Arabs don’t want peace

Syrian FM warns of war with ‘peace evading’ Israel

Hariri slams Netanyhu for ‘not believing in peace’

And these aren’t the only Arab voices saying so. In fact most countries will start to blame Israel for not wanting peace.

What they are saying is that since Israel rejects peace based on the Saudi Plan, it doesn’t want peace. That’s like saying that since you didn’t accept my offer to buy your house at 50% of its value, you don’t want to sell. No. Israel wants real peace based on a negotiated settlement.

The Roadmap requires a negotiated settlement.

Since the Arabs don’t want to negotiate a settlement, it is they who don’t want peace.

November 26, 2010 | 5 Comments »

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5 Comments / 5 Comments

  1. Wikileaks are either traitors or foreign combatants – because they are waging war on America and the West

    But as for us –

    I wish someone would do a Wikileaks on Canadian Political and Economic Corruption – call it Canadaleaks – come on somebody! tell the people the Truth and blow it all wide open!

    PS Someone start an Americaleaks too – save your country!

  2. The Arabs want peace only if they can have all the land and kick the Jews out. I don’t know when they are going to straighten their Quran out and modernize it, but the Quran does say Israel is the Land of the Jews, so these people are heretics. They really don’t give a damn what it says unless it gives them an excuse to attack innocents.

  3. Does anyone else suspect that WikiLeaks is an inside job of Obama’s comrades in the US government? 400,000 pages of classified docs leaked on an ongoing basis, something is fishy.

    Washington has warned its ally Israel of potential embarrassment from the expected release of US diplomatic cables on whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks, an Israeli newspaper said on Thursday.

    A senior Israeli official, quoted in Haaretz, said it has been informed that WikiLeaks plans to release hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables, some of which could include confidential reports from the US embassy in Tel Aviv.

    “The Americans said they view the leak very seriously,” he told the paper, on condition of anonymity.

    “They don’t know when they will be released on the Internet and what exactly they say, but they didn’t want us to read about it in the newspapers,” the Israeli official said.

    Embassy spokesman Kurt Hoyer, contacted by AFP, declined to comment except to say that such leaks could put lives at risk.

    “The cables date from the past five years and include media reports, talks with politicians, government officials and journalists, as well as evaluations and various analyses by American diplomats regarding their host countries,” according to Haaretz.

    Yigor Palmor, spokesman for Israel’s foreign ministry, said the ministry did not comment in public on diplomatic exchanges.

    The State Department said on Wednesday that US embassies around the world had “begun the process of informing governments that a release of documents is possible in the near future.”

    “These revelations… are going to create tensions on our relationships between our diplomats and our friends around the world,” said State Department spokesman Philip Crowley.

    WikiLeaks has not said what will be contained in its coming release, indicating only it will be “seven times” the Iraq War logs in which it posted 400,000 secret documents.

  4. Actually, the Arabs DO want peace. Unfortunately, the only definition of “peace” in Koran is surrender, submission and humiliation. No Arab leader could accept a final agreement that falls short of this, and keep his neck. Short of total capitulation, the only thing Koran authorizes Moslems to accept is a “truce” — which is to be broken, according to Koran, as soon as the Moslems gain the advantage.

    BTW, I do realize that there are Christians in the Arab world, as well as Moslems. Unfortunately, they have no real voice in any Arab government, live in constant fear for their lives, and are fleeing the region in droves.