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  1. This statement above remains to be one of Glick’s most important analyses, describing the inherently antisemitic nature which still afflicts, informs, and motivates Europe to continue its forever war against the Jews. Indeed, the most enduring, most zealous, and most permanent component of Europe’s existence has been this ongoing war with the Jews, and that war remains intact to this day. As Europe is being consumed by its betrayal of its own people, its own heritage, and its own culture, it has maintained this single constancy which is specifically weaponized against our people. This was true nearly ten years ago when Glick first raised the above objections, and it remains to be true still to this today as those objections remain ever present. Notably, as the whole of the EU has become the new Sick Man of Europe fading fast into a gross perversion of its one time pursuit of Western culture, the single sliver which they have chosen to carry forward from their barbarous past in to their inglorious future has been their insidious contempt for the Jewish people.

    Still, while their opposition to our survival is noted, it has yet to be acted upon. Is this not the moment in which Israel should be acting to finally end the financing form European and American NGOs in Israel for the very terrorists which Glick referenced in her retort ten years ago, which also funded and fueled the slaughter of Simchat Torah, and continues to fund these terrorists to commit further atrocities against our people in the future? There is but one way to remove the tenderhooks of these villains from the Jewish state and that remains to act against the calumnies which are being perpetrated against us. It is not yet too late to do so, so it would be wise to do so before it does become to too late.