Courtesy Of Obama – The Drums Of War Are Beating

By: Howard Galganov

On October 30, 2008 . . . prior to the Presidential election, I wrote the following:

    “PRESIDENT Barack Obama will be the worst thing for the USA and the entire world. And he will be poison for Israel”.

I wrote a great deal more about my fears for an Obama victory prior to and just after the November 2008 election, which you can find in my Archives, but this one statement is enough to establish how far back I REALLY worried for Israel’s safety under this Narcissistic Demagogue, whose most important past associations screamed Israel-Hater.

And I wasn’t the only one who rang warning bells before and after the vote. Conservative Talk Show Hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity and a great many others also did everything they could to warn the people.


What bothered me even MORE than Obama’s victory . . . was whom it was who not only voted for him, but were amongst his NUMBER ONE SUPPORTERS.


The Arab/Moslem World with the blessing of Jew-Hating Europe is poised to revisit the Nazi efforts of a FINAL SOLUTION for the Jewish people. The only difference being, that this FINAL SOLUTION will be in the Middle East by the Arabs/Moslems instead of in Europe by the Eurotrash.

Even though Obama has set the stage for a war against Israel, that I believe will come much sooner rather than later, Obama cannot be held singularly responsible, since he could not have done what he has without the help of WILLING accomplices.

Obama’s disdain for Israel was no secret when he won SEVENTY-EIGHT percent of the American Jewish Vote in 2008. Therefore, the rhetorical question is this . . .

Who amongst the Jewish Community will admit to putting the proverbial bullets into Obama’s Anti-Israel gun, and then handed him that gun with the trigger cocked?

Had Hollywood Jews like Spielberg and Streisand amongst an army of other prominent Jews in so many other LEFTIST walks of life not given their unabashed support for Obama, he still might have won the 2008 election, but at the very least, these Jewish LEFTISTS could not be held accountable for how Obama has placed Israel in the cross-hairs of Israel’s most vicious haters.


Obama has so empowered the Arab/Moslem World by weakening America abroad, and by throwing America’s most important Arab Ally (Egyptian Leader Mubarak) under the bus, that the Arabs/Moslems believe that they will never have a better opportunity than now to slaughter the Jews, as they will soon try to drive them into the Mediterranean Sea, as they have ALWAYS promised to do for as long as Israel has been reborn.

Because of Obama’s Middle East Policy that has laid BLAME against Israel for everything; Anti-Semitic Europe will watch from the sidelines with fake angst as the Arabs/Moslems do all that they can to finish the Job Hitler couldn’t.

And because of the geographical nature of the Middle East and the size of Israel, Israel will take a real beating in the forthcoming war in terms of material destruction and loss of Jewish life.


Israel will not only survive the coming whirlwind, but will come out of it even stronger by destroying the Arab/Moslem military infrastructure.

And perhaps MOST of all, Israel will become whole as it was before the Roman Empire destroyed the Second Temple in 70 AD, by retaking the historic lands of Judea and Samaria, which the so-called Palestinians have claimed for themselves.

The 78% of America’s Jews who did whatever they could to place into power the Israel-Hater who is the catalyst for this war against Israel, will in their own way have no less Jewish blood on their hands than will Obama once the fighting starts.

And even though there was Jewish remorse in Tuesday’s NYC (September 13, 2011) 9th District election, as they voted AGAINST Obama, their regret is like trying to un-ring a bell that has already been rung.


When Palestinian Leader Abbas asks the United Nations on September 20, 2011 to vote on a Unilateral Declaration of Palestinian Statehood, all the pieces will begin to move in directions no one will be able to control, all because of Obama and the people who made him President.

I really hope that I’m wrong about Israel being pushed to war, but I don’t think so.


Obama was right when he said that elections have consequences. It’s just too bad that so many people weren’t listening to him with their eyes wide open when he said it – Especially 78% of America’s Jewish population.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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6 Comments / 6 Comments

  1. I pretty much agree with Mr. Galganov. I was right there with him, in spirit and effort in my own little corner of the U.S. I was making the very same warnings, and being brushed off as a “paranoid alarmist” for my troubles. And like him, this wasn’t just about Israel. I wrote a very long, impassioned e-mail to a list of a few dozen relatives, friends, and other associates, that said in so many words that even I was far more qualified to be president than Obama. Which is not to say that I am qualified; I’m not. But the point being, if I’m not, who the hell was he?????

    Obama is every bit the disaster I expected him to be.

    Many of my friends who dismissed my warