5G: A Plan To Depopulate Earth?

T. Belman. This author was recommended to me for her brilliance and her research.

Do you use a cordless telephone?  A cell phone?  A Smart phone?  A Smart television?  Wi-Fi?  A Wi-Fi router?  A Smart meter?  If so, for the sake of your own life and health, you need to read this article.  Information about health dangers is being withheld from you.

By Marilyn M Barnewall

In the following explanations of a highly dangerous and new technology, the letter G means generation and generation refers to a set of requirements that determine a standard and what compatible devices and networks qualify for the standard. It also describes technologies that power new types of communication.  The letters EMF mean electromagnetic force/field.

It sounds like it’s going to be a dull, complicated article.  It’s not.  It’s an attempt to help you save your health (possibly life) and that of your children.

Consumer use of the technology which has made our lives so much easier is not the only important reason you need this information.  A new 5G (5th generation) technology is about to inundate us with EMFs (electromagnetic fields/forces) which, according to scientific research, are much higher than allowed in most of the technologically sophisticated world.  Will they de-populate America?

Comparison of our limit alongside other countries’ standards:

  • USA\Canada = 1000 microwatts /cm2 (same as ICNIRP 1998)
  • Australia = 200 microwatts /cm2
  • Auckland (New Zealand) = 50 microwatts /cm2
  • Italy, Russia, Poland, Luxembourg, Paris (France),   Hungary, Bulgaria, China, Switzerland = 2.4 to 10 microwatts /cm2
  • Salzburg (Austria) = 0.0001 microwatts /cm2

The research studies say that Russia, France, China, Italy, et al, set a legal limit of 10 microwatts emitted by towers.  America’s limit is 1,000 microwatts — 100 times greater than other high tech nations allow out of concern for the health of their people.  Brussels, Belgium, has banned 5G altogether… as have several California cities (northern California where the tech geniuses live).

This is not just a hard article to write, it is all but impossible – so please stay with me while I explain the difference between 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G EMFs and why it is critically important for you to know and understand why autism, Alzheimer’s, cancer and other diseases are rising at such alarming rates(scroll down to health risks).  Scientific studies prove there is a connection between these diseases and EMFs and there are some things you can do to protect yourself.  Use the links throughout this article and at the end of it.

One other important reason for this article will be called a conspiracy theory.  It has to do with President Trump – and we all know how crazy liberal socialists get when his name is mentioned… but it in this case, they may be the very ones setting up the President.  They’ve done it before… think:  “Russia, Russia, Russia.”

The people of America would revolt if they found the policies of their government caused children to get cancer, possibly killing them.  Scientific research shows that 5G technology can sterilize young men and boys… and adult men, too.  And based on the fact that the FCC has told the President that 5G technology falls within its recommended safety standards – standards rejected by American and international scientists – President Trump has come out with strong statements about America’s need to spread 5G nationwide as quickly as possible.  China wants to take over the Internet and 5G technology offers the means to defeat them in this endeavor.  Logically, Trump wants to avoid that and the FCC is telling him 5G is within their ridiculous safety standards. 5G can be placed on towers … or even on your street lights.

Can you think of a better way for liberal socialists to win an election than to get their opponent to strongly support something they can, one month before an election, prove sickens and possibly kills children? The evidence I found is based on scientific research and is compelling.  In California, Sprint had to take down a tower on the grounds of a school because 4 children and 3 teachers got cancer.  It’s interesting; companies that install towers appear to target schools – especially elementary schools – as their favorite location.

As a strong supporter of President Trump, I do not for one moment think he would support a major technology that would be harmful to the American people if he knew it to be harmful.  If you know the President, please send him a copy of this article.  I will be glad to provide all of my research.

I believe the President needs to make an informed and very important decision about whether 5G (fifth generation technology) dangers are being withheld from him before he offers such strong support to technology companies which intend to spread it all over the country.

But this article is not about trade negotiations with China, or charges against a Chinese company high tech company named Huawei (pronounced wah-way… sounding very close to the Hebrew name for God, Yaweh).  It’s about the scientifically known dangers of EMFs to human beings.  It might help to keep in mind that human beings are made up of electromagnetic fields.  All animal life is.  Plant life, too.  Human EMFs are compatible with those of nature.  They are not compatible with the EMFs sent out by scientifically created technology.  One of the problems with 5G is it can literally change human DNA.

The point is, in 2016 it was Russia.  Perhaps the Chinese have been tapped by Hate Trumpers for 2020. Perhaps because Huawei, a Chinese company accused of being a conduit to Chinese intelligence, is pushing so hard to control the technological future, Democrat politicians know President Trump will push back.  If they can get him to back a destructive technology by withholding from him information about the danger of that technology, can they make him look like a liar when he talks of his love for this nation and the American people?

That may be what is happening.  Donald Trump does love this country and its people.  He would not support something destructive to either.  Not knowingly.  And there, as Mr. Shakespeare would say, is the rub.  No one is telling Trump of the dangers.

So I am.

EMF – Electro-magnetic fields (or forces)

This is one of those subjects you don’t want to know about because your plate is already full… maybe brimming over.  You might shout at me:  “I don’t have time to learn about the latest scientific advances!  I love my smart phone, my smart television, and the convenience of wi-fi wherever I go.  My business is dependent on technology!  I don’t need to know how scientists give me faster downloads and make life more and more convenient via technology… I just want the technology!  Keep it coming!”

Ask yourself:  How much more important than technology is your life and the lives of your spouse, your children, your parents or your friends?  In a bad economy if you have to work two jobs to survive, at least you’ll survive.  For most people, making sure government isn’t plotting their demise is more important than the square footage of their homes, whether their oven informs the family cook that the roast is done, whether you can download episodes of The Blacklist in 10 rather than 20 seconds, or whether Uber will soon provide driverless cars.

