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  1. This speech was excellent.

    One thing Mr. Reichelt recommended is that Israel is never going to have security until they have demilitarized Gaza and the West Bank.

    I wonder if a trigger of this genocidal war was the discussion of an Israeli Saudi peace agreement which Netanyahu brought up in his speech at the UN. Even if the talks are in the very earliest of stages, the Iranians may want to let the Saudis know what will happen to them if they agree to any kind of peace with the Israelis.

    At the same time, while the Saudis have no love for Israel, they certainly have no love for the Iranians, and they see Israel as, like themselves, vulnerable to destruction by Iran. In addition, the Saudis do not like the Biden Administration. They also have reached a point where they no longer want to empower the Palestinians to control their decision making regarding international relationships.

    Perhaps all of this was sensed by the Palestinians and the Iranians and they believed this was a good time to attack Israel, when Israel is divided politically, and when Israel has the least support from the United States. Or this might have been planned before the discussion of Israeli-Saudi talks.

    Just as the Jew hatred seen on camera during outdoor Yom Kippur services in Tel Aviv so shocked ordinary Israelis that it caused formerly secular Israelis to want to lay tefillin and become more religious, I believe this attack will backfire on Iran and the Palestinians.

    There is a lot of money that flows to the Palestinians through NGOs mostly from Europe. It seems to me that European governments, given all the Islamic people that have migrated to their countries, have become frightened of openly supporting Israel.

    The US under Biden is openly pro-Palestinian, and has empowered Iranian espionage infiltration of their administration. They can be of little help.

    We do not know the outcome of this struggle, but it is clear that Israelis will act with determination, purpose, and courage.

  2. This gentleman once was the chief editor of BILD (which is traditionally pro Israel, by the way) was ousted because he was anti Merkel and all her immigration stuff.