Countdown to War on Iran

Middle East Online [This site is Arab. This article seems more concerned with propaganda than analysis]

The United States continues to apply destabilizing pressure on Iran. Europe continues complicit with the US strategy. George Bush has shown no evidence he has given up the idea of attacking Iran. Such an attack would be a disaster for European relations with the Middle East warns Alain Gresh.

Silently, stealthily, unseen by cameras, the war on Iran has already begun. Many sources confirm that the United States, bent on destabilising the Islamic Republic, has increased its aid to armed movements among the Azeri, Baluchi, Arab and Kurdish ethnic minorities that make up about 40% of the Iranian population. ABC News reported in April that the US had secretly assisted the Baluchi group Jund al-Islam (Soldiers of Islam), responsible for a recent attack in which some 20 Members of the Revolutionary Guard were killed. According to an American Foundation report, US commandos have operated inside Iran since 2004.

May 14, 2007 | 1 Comment »

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  1. This is typical left wing propaganda. As I have said here and other places many times, the only way the US will attack Iran will be if Iran or its proxies attack the American homeland or American interests outside of the Middle East.

    I suspect this tripe either comes from American and Western leftists or it may be from the Iranian leaders themselves.

    Currently the American and Western leftists hate GW Bush so much that they will do anything they can to undermine him. Top level US and Iranian leaders will be meeting Iraq for diplomatic talks very soon. Granted no one expects much to be accomplished and this disingenuos reporting makes things even less likely. The “left” is concerned that GW Bush might get some credit. By attempting to undermine the diplomatic process, the irony is they make the war that they tell us they want to prevent much more likely. With that said, even without this slanderous news report, a diplomatic solution was not very likely. With lies like this being told, a diplomatic solution becomes even less likely.

    This story could have come from the Iranians. The Iranians want war with the Americans. They want to stoke the passions of their population and they wish to stoke the passions of the Arab world. There is nothing better than slandering your enemy to do this. In this case, the media plays the role of useful idiot.

    Btw, a dead give away that this is a false report is when the article says that the US efforts are being conducted stealthily. Anyone who knows any thing about US policy knows the US does NOTHING stealthily. Partisians on both sides will “leak” the information to the press. In other words, if this were a true story, we would know the names of the troops conducting the operations, as would the Iranians and the Iranians would have had them in custody by now. In other words, an American covert operation would be over before it could even begin. For this article to be correct, it should have been titled “Coundown to war on America.”

    Finally, the war in Iraq has been a “disater” only becuase we have done NOTHING about Iran and Syria. On that note, the end result of WWII would have been a “disaster” if after eliminating Nazi Germany we had packed up and gone home. Had we done this the Soviet Union would have gained complete control of Europe and they would have used this as a spring board to come accross the ocean and take America. In this case, America without its Western European allies would have probably been an easy target for the Soviet Union.

    The regime of Saddam Hussein was taken down. This has been a disaster because we have so far done NOTHING about Iran and Syria. The next step needs to be the removal of the regimes of Iran and Syria. Without the active support of Syria and Iran the danger posed by Iraqi “insurgents” largely goes away. If we need a larger military to take out Syria and Iran, we should raise the forces and GET IT DONE!!

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