The conveniences of advancing technology are wonderful.  No doubt about it.  But if the price of convenience is lost health — or death – is it worth it?

Chemicals that have been banned for years in Germany, France and the UK are routinely used in America.  According to the EUROPAEM EMF Guideline 2016 for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of EMF-related health problems and illnesses, here are the less serious but bothersome illnesses caused by human exposure to EMFs:

  • Fatigue/weakness
  • Sleep disturbance/insomnia,
  • Headaches/migraines
  • Brain fog/difficulty concentrating
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Memory loss
  • Visual disruptions/light sensitivity
  • Skin problems
  • Heart palpitations
  • Dizziness

You can add male sterility and/or reduced capacity to reproduce to that list and dangers to pregnant women and the babies they carry.   These are the LESS serious health problems caused by EMFs. Here is what the World Health Organization says some of the more serious illnesses caused not by 5G, but by 4G exposure (4G – what we have now – is weaker than 5G):

  1. Risk of damaging DNA.  Our body acts like an energy wave broadcaster and receiver, incorporating and responding to EMFs. In fact, scientific research has demonstrated that every cell in your body may have its own EMF, helping to regulate important functions and keep you healthy.
  2. Strong, artificial EMFs like those from power lines can scramble and interfere with your body’s natural EMF, harming everything from your sleep cycles and stress levels to your immune response and DNA!
  3. 3.  Risk of Cancer. After hundreds of international studies, the evidence linking EMFs to cancers and other health problems is loud and clear. High Voltage power lines are the most obvious and dangerous culprits, but the same EMFs exist in gradually decreasing levels all along the grid, from substations to transformers to homes.
  4. 4. Risk of Leukemia. Researchers found that children living within 650 feet of power lines had a 70% greater risk for leukemia than children living 2,000 feet away or more.(As per British Medical Journal, June, 2005).
  5. 5.  Risk of Neuro-degenerative diseases. “Several studies have identified occupational exposure to extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF) as a potential risk factor for neuro-degenerative disease.”(As per Epidemiology, 2003 Jul; 14(4):413-9).
  6. Risk of Miscarriage. There is “strong prospective evidence that prenatal maximum magnetic field exposure above a certain level (possibly around 16 mG) may be associated with miscarriage risk.” (As per Epidemiology, 2002 Jan; 13(1):9-20).

In non-scientific personal terms, 1G EMFs would be the equivalent of a ping-pong ball hitting your head; 2G a padded golf ball, 3G a basketball, 4G a football thrown by John Elway in his “hey day” and 5G is the equivalent of a needle hitting your head:  it penetrates.

In scientific terms, First-generation wireless (1G) was voice transmission. It gave us cell phones.  Second-generation (2G) allowed both talk and text which expanded our ability to communicate via our cell phones, online access to the internet, and it enhanced banking services.  Third-generation (3G) combined the wireless and digital networks and broadened what the Internet could offer.  Today’s technology is based on Fourth-generation (4G) technology, not 5G.  4G completed the digital migration.  It made higher speeds for more complex applications like video via computer.  I read one article which says 5G will connect the unconnected.  The limitations to Uber driverless cars, for example, will be eliminated by 5G.

As you look out your front door, how many towers that spread 4G EMFs from one tower to the other do you see?  Chances are, none.  However, 5G waves are ultra high frequency and ultra high intensity penetrates things like trees, buildings… and human bodies.  In fact, scientific evidence has clearly found that human perspiration attracts 5G EMFs to our bodies.  Thus, 5G towers will be much smaller but they will be much closer to one another… like every few houses on your block.  In fact the street lamps outside of your home will probably become 5G towers.

According to CBS News, it is estimated that the big cell phone companies will be putting up at least 300,000 of these small towers at a cost of hundreds of billions dollars to meet 5G activation requirements. Guess what that will do to your monthly cell phone bill. The new 5G uses an as yet untested bandwidth called “millimeter wave” (MMW) and poses more health risks than 4G – and according to hundreds of scientists internationally, the risks of 4G are substantial.  MMW is a pulsed radio wave of extremely high frequencies of 30 GHz and 300 GHz.  There have been no government safety tests for 5G technology – which is why so many nations limit the microwatt frequencies to 10 while America considers microwatt exposure up to 1000 to be safe.  And that is the information that has been given to President Trump:  “It is safe to expose the public to up to 1000 microwaves.”


It would take a book, not an article, to give you all of the information you need.  Preparing your home for EMFs may be more important than buying survival food should the electric grid go down or if an economic crisis occurs.  Your family’s life, health and well-being may be dependent on how much you know about EMFs and protections are available.

How did I, an old woman who lives at the foot of a big mesa in Western Colorado, a retired banker who usually writes about politics, the economy and banking end up going to a public hearing that was to be held to discuss an internet tower that would be built less than 300 feet from my home?  By law, the town had to notify me.  I got a letter.

Because of recent serious health problems, I thought I had better do some research.  I was shocked by what I found.  Surely the town administrators knew the dangers involved in towers… it only took me 15 minutes of research to realize the dangers.  Surely they knew that the FCC requires them to let others use their tower – to add to it… radio and television stations, military, police… and anyone who wants to install 5G.  Once a tower is installed, there is little local government control over what can be added to the tower.  Surely they had researched the dangers involved in such an important decision?

An elementary school playground abuts my backyard fence.  As my research showed 10 times the increased health dangers to children by comparison to adults, this research project changed from concern for my health to the health of those little kids who would be playing within feet of the proposed tower.

I began putting research data together in individual packets, one addressed to each Planning Board member.  The material came from scientific journals, not Internet web sites.

