Belman is grilled on the Jordan Solution by Alexander Gendler

December 31, 2017 | 2 Comments »

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  1. The only “solution” is the motto on Sir Ernest Shackleton’s coat of arms: “Through endurance we triumph.” (Ernest Shackleton was the English Antarctic explorer famous for his endurance, patience and persistence in extremely painful and dangerous situations. He could not overcome the dangers and hardships he and his men faced in the Antarctic quickly. In one of his expeditions they needed two years of slow progress to make it safely out of the polar region. But eventually they succeeded. The only possible “solution” for Israel is the “Shackleton solution.” It took Shackleton two years to escape the deadly Antarctic waters. But it may take a hundred, or even two hundred, years for Israel to outlast its enemies. But it can be done! It is necessary, however, to educate the Israeli public that there are no quick fixes or magical solutions that will solve Israel’s security problems in the near future.. This is going to be a long, brutal struggle. But through endurance we will ultimately triumph!