Resist, resist, resist

By Uri Weiss

David, I am certain that had there been a referendum on the issue, the vast majority of Israelis would vote in favor of the reforms. In my mind, a military coup d’etat is taking place now in Israel, when the head of the air force says that readiness has been compromised because reserve pilots refuse to fly. Many are talking about the country falling apart and splitting physically. If it happens, let them take the air force with them, providing they spray these poisonous chemtrails only over their people.

What is truly disconcerting for me and tens of thousands of freedom fighters, is that out of 120 members of Parliament, there is NOT EVEN one who stands for freedom and basic human rights the likes of MEP Christine Anderson. In Canada, the government froze bank accounts of dissidents, a think not even Saddam Hussein dared to do to his people. My bank account in Israel is now frozen for no reason. I wrote to a few MK’s some on this correspondence, without any reply. The government of Israel plans to surrender in the coming months, the sovereignty of the country to an organized crime syndicate, the World Homicide Organization headed by an Ethiopian war criminal. Like Canada, the government of Israel it’s Knesset and it’s Judiciary don’t have the interest of our citizens at heart. We the freedom fighters are a substantial number of the population, but we have zero representation in the Knesset. My representatives are MEP’s CHRISTINE ANDERSON, Christian Terhes, Mislav Kolikusak and Senator Malcolm Roberts from Australia.

I don’t believe that the differences between the camps could be abridged in Israel, because the squabble is not between Right vs Left, but between freedom loving people and supporters of totalitarian, fascist regime, who want to give up our sovereignty to a bunch of globalists psychopaths for the purpose to enslave us under a worldwide coup d’etat and establishment of a New World Order, where our bank accounts could be frozen on a whim, our belongings confiscated, we would own nothing and be happy, fornicating and playing video games all day, until big brother decides to flip the switch on us.

The excess deaths of young people from the Luciferian injections is staggering in Israel as it is in all European countries who mandated these poisonous cocktails on the entire population and the entire Army. From hearings in the US Senate, testimonies of dissidents doctors and Army whistleblowers at the Senator Ron Johnson’s hearings, it seems the US Armed Forces lack combat readiness due to the Clot Shots. Ed Dowd related through Lt. Colonel Dr. Theresa Long, that the US won’t have a standing Army in 5 years. It’s safe to assume a similar situation exists in the Israeli army, where the entire Army were forced to inject the poisonous cocktail.

In contrast, countries like Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria who didn’t inject aggressively, do not have excess deaths whatsoever. In Romania there is -12% excess deaths, ie 12% below the baseline of deaths 2020.

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  1. My representatives are MEP’s CHRISTINE ANDERSON, Christian Terhes, Mislav Kolikusak and Senator Malcolm Roberts from Australia.

    I’m confused. Where is Uri Weiss based? Germany? Australia? Canada? Israel? Who is supposed to resist? against what?