I was still not well enough to go to the meeting alone.  I had to carry an oxygen tank and the packets for the Planning Commission and I was newly released from the hospital and barely able to get myself there.  Rose, a dear friend who had helped me through my illness and hospital stay, carried the packets and oxygen and drove me there so I could limit how far I had to walk to get to the meeting room. When we got there, we found the public comment portion of the meeting had been cancelled.  The tower installer, however, was given time to sell his project.  We, the public in the audience, were not supposed to talk, but I raised my hand and they allowed me to say a few things and to ask some questions.

As a result of the material I put together for the meeting that night, I was contacted by a brilliant woman (8 years in graduate school, 10 years working for Johns Hopkins in Baltimore).  She wanted to help.  She had a son who attends the elementary school.  I had contacted the principal of the school – no one had told her about the tower.  I contacted the PTA President.  No one had told her about the tower or the meetings.

Melissa’s help was a miracle… this was a professional who really knew how to do research and document things.  The second meeting – with the Mayor and Town Trustees – was only a week after the first meeting and as I gained access to more and better information, the information contained in my packets for the City Council changed. It was stated that the public comment portion of the program was cancelled, but the Mayor allowed it.  The Town Council handled the matter extremely well and notified us they would make a decision within a week or two.

The Mayor and Town Council decided against the tower located by an elementary school.  They will, however and undoubtedly, be pressured to put a tower in another location and so the fight has just begun.  The school district and county seat of my county have already allowed two towers… one on the grounds of a high school and another at the most used athletic field for high school sports.  I just received notification that another tower installation has been applied for by Verizon… on the grounds of an elementary school.

It’s interesting, isn’t it?  They (the tower installers) appear to be fixated on putting towers in the place they can do the most health damage… especially to young boys whose reproductive capacities can be diminished or destroyed by EMFs.  Perhaps the United Nations is serious about eliminating 90 percent of the population?

If I told you what I suspect, you would get out your aluminum foil and begin making me a hat.

This is a long article and if you read this far, you are probably a person I would like to meet.  But, as I said, this is a very serious and long-term project.  I will make some links available below.  And   I’m working on a blog (http://meand5g.blogspot.com) where all of the research Melissa and I gathered will be made available to the public.  A copy of the letters each of us wrote to the Mayor and Town Council as well as to the Superintendent of our District’s schools will be made available.  There will be directions as to how to find and get copies of your city’s or town’s monthly meetings so you know when something involving tower installation is happening and how to be respond to it.  When it happens, fight it! Me and 5G will give you the resources to win!

General Omar Bradley of World War II fame once said:  “If we continue to develop our technology without wisdom or prudence, our servant may prove to be our executioner.”  The General died April 8, 1981.

That is what you call a far-sighted person.

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44 Comments / 44 Comments

  1. This article is just plain wrong. The super high frequencies used by 5G do NOT penetrate the skin. The energy is not absorbed by objects, it bounces off. That’s what makes it more difficult to implement. The signal bounces off glass and moisture in the air. It’s especially attenuated by low-e glass due to the metallic coating. The frequencies used by 5G are so high, they approach that of infrared. Does the IR light coming from your TV remote cause DNA damage? Of course not. If you wanted to make a weapon using the 5G bandwidth, you could focus the beam and dramatically increase the power output. If you got hit with such a beam, what would that do to you? It’d make your skin uncomfortably warm but it wouldn’t sterilize you or give you cancer.

  2. This article is just plain wrong. The super high frequencies used by 5G do NOT penetrate the skin. The energy is not absorbed by objects, it bounces off. That’s what makes it more difficult to implement. The signal bounces off glass and moisture in the air. It’s especially attenuated by low-e glass due to the metallic coating. The frequencies used by 5G are so high, they approach that of infrared. Does the IR light coming from your TV remote cause DNA damage? Of course not. If you wanted to make a weapon using the 5G bandwidth, you could focus the beam and dramatically increase the power output. If you got hit with such a beam, what would that do to you? It’d make your skin uncomfortably warm but it wouldn’t sterilize you or give you cancer.

  3. @ Ron:
    Ron: I respectfully request you to ID yourself,and comment,to the author of said article and challenge her to an open debate inre to claims of article.


  4. @ Ron:

    Who is Ron…what qualifications does he have to be able to confidently trash the massive research results by highly qualified people in the subject. The fact that other countries reduce the allowance to almost nothing is a big big warning to us. I recall many years ago, maybe 50, they were already saying that Towers gave people cancer and in fact I decided not to purchase a cheap but very useful acreage because of the Tower placed right in it.

    Yet, use a PC but only for the past 10 years, and I am already old. But I know brilliant, high genius-level parents with children ..who are all…I hate to say it….

  5. @ Edgar G.:

    I want to send this to several people and the icons at the bottom of the article won’t work. No slot for SEND.. Neither “MAIL”, nor “EMAIL”, which latter won’t even open except to a completely blank page with absolutely nothing on it .

    I know brilliant, high-genius level people, much into all the electronic gimmicks mentioned, that have children who are …I hate to say it…. but they should READ THIS…

  6. This is more nonsense with studies that allege causation but only mention association.
    Where are the double blinded studies with direct exposure at the distances from cell towers that are normally encountered?

  7. @ Edgar G.:
    I agree with you Edgar G. Why were we told not to stand in front of and stare into a working microwave oven? There have been lots of studies about proliferation of cancer among persons who live or work close to high voltage power lines. Electronic radiation is dangerous.

  8. @ Edgar G.:
    Who am I? I’m a trained expert in microwave telecommunications technology. The article talks a lot about the dangers of EMFs without distinguishing how RF behaves very differently at different frequencies. Have you ever driven into a tunnel with the radio on? If tuned to AM, it’ll still work for a while. If FM, it’ll soon cut out and if satellite radio, it’ll cut out immediately. The higher the freq., the bouncier the signal.

