Bill Moyer’s Journal trashes Pastor Hagge of CUFI and Brigitte Gabriel of ACT

Watch the Bill Moyers Journal segments that aired last night. Read the transcripts. Then send Moyers and his producers at PBS a message via his blog about this program to express your comments on his derogatory treatment of Pastor John Hagee and millions of CUFI members and Brigitte Gabriel and tens of thousands of American Congress for Truth (ACT) members.

bill-moyers-pic.jpgby Jerry Gordon, American Congress for Truth blog, October 6, 2007

Last night on many PBS stations across America, Bill Moyer’s Journal aired segments on Christians United For Israel (CUFI) and Perspectives on Christian Zionism – he mispronounces the acronym “koof eye” to purposefully identify the I for Israel – featuring Pastor John Hagee, good friend of American Congress for Truth (ACT) and Founder, Brigitte Gabriel, New York Times best selling author of “Because they Hate”. brigitte-gabriel-pic.jpg

In it is a video clip of Gabriel at the CUFI Second Israel Summit this past July in Washington, DC discussing what ACT is doing: forming chapters, spotlighting university academics who engage in anti-American, anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian disinformation, and monitoring radical Islamic Mosques.

The first segment spotlights CUFI lobbying activities on Capitol and the fervent belief in supporting Israel.

But the thinly veiled views of Moyers and the Journal’s producers at PBS is that CUFI is led by evangelical Christians who have as their primary agenda conversion of Jews pointing to religious ‘end times’ and rapture religious views.

hagee_200.jpgHagee, to his credit, defends CUFI’s solidarity with Israel and the Jewish people on more than just biblical precepts-we must defeat the common enemy Iran. That includes support for Sen. Joe Lieberman’s suggestions that the U.S. must be prepared to strike at Iran’s nuclear weapons development complex to stop a fuse leading to a possible Armageddon.

Moyer and his PBS producers, ever intent on trashing CUFI’s noble goals and members that resonates with every ACT member reaches out to San Francisco-based Rabbi Michael Lerner of the Tikkun community, editor of the journal Tikkun and Dr.Timothy P. Weber, author of “On the Road to Armageddon: How the Evangelicals Became Israel’s Best Friends.

The Tikkun community typecasts itself as “international interfaith organization dedicated to peace, justice, non-violence, generosity, caring, love and compassion,” which he chairs with Cornel West, self-stiled ‘public intellectual”, radical scholar and professor of religion at Princeton University who decamped from Harvard under a cloud. A recent project of the Community is the Network of Spiritual Progressives (NSP).

These folks believe that, ” The Israel Lobby–Bad for the U.S. , Bad for Israel, Bad for the Jews” and ask “What Would Jesus Do About the War in Iraq?”

home_nsp_img.jpgLerner is a left radical advocate for Israel’s demise to the Palestinian and Hezbolleh armed onslaught backed by Iran. He’s even been denied access to anti-War groups like A.N.S.W.E.R in protests against the Iraq War and Israel ‘occupation” because he’s, ahem, Jewish. So much for tolerance among ‘progressives’ – allies of radical Islamists here and abroad bent on destruction the ‘great Satan’ -meaning the U.S. and the ‘little Satan’, Israel. Dr. Weber is so-called ‘progressive’ Evangelical who disavows the CUFI pro-Israel stand.

Witness these comments:

    In previous attempts to understand Bible prophecy, Iran did not show up on anybody’s radar screen. As history takes these unexpected turns, the Bible teachers, the preachers, the dispensational theologians, they adjust the scenario to fit. In short, dispensationalists know how to change the subject, when it’s necessary.” -Dr. Timothy P. Weber.
    “It is possible to create a different understanding of the Islamic world, one that doesn’t put them all together in one evil category, just as it’s possible to understand that there are evangelicals who are very hurtful in their world view, and there are evangelicals who are very loving in their world view.” -Rabbi Michael Lerner.

Hagee is captured in the PBS video extolling the alliance of “55 million Christian Zionists with 5 million American.” To that, we say amen, Dr. Hagee and Brigitte. Bouquets to you both and brickbats to Moyers, Lerner and Weber.

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