Antisemitism Gone Wild

By Leon Kushner

Our Toronto District School Board is considering to promote an ‘anti-Palestinian’ school policy that would consider anyone opposing memes like ‘from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’ as anti-Palestinian. In fact anyone opposing pro-Palestinians who wish to replace Jewish Israel with Muslim Palestine as anti-Palestinian hate speech. This is one more tactic to silence us.

Despite the statistics provided by our police force where antisemitic incidents in Toronto have increased by 300% since last year and has put Jew hate in the top racist spot, way ahead of any Palestinian hate, our school board insists on pushing their narrative to protect their right to demean Jewish students, Jewish teachers and Jews at large.

The trustees at the school board planned to vote on this policy yesterday evening so we planned a rally in front of the building prior to their meeting.

I went to the rally with some friends and was thrilled to see hundreds of people (mostly Jews) along with some news reporters and police of course. No politicians showed up. Apparently we are not that important to them.

I’m glad that I went despite the heat. We are in the midst of a severe heat wave right now.
I wrote the following note to the trustees as we were not permitted to speak at the meeting:

Dear TDSB Trustees,

I urge you all to vote no on today’s vote regarding ‘anti-Palestinian racism’. 

We all know that the one group of people in our city and beyond who are really suffering from some of the most vile bigotry are the Jews. 

Prioritizing ‘anti-palestinian’ racism now makes a mockery of the very real racism that Jews are dealing with. 

You must realize that the true goal of this agenda is to demonize Jewish students and teachers at our schools even more than they already are. 

Please vote no, silence is not an option.

It was heart breaking to hear student after student and parent after parent, pleading with the board to do something to combat antisemitism. They complained of being bullied, harassed and attacked. They see ‘kill the jews’ written in the school’s student bathrooms, and worse. The board, director, school principals and often teachers usually don’t bother to respond to the Jewish students or parents  complaints. Or if they do respond it was to scold the Jewish students and parents for having the chutzpa to complain!
Can you imagine being one of a dozen Jewish students at a public school in Toronto that condones Jew hate? Being spit on, thrown stones at, cursed and beat up on a regular basis and absolutely no recourse. Is this not exactly what Germany looked like in the early 1930’s?
Seeing and hearing a real live Holocaust survivor gave me hope. He mentioned how during the Holocaust he and the rest of the Jews where he lived had to wear the yellow star of David. Is that where our schools are heading? It sure seems that way.
I have been screaming about our TDSB being home to some of the most pernicious organized antisemitism found anywhere in my great country of Canada! You can find some posts on my blog here . They are the largest school board in Canada and therefore they find themselves in a very lucrative position, vis a vis being able to successfully indoctrinate young children’s minds to hate Jews and Israelis. They’ve had decades to ply their trade and sad to report, that they are so successful, that they’ve been able to silence us (Jews) and even brainwash some of us (Jews) to become self hating Jews. I see so many these days that I can’t keep track. It’s like vermin reproducing themselves at an exponential rate. Just today I found out that Larry Fink (the CEO of Blackrock – a dangerously large and wealthy (net worth in the trillions of dollars) investment firm is Jewish. You know Antony Blinken, Biden’s secretary of state, is Jewish, right? And you do realize, as Biden’s lapdog, it is he who is telling Bibi to back down and take it up the you know what. Can you imagine,  a well educated Jewish man and respected politician is trying to get Israel to commit national suicide? He needs to be struck down by lightning. As do so many others.
Today my biggest fear is certainly not the terrible antisemitism that is blossoming in my own backyard (Toronto). It’s not Hamas. It’s not Hezbollah. It’s not even a nuclear armed Iran.
It’s the very real and dangerous woke, left, often secular Jews in Israel, especially those in power, like various MKs, their supreme court, generals, retired generals and politicians (retired or otherwise) and the many self haters outside of Israel who I view as our biggest existential danger. They will do anything to overthrow Bibi’s democratically elected government. They want to do it NOW, in the middle of Israel’s multiple front war!
Very much walking in the same footsteps as the Democratic party and it’s fans, they want Israel to fail in order for them to come in on top and in control.
We need to stay united. We need to protect ourselves from the evil that surrounds us and the evil that has already managed to get inside our community in Israel and in the diaspora.
We have had our heads in the sand for far too long and now, especially after October 7, we’ve finally had a rude awakening. Better late than never!
Bring Them Home!
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  1. @Michael Just from today’s headlines! Jews who make Aliya are heros.But, It’s not safe in Israel, either.
    ” Indictment filed for murder of 14-year-old Israeli shepherd”

    “Palestinians attack elderly Israeli driver in Samaria”

    “Beit She’an resident: ‘Arab women attacked me, I’m afraid to walk in the neighborhood'”

    “Elderly Israeli in critical condition following violent robbery
    70-year-old Israeli man driving near entrance to prominent Arab town suffers violent robbery, is left in critical condition.”

    “Refugees in their own nation: Tens of thousands of Israelis displaced by Hezbollah still homeless”

    March 25, Washington Times

  2. Michael, Did you see Schumer photo op. grilling on father’s day. The hypocrite, putting cheese on raw uncooked burger’s. Those around him are such evr rav. This shows how far they are from any Torah understanding. They are in a war with Hashem, and they are not smart enough to realize they will lose, big time.

  3. Hi, Adam

    I see no good reason, for US Jews to remain in the US. God gave them Israel, as a free gift. If they don’t want to accept it, what can be done for them. Will He have to FORCE them to do aliyah?

    I’m glad He’s in charge, and not I. Just look at all the “good” American Jews are doing, as the Great Kiss-Ass Class. Schumer, Schiff, Blinken, Mayorkas, Garland, etc. They are no benefit here, for Jews or for the goyim. Honestly, I don’t understand these people.

  4. Everything you write here is true, Leon. And it all badly needs to be explained to American and Canadian Jews who are still under the misconception that their governments are friends of Israel. Unfortunately your flawed language usage sometimes betrays you because you don’t always distinguish clearly enough between your views and those of our enemies like Blinken.