    A MW oven uses a 1,000 watt or higher magnetron operating at 2.45 GHz to heat food that contains moisture. Dry surfaces aren’t affected so the food heats from the inside, where most of the moisture is, out. Why that particular frequency? Because at that freq., the desired effect is most efficient. Higher or lower is less effective.

    Let’s talk about 5G. There are multiple freq. bands associated with 5G. The lower band in the 500 GHz range is similar to 4G and would mainly be used for focused line of sight MW beams from tower to tower because that freq. has a much longer range. The super high 5G band is incredibly bouncy so the range is extremely short. Its main use would be in densely populated areas for very high data throughput. It needs lots of tiny repeaters to work. The widely dispersed signals are extremely safe because the signal is very weak and bounces off objects.

    China wants to dominate 5G so there’s a lot of misinformation out there and very few like me who actually understand the technology. Next time you’re out driving, turn on your radio and see what happens when you go under an overpass while tuned to AM, FM or satellite.

  9. @ Ron:

    So you’re one of an estimated other 345,000 world-wide experts in Microwave Telecommunications Tech. I am not technical enough to discuss the matter with you. I asked a question and you answered. Thank you.

    But I distinctly recall reading many years ago about a huge increase in cancer occurrence close to Towers, and there was the same result of investigation from cell phones. Perhaps the earlier ones-like the early microwave ovens-were poorly shielded owing to the likely lack of knowledge in that field, of the original manufacturers.

    I DO know that even with today’s cutting-edge expertise a certain measurable leakage still occurs, although warranted not to cause any harm.

    I was just reading how an experimenter recently dialed a cell phone from another, put it into microwave oven before it made contact, and the call got through. He reversed the process and the same thing occurred, so the waves penetrated through the microwave oven shielding comfortably.

    I feel very much the same bout it as Buzz. I know completely smart phone cell phone etc addicted families who have suffered exactly as the article describes.

  10. @ Edgar G.:
    Oy vey. The shielding for a MW oven is made to filter out the specific wavelength used by the oven. If it were a general purpose Faraday cage meant to filter out all frequencies, there’d be no use in having a glass door because you wouldn’t be able to see through it. As I said above, a MW oven uses 2.45 GHz. A 4G cell phone operated in the 400 GHz range so the wavelength is much tinier. The screen in an oven has much bigger spacing so you can see through it but the RF from the magnetron can’t pass through. Hope this makes sense. It’s like sifting flour vs. matzo meal.

  11. @ Michael S:
    I made a mistake about the 4G network bands. It’s more like 800 MHz and 1900 MHz, depending on the carrier. The point is that the glass door of a MW oven is meant to attenuate the freq. used by the oven it isn’t meant to stop other RF signals. Maybe the oven used in the test was defective because it should’ve blocked most of the cell signal. I’ve seen cellular reception hindered with how the phone is held in the hand. Apple had a problem with this a few years ago and gave away free bumpers until a fix was made. I have a 6s and just made the signal strength bars go down by cupping it in my hands.

  12. Ron Said:

    @ Edgar G.:
    Who am I? I’m a trained expert in microwave telecommunications technology. The article talks a lot about the dangers of EMFs without distinguishing how RF behaves very differently at different frequencies. Have you ever driven into a tunnel with the radio on? If tuned to AM, it’ll still work for a while. If FM, it’ll soon cut out and if satellite radio, it’ll cut out immediately. The higher the freq., the bouncier the signal.

    A MW oven uses a 1,000 watt or higher magnetron operating at 2.45 GHz to heat food that contains moisture. Dry surfaces aren’t affected so the food heats from the inside, where most of the moisture is, out. Why that particular frequency? Because at that freq., the desired effect is most efficient. Higher or lower is less effective.

    Let’s talk about 5G. There are multiple freq. bands associated with 5G. The lower band in the

    500 GHz

    range is similar to 4G and would mainly be used for focused line of sight MW beams from tower to tower because that freq. has a much longer range. The super high 5G band is incredibly bouncy so the range is extremely short. Its main use would be in densely populated areas for very high data throughput. It needs lots of tiny repeaters to work. The widely dispersed signals are extremely safe because the signal is very weak and bounces off objects.

    China wants to dominate 5G so there’s a lot of misinformation out there and very few like me who actually understand the technology. Next time you’re out driving, turn on your radio and see what happens when you go under an overpass while tuned to AM, FM or satellite.

    Oops, mistake! That should be MHz, not GHz. Sorry.

  13. @ Ron:

    Oy Veh is not necessary. it’s offensive … particularly since I had just had told you that I was not technically qualified to dispute you. So whatsa marra ….??.

  14. @ Michael S:

    Please do not address me. This was decided a while ago as you know. Crawl all over Ron if you wish, don’t forget to wag your tail. 10, 000 Brownie points will get you a doggie bone.

  15. @ Edgar G.:
    My apologies, Edgar. You say you’re not technically qualified. Well, I’m not socially adept, as you can plainly see. Sorry about that.

    While I’m here, some others have also asked about my qualifications to discuss this topic so I’ll try to answer that.

    I had 10 years of experience in electronics as a kid prior to joining the US Army at 18. I signed up for lengthy course in microwave radio repair at the Signal School at Ft. Monmouth, NJ. Aside from the electronics, the course was heavy on RF theory, waveguides, antenna types, klystrons with tuned cavities, RF propagation, and line of sight and tropospheric scatter microwave transmission. Sent to Vietnam, my job was to operate and maintain multichannel over the horizon (tropo) MW systems. This was the backbone for all allied communications in Vietnam throughout the war.

    The tropo system I worked on use a 1 kw transmitter at 1 GHz to bounce a signal off the troposphere to a receiver 100 miles away. Lower freq. like 500 MHz is fine for line of site with a 20 mile range. Small diameter parabolic antennas work well for that. Tropo uses a much larger parabolic dish.

