving dialogue, and to “put some teeth” into the world’s aspiration for peace. Vicious aggressions could be stopped. War could not be banished, but the most egregious invasions and acts of hatred could be mitigated and often prevented entirely.
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Israel to freeze marketing of new settler homes in 2017  

Tovah Lazaroff, JPOST

Angry politicians threatened to pressure Netanyahu to rescind the decision, which would prevent workers from breaking ground on new housing projects.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised the United States that he would freeze the publication of tenders for new building projects in West Bank settlements through the end of 2017, settler sources told The Jerusalem Post.

They spoke with the Post after the Hebrew newspaper Makor Rishon broke the story on Friday morning.

Angry politicians threatened to pressure Netanyahu to rescind the decision, which would prevent workers from breaking ground on housing projects.
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Kurdistan: From Referendum to the Road to Independence  

Edy Cohen, BESA

BESA Center Perspectives Paper No. 507,

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: On September 25, a referendum will be held on the future of the Kurdistan region of Iraq. The vote will decide whether autonomous Kurdistan should disengage from Iraq and become an independent state or remain within the Iraqi state. The referendum will be the Iraqi Kurds’ first concrete step towards the realization of the more than century-long dream of an independent Kurdish state.

After WWI, the victorious powers promised independence for the Kurds. This did not materialize, however, mainly due to the opposition of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey.

Since then, the Kurds have suffered persecution and oppression in the countries where they reside: Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Turkey. The Kurds now constitute the largest national group in the world without a state to call their own.
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Republican Lawmakers Call for Investigation Into James Comey and Robert Mueller  

Christina Wong, BREITBART

Three Republican House Oversight Committee members on Friday called for an investigation into former FBI Director James Comey and Special Counsel Robert Mueller for acting in a partisan manner and applying double standards when it came to the Obama and Trump administrations.

Reps. Jim Jordan (OH), Mark Meadows (NC), and Jody Hice (GA) said Comey misled the American people last year when he agreed to then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s request that he call an investigation into Hillary Clinton a “matter” instead of an investigation.
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Europe Surrenders to Radical Islam  


The most famous of Britain’s radical Islamic preachers, Anjem Choudary (pictured holding the microphone), was recently sentenced to five years and six months in prison for his open support of the Islamic State, but hundreds of imams throughout the country continue similar work. (Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)
  • In spite of three attacks in three months, Britain does not seem to be choosing the path of vigilance and determination. June is not even over but the media barely talk about terrorism any more.
  • Then, in the early hours of June 19, a man who acted alone drove a van into a crowd of Muslims leaving Finsbury Park Mosque in London: the main “threat” to the British right now was soon presented in several newspapers as “Islamophobia”.
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What? You mean they don’t care about our Democrat investigations…again  

Rabbi Dov Fischer, AT

What? Karen Handel beat that Democrat in the race for Sixth Congressional District in Georgia ?

How could that be? How could that posssibly be? Five straight Republican Congressional wins in races against Democrats?

Didn’t the voters in Georgia know that Chuck Schumer believes that Donald Trump colluded with Vladimir Putin to win the 2016 Presidential election against Hillary Clinton?

Looks like no one really cares. And looks like Americans see through the nonsense and the enormous waste of our taxes and national resources.
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COLUMN ONE: Israel, American Jewry and Trump’s GOP  

Caroline Glick, JPOST

To understand what can and ought to be done, it is first important to understand the nature of the BDS movement.

Earlier this month Norway, Denmark and Switzerland did something surprising.

Norway announced that it was demanding the return of its money from the Palestinian Human Rights and Humanitarian Law Secretariat, for the latter’s funding of a Palestinian women’s group that built a youth center near Nablus named for PLO mass murderer Dalal Mughrabi.

Denmark followed, announcing it was cutting off all funding to the group.
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Iranian Reformists lash out over Tillerson’s hints at regime change  


On June 14, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson spoke of support for a “peaceful transition of government” in Iran, a controversial statement interpreted in Tehran as meaning that US policy is reverting to regime change.

Prominent Reformist figures, including those who have been imprisoned, protested the apparent new policy of the US government toward Iran. In a joint statement June 16, the Reformists condemned Tillerson’s announced posture and described it as “interventionist.”

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Obama administration orchestrated false information  


Public  records document  that the Obama administration  orchestrated false information to create  public acceptance for several major administration programs. 


A.     History documents  that  several false assumptions/accusations  led the US into major wars.

1.  The USSMaine was  sent to protect U.S. interests during the Cuban revolt against Spain, she exploded suddenly, without warning, and sank quickly, killing nearly three quarters of her crew.  Popular opinion in the U.S., fanned by inflammatory articles printed in the “yellow press” by William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer, blamed Spain. The phrase, “Remember the Maine! To hell with Spain!”, became a rallying cry for action, which came with the Spanish–American War later that year.

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Intersectionality: Leftist politics designed to fail  

Linda Goudsmit

America is a divided nation and supports two distinct narratives – the narrative of survivors and the narrative of victims.

The survivor mentality created America and is defined by its core values of independence, equality, and freedom. It is supported by institutions promoting growth, independence, sovereignty, and the common denominator of American nationalism. The survivor narrative is the narrative of President Donald Trump.

The victim mentality was created to deconstruct America and is defined by its core values of dependence, inequality, and escape from freedom. It is supported by institutions promoting regression, dependence, internationalism, and the common denominator of globalism. The victim mentality is the narrative of the Left and Liberalism – America’s newest religion. Nationalists and Globalists have irreconcilable differences because their fundamental premises are diametrically opposed to one another. Americans must choose between them.
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The thing about Wonder Woman  

Annika Hernroth-Rothstein, ISRAEL HAYOM

So I gave in. After promising everyone that I never would, and complaining (a lot) about the very concept of superhero movies, I went to see the much-hyped adventures of Wonder Woman. Initially, I was humoring a friend, but with each minute I sat there, I found myself unwillingly inspired by what I saw.

Much has been made of the fact that several countries have chosen to boycott the movie, on the grounds of its lead actress, Gal Gadot, being a proud Israeli and Zionist. It makes sense that this movie would rub Israel’s neighbors the wrong way, but after actually seeing it, I have a feeling it is not the Zionism that is their main point of concern.  Read more…

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Abbas said enraged by Kushner meet, refuses to halt pay even to worst terrorists  


Ramallah reportedly accuses US delegation of being mouthpiece for Israel, rebuffs watered-down demand to stop paying 600 prisoners serving life terms

A meeting between Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and senior White House official Jared Kushner reportedly left the Palestinian leader fuming and refusing to agree to watered-down demands that Ramallah cut off payments for some convicted terrorists and their families.

According to Palestinian sources quoted in Hebrew and Arabic media Friday, Abbas and his advisers accused the US of taking Israel’s side and refused a demand to stop paying salaries to several hundred prisoners serving time for the most serious crimes.

Kushner, who is US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and chief Middle East adviser, met with Abbas in Ramallah on Wednesday, along with Trump’s international negotiator Jason Greenblatt.
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