Chesler interviews Lionheart

A Profile in Courage: An Interview with “Lionheart,” The British Blogger in Hiding.

First, they came for the Saudi blogger—alright, he lives in Saudi Arabia, a bastion of barbarism ruled by Shari’a law. Actually, before the Saudi blogger (and an Egyptian blogger too) were arrested, one Saudi billionaire had already come for American author Rachel Ehrenfeld and he sued her in London where Free Speech or Truth Speech is not protected by any First Amendment rights. This is why the UK is so well suited for such “libel tourism”— but even so, the UK is not ruled by Shari’a law.

Or is it?

Islamist rule over the UK may, alarmingly, be on its way. Today, the British police want to question and/or arrest the British blogger known as Lionheart. His crime? Turning his life around as a young school dropout and petty drug dealer and emerging as a believing Christian who opposes the drug plague in his hometown of Luton and who views the Pakistani Islamist and al-Qaeda control of the drug trade in Luton as both criminally and politically dangerous. For this, Lionheart has been charged with “stirring up racial hatred”—which is a crime in the UK.

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