    Back in the US with another year to go in the Army, I worked with MW sites in MD and PA that were linked to the Pentagon. The last site was Site R, Raven Rock. You might want to look that one up because you’ll find it interesting.

    After the Army, it was time for college but I also wrote technical manuals for special projects for the Navy as a civilian. After college, I worked for a time in a university physics lab operating and maintaining a large cyclotron. It, too, used a radio transmitter and large tuned cavity to accelerate nuclear particles within a strong magnetic field. I used it to help NASA calibrate the sensors used in the first spacecraft to fly past Jupiter so that various energies of subatomic particles could be accurately measured.

    I took a 10 year break from electronics as an owner/designer/builder. Next, while working at a think tank on Capitol Hill, I encountered a Macintosh computer and it was love at first sight. I became a consultant and a member of Apple Consultants Network with training from Apple. Part of the knowledge gained there had to do with WiFi networks. While doing my consulting work, I also taught evening classes in advanced interactive multimedia at GW’s school of continuing education as an adjunct professor. I was asked to set up a new computer lab and taught there for 10 years before retiring at the end of 2004.

    I’ve stayed current with the technology and have a good understanding of what’s involved with implementing 5G. Apple recently reached an agreement with Qualcomm so will be implementing 5G on its iPhones sooner than had previously been expected. Due to its huge data throughput afforded by higher freq. bands, 5G will enable the use of autonomous vehicles like cars, trucks, taxis, and flying cars.

    The reason 5G is so much safer is because super high frequencies bounce off skin. That’s also why it’s harder to implement. Soon it’ll be the era of George Jetson.

  16. Anyone interested in the subject of dirty electricity and electromagnetic fields (EMF) can begin their inquiry by reading Dr. Sam Milham’s extraordinary short book titled, Dirty Electricity. In 2004 Dr. Milham, a physician and epidemiologist, began investigating the curious case of La Quinta Middle School in California where 16 teachers came down with 18 cancers – a melanoma level 11 times greater than average. Milham was stonewalled by the superintendent but began testing microsurges with a teacher after hours when the school was closed. His book chronicles his findings and the deliberate attempts to discredit him. All conveniences, including electricity, come with consequences that must be balanced against public health. It is a cost/benefit ratio beyond finances. Any honest inquiry must include both sides of the cost (public health) benefit (convenience) issue. 5G technology is being aggressively promoted without adequate attention to its perils.

  17. @ Linda Goudsmit:
    Linda, too much of anything is bad for you, even too much water. We know some types of EMFs can be harmful under certain circumstances so we take steps to avoid them. What’s also harmful is misinformation and fear mongering, even if it’s unintentional by well-meaning people.

    We know that too much sun is bad but a little is beneficial. Look at the invisible components of sunlight. At the low end of the spectrum is infrared (IR) and at the high end is ultraviolet (UV). Both are good up to a point and otherwise can be bad. IR warms you, toasts your bread, and controls your TV but too much can burn you or your toast. UV exposure interacts with your skin and produces beneficial vitamin D but too much too often can cause skin cancer.

    The higher end of the 5G frequency band exhibits properties similar to that of IR light. Turn up the power and the intensity by a lot and it can warm the skin but it can’t penetrate it more than the thickness of a business card.

    It isn’t bad to be mistrustful of new things but as we learn more, we can accept them within certain limits. Once upon a time, a caveman witnessed a lightening bolt hitting a tree and causing a fire. Imagine his fear and astonishment. He approached the fire and watched the flames consume the wood. There was light to see with and warmth. He extended his hand towards the flame until it got too hot. He quickly learned that the fire was good up to a point but bad if he got too close.

  18. From what I have read that 5G will require many cell Towers in close proximity and this likely cause danger of things like cancer.

    Why 5G Cell Towers Are More Dangerous

    All cell towers emit Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation. This is what makes them dangerous. Plans to transition to the new 5G around the world is already underway. Soon every city will be retrofitted with this technology. Mini cell stations will be placed all throughout our neighborhoods and cities. They will be installed on the sides or tops of buildings and on street light poles.

    5G cell towers are more dangerous than other cell towers for two main reasons. First, compared to earlier versions, 5G is ultra high frequency and ultra high intensity. Second, since the shorter length millimeter waves (MMV) used in 5G do not travel as far (or through objects), with our current number of cell towers the cell signal will not be reliable. To compensate many more mini cell towers must be installed. It is estimated that they will need a mini cell tower every 2 to 8 houses. This will greatly increase our RF Radiation exposure. Continue article at https://www.radiationhealthrisks.com/5g-cell-towers-dangerous/

  19. @ Bear Klein:
    Bear, thanks for posting that link. It helps explain a lot. That guy David doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Some of the info is correct about the need for more towers but many of the things he labels towers are really small repeaters. The reason for all the extra towers and repeaters is due to the fact that the signal strength of the higher frequencies is reduced dramatically with distance. That’s because air moisture has a big effect on the signal. The main thing he’s wrong about is his notion that higher frequencies are more harmful. Not true. A MW oven works best at 2.45 GHz. Higher or lower than that and it doesn’t work as well. Super high 5G frequencies are reflected by objects the way light is. Simply not harmful since it can’t even penetrate the skin. Even near cell towers, no problem since the energy dissipates so quickly with distance.

  20. @ Ron:
    Thank you for starting what is turning out to be a very interesting conversation on this subject, Ron… but you are wrong in most of what you say. There are 27,000 research studies that say you’;re wrong. Not only do EMFs penetrate the human body, the sweat of the human body attracts them. They change the DNA in human beings. I urge you to go to the blog I’ve started to read the documents on which I based my research for this article. I response to the article has been so great that I won’t have them all in place for a couple of weeks but I encourage you to read Dr. Mercola’s article which is in place at the blog: http://meand5g.blogspot.com . Again, thanks for starting an interesting and very important conversation.

  21. @ Michael S:

    I would not lower myself to give you an order…it was just a “throwaway”… ,like tossing used toilet paper into the bowl-or the outhouse ..whichever you have..

  22. @ retired:
    Good question. Here are a half-dozen links to various scientific studies done on this subject. There are 27,000 available. Many of them will be available to you at the 5G and Me blog in about two weeks.

    Mobile phone infrastructure regulation in Europe: Scientific challenges and human rights protection Claudia Roda, Susan Perry, Environmental Science & Policy, Volume 37, March 2014, Pages 204-214.

    https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/15368378.2017.1350584 Zothansiama, et al. “Impact of radiofrequency radiation on DNA damage and antioxidants in peripheral blood lymphocytes of humans residing in the vicinity of mobile phone base stations.” Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine 36.3 (2017): 295-305.

    Long-term exposure to microwave radiation provokes cancer growth: evidences from radars and mobile communication systems. Yakymenko (2011) Exp Oncology, 33(2):62-70.

    A cross-sectional case control study on genetic damage in individuals residing in the vicinity of a mobile phone base station. Ghandi et al, 2014 (India):

    Subjective symptoms, sleeping problems, and cognitive performance in subjects living near mobile phone base stations, Hutter HP et al, (May 2006), Occup Environ Med. 2006 May;63(5):307?13

    https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2017/09/03/electromagnetic-fields-harmful-effects.aspx EMF radiation from cellphones and laptops reduces sperm motility and viability,

    These are studies, not opinions — or what someone has been taught at university as to what EMFs and how energy sources are SUPPOSED to behave.

  23. @ Ron:
    Ron, you cannot be seriously comparing my legitimate concerns about 5G safety to cavemen who feared lightning because they did not understand it. I have a thorough understanding of lightning and 5G technology and think perhaps you drank the Kool-Aid while at Apple. I imagine there were employees at Philip Morris in the 60s who believed smoking cigarettes was safe – until it wasn’t.

  24. @ Ron:
    Ron, you said it all in the first sentence of your comment. You are a trained technician… not a medical specialist who has researched the iodympact of the various forms of energy waves on the human body. I have no doubt you are an expert at understanding how energy waves are supposed to work but I have great doubt that you understand how energy waves impact the human body when people are exposed to them for long periods of time — like children in an elementary school who are exposed 8 hours a day. For that expertise, I choose to rely on the expertise of medical researchers,.

  25. @ Ron:

    I must say a very impressive background, and the only relationship I can claim to it are the very beginning and your last sentence. I refer to the possibility that at age 8 your first attempt at “telecommunications” may have been with 2 cocoa tins and a piece of string…I know mine was. And what the future holds may be like the Jetsons. (I am an avid Science Fiction enthusiast having read even the very first Pulp issues) although my hopes are nearer our era.

    I am very interested in human Cryonic Preservation (and resuscitation) which I believe to be entirely logical and possible..

  26. @ Michael Sicia:thin
    Hi, Edgar… I enjoy the way you enquiire and obtain information. Ron is obviously a skilled technician — but technicians know how things are supposed to work and are not the best resource for the impact those things have on people. Please read this article by Dr. Mercola before deferring anything to anyone on this subject. The Doctor’s vitae can be found here: https://www.mercola.com/forms/background.htm . His article can be found here:

  27. @ Ron: Ron, I think you have a moral obligation to inform us of your full name , your acedemic degrees, the company you work for, and the position you hold in that company. Why should any of us believe an anonymous voice, who tells us nothing about his credentials or place of employment?

    The lady who wrote this article did provide at least some of this kind of information. She doesn’t claim to be a scientist. But she does provide us with, her name some information about her sources of information about electronic radiation, and her personal employment history and educational background.. You should do the same. But since you claim to be a scientist specializing in this topic, I think you should provide more, not less detail about your credentials.

    If you work for a high-tech company that is planning to use 5G technology, it would not prove that you are wrong, but it would mean you have a certain institutional bias. All companies have experts on their staff that defend their products.

  28. @ Edgar G.:
    The throwaway line like toilet paper that was one of the better insults I have heard in a while. Pretty good. Not even Gaelic, Yiddish or antiquated old English. So even I got it.

    Should I now act as the ref., like you did with me?

    Anyway toilet bowl humor.

  29. @ Ron:
    We’ve all heard the term “follow the money.”

    it is interesting to note that even the large companies ADMIT that there is a risk to humans from wireless devices and transmission equipment.

    • Page 57 of AT&T’s 2018 Annual Report, states: “In the wireless area, we also face current and potential litigation relating to alleged adverse health effects on customers or employees who use such technologies including, for example, wireless devices. We may incur significant expenses defending such suits or government charges and may be required to pay amounts or otherwise change our operations in ways that could materially adversely affect our operations or financial results.” — This is from an Annual Report, a public declaration of possible dangers.

    • Page 17 of the 2017 T-Mobile Annual Report states, “Our business could be adversely affected by findings of product liability for health/safety risks from wireless devices and transmission equipment, as well as by changes to regulations/RF emission standards.Allegations have been made that the use of wireless handsets and wireless transmission equipment, such as cell towers, may be linked to various health concerns, including cancer and brain tumors. Lawsuits have been filed against manufacturers and carriers in the industry claiming damages for alleged health problems arising from the use of wireless handsets. In addition, the FCC has from time to time gathered data regarding wireless handset emissions and its assessment of this issue may evolve based on its findings… There have also been other allegations regarding wireless technology, including allegations that wireless handset emissions may interfere with various electronic medical devices (including hearing aids and pacemakers), airbags and anti-lock brakes.”

    That doesn’t sound like cave men finding out fire is warm to me, Ron.,It sounds like hard-headed businessmen telling their investors that the “alleged” charges may prove to be true in a court of law and hit their bottom lines. If they didn’t think there was a pretty good possibility of such a finding, I rather doubt they would be making statements that will negatively impact that bottom line.

  30. @ Bear Klein:

    Actually Bear, I didn’t mean it s toilet bowl humour. To descend to such a level is beneath the dignity I owe to my family and myself. I’ve never used a 4 letter word-even as a kid. MY parents would have mangled me anyway even as an adult.

    As for needing a ref. not needed, thank you, as I never intend to address him again. He offended me (and others), with his continuous, NT and adapted, -very selective-Torah excerpts ..all to promote his obsessive and imaginary belief. OUR TORAH..!!! And on a Jewish site.

    I even disputed back with him, also telling him that it was offensive to Jews. He should go to a site which promotes his stuff. But then he’s not able to “missionize” the “glories” of his imaginary “Master”.

    By the way, the “insult” was very minor and even without trying I could strengthen it five-fold. .

    Thank you indeed for your kind offer.

  31. @ Ron:
    Thanks for the help Ron. Most folks, myself included, don’t know much about these matters, so the confusion and fear prevail. My question: if 5G is safe, why then all those other countries have such strict limits on the microwatts /cm2? Thanks in advance.

  32. @ Marilyn Barnewall:
    Marilyn, thanks for responding. Much appreciated. I also read your next comment with all the links. Based on all you’ve written on the subject, it’s very easy for me to see how you drew the wrong conclusions about 5G. Before I begin, I’d like to mention that I’m retired and have zero vested interest in 5G technology. I’m just an interested bystander with a background in EMFs and RF radiation.

    What you’ve done is conflate studies that are unrelated to 5G and its higher frequency band. Not all EMFs are created equal and RF (non-ionizing) radiation behaves very differently at different frequencies. Some frequencies are extremely bad for humans while others have no ill effect at normal operating energy levels. Any energy at any wavelength can be made to do harm given enough intensity and exposure. For example, are the wavelengths used in a flashlight harmful? The correct answer is yes but a flashlight can’t harm you because the power, the energy density, and the intensity of the light are insufficient. Put those same light wavelengths into something highly focused and powerful like a laser beam and they can cut through inches of solid steel like a hot knife through butter.

    What’s different about 5G is the very high frequencies above 20 GHz that’ll be used in and around cities. Those shorter millimeter wavelengths (mmWave) make it more safe, not less. That technology has been in use for years in some cars and trucks for what may be called radar cruise control. My 8 year old car has it and it’s quite amazing. An mmWave emitter located in the grille sends out a signal that can detect the presence of a person or vehicle 100 yards away. If you get too close, the car slows and even applies the brakes if necessary. Once I was driving on an unlit street at night and the car suddenly came to an abrupt stop as the seatbelts tightened. I had no idea why that happened until a Canadian goose craned its neck to peer at me over the hood. That system does not work in heavy rain.

    The nature of super high frequency RF is that it’s incredibly bouncy. It can bounce off raindrops, snowflakes, and goose feathers. If you really wanted to melt a snowflake with a 30 GHz cell signal, you’d have to focus the beam and amp up the power by a lot to do it.

  33. @ Edgar G.:
    Edgar, your journey to toilet bowl humor was not a “descent”.

    Back on the subject, Ron knows what he’s talking about whereas you are a flapping lid that can’t find its place to sit still.

  34. @ David Shafir:
    David, it’s always a good idea to place limits on RF power. Any wavelength can be made to do harm above a certain level. Note that they measure a certain power level over a given area. The thing about RF is, higher frequencies dissipate far more rapidly than lower ones. That’s why 5G is safer but it’s also why those cell towers need to boost the energy output a bit and/or have more towers or tiny repeaters.

    More info here:


  35. @ Ron:
    You say I have conflated studies that are unrelated to 5G and its higher frequency band. My article isn’t about 5G and its higher frequency band. It is about the dangers of new technology which is being dumped on the head of people worldwide with absolutely no concern for the health ramifications scientific studies have identified. I don’t know how much more clearly I could have stated it. Here are two examples:

    Paragraph two of the article said: “A new 5G (5th generation) technology is about to inundate us with EMFs (electromagnetic fields/forces) which, according to scientific research, are much higher than allowed in most of the technologically sophisticated world.”

    For the record, “is about to inundate us” specifically tells readers 5G has not yet been released. In a later paragraph I said 5G is not what we have now – what we have now is 4G which “is weaker than 5G.”

    I understand the inverse square law. Go a certain distance x away from the transmitter and the level will be half of what it was at the source. Go another distance x away and the level halves again (or 1/4 of the origin power). And so on. Every step taken away from the tower further reduces the intensity of the origin power. Conversely, the closer you get, the stronger the level will be. For perspective, the proposed cell tower I mentioned 300′ from my home (d = ~100m), t

    However, the kids ages 5 to 12 who would have been very close to the tower five days a week for almost 8 hours a day and 9 months of the year don’t have the alternative of walking any distance away from the poisonous power emitted by the tower. And that is what the article is about.

    You and I come at this problem from totally different perspectives. There is no way I could debate you about EMFs or any other kind of electronic technology – just as you could not effectively debate me about banking. I’ve taught banking at the university level. But these two topics are not the issues about which I wrote, are they?.

    I wrote about the government of the United States using its people as guinea pigs to find out just how far away humans must be to be safe from all of the medically untested electronic technology about which no one knows its safety levels or its dangers. I wrote about large numbers of scientific studies done that prove beyond a reasonable doubt that EMFs have caused cancer, reproductive problems, and all of the diseases I listed. That’s what the article is about – and you saw none of that. As I said, we have different perspectives.

    You say “What’s different about 5G is the very high frequencies above 20 GHz that’ll be used in and around cities. Those shorter millimeter wavelengths (mmWave) make it more safe, not less.” So it will be safer than the 4G which is already killing people? How safe is that? The ans wer is, you don’t know. No one knows. Scientists worldwide have made that point in the 27,000 studies they have completed on the health problems caused by technology – all so people who aren’t killed by it can ride in driverless cars. Wow.

    If you have an argument with anyone, it is the scientists who have researched the dangers and who say – worldwide – that 5G is highly dangerous and should be outlawed.

  36. @ Marilyn Barnewall:
    Marilyn, what you just wrote here is full of logic holes. I wouldn’t publish an article about the global dangers of derivatives and how they can be misused in ways that can bring down economies because I’m not an economist. But you wrote: 5G: A Plan to Depopulate Earth? To me, you know nothing about the subject so in my opinion, what you wrote is irresponsible. I have great respect for Ted Belman and read his site daily. I don’t hold it against him that he published your article because he doesn’t know any better. (Sorry, Ted.)

    Marilyn, I started elementary school at 5 and the first thing I did for show and tell was explain how electricity works. My teacher was flabbergasted and called my parents in for a conference. They had no expertise so they were at a loss to explain how I figured it out. What they didn’t know is that when no one was looking, I was conducting experiments. Scary. Right?

    Please let me try one more time to explain something about EMF. Low frequency AC power (60 Hz) generates an EMF. The higher the voltage, the stronger the EMF. Note that at the same frequency, the EMF gets stronger as voltage increases.

    Here’s a little experiment you can try at home if you have a portable radio that has the AM band. Tune the radio do that you get no reception. Turn up the volume and walk around a room where there are wires in the walls, outlets, switches or dimmers. You might hear some static get stronger in certain spots. You can use a radio in this way like a Geiger counter to pick up EMF leakage.

    RF behaves differently from power lines because it transmits a signal at much higher frequencies. Shortwave signals can travel halfway around the planet with a low power transmitter. When I was 11, I built a shortwave radio from scratch. The first stations I picked up came from Moscow and Quito, Ecuador. We put up a really long copper antenna in the backyard. The higher the frequency, the shorter the distance a signal can travel and the higher the impact from objects in the way. That’s why AM radio in the 540–1600 kHz range behaves so differently from FM which is in the 88–108 MHz range. Cell phones today on the 4G network operate at frequencies roughly around 500 MHz. You can block some of the signal strength just with your hands. The higher frequency attenuates rapidly in certain situations. RF waves diminish rapidly with higher concentrations of moisture in objects or in the air.

    The super high 5G frequencies that’ll be used by some carriers in cities are especially susceptible to signal degradation. Signal strength would vary depending on relative humidity levels and weather. That’s why more repeaters are necessary just to maintain the level of reception we’re used to today. That does not make 5G less safe since the signal strength received at the cell phone would be much like what we have now. The higher frequency just allows much higher bandwidth.

    Hope this helps.

  37. @ Ron:
    Just out of curiosity, Ron, how do the current 4G and proposed 5G radiations compare with solar radiation reaching us?

  38. @ Ron:
    Hi, Ron. I just found this:

    “With regard to non-thermal interactions, it is in principle impossible to disprove their possible existence but the plausibility of the various non-thermal mechanisms that have been proposed is very low. In addition, the recent in vitro and animal genotoxicity and carcinogenicity studies are rather consistent overall and indicate that such effects are unlikely at low levels of exposure. Therefore, ICNIRP reconfirms the 1998 basic restrictions in the frequency range 100 kHz–300 GHz until further notice…

    “Many epidemiological studies initiated recently have focused primarily on possible biological and adverse health conditions that might be associated with the operation of modern telecommunication systems..

    “Epidemiological data on possible health effects of chronic, low-level, whole-body exposure in the far-field of radio frequency (RF) transmitters are poor, especially because of lack of satisfactory individual exposure assessment. The few studies with adequate exposure assessment did not reveal any health-related effects.Exposure levels due to cell phone base stations are generally around one-ten-thousandth of the guideline levels…”


    As far as I can see, this is the latest word from ICHNIRP.

  39. @ Ron:
    That 2009 ICHNIRP report ought to be the final word on the matter, pending a new, comprehensive epidemiological study (which, so far as I have seen and heard) has not come forth.

    The conclusion of the matter, is that the “tower” scare can be dismissed as a scam, yet another case of “The sky is falling!!!”, coming from people prone to be excited by these things. The establishment of ultra-low threshold values in some countries, mainly in the European Union and dependencies, should therefore be viewed as politically motivated, rather than scientifically based.

  40. @ Michael S:
    Thanks, that PDF is very helpful. As for solar radiation, I’d avoid it and take vitamin D3 1000 IU per day or use a good sunscreen with SPF 15+ that blocks UVA and UVB. ?

    I wouldn’t be very concerned about cell phones and towers but I’d take precautions with WiFi base stations or routers. Most work at 2.4 or 5 GHz. The lower 2.4 GHz band works best in homes and offices but it’s the same frequency of a microwave oven. The difference of course is the power output. While a MW oven uses a magnetron to pump 1,100 watts into a small space, a WiFi router uses a tiny emitter to broadcast at 100mW. It’d take the combined power of 11,000 routers to equal the power of a MW oven but even then, it wouldn’t be the same as the concentrated power of a magnetron. It’s like comparing a flashlight to a laser pointer.

    Even though the power of a router is minuscule and dispersed, I wouldn’t place one where I lay my head at night. Mine is in the next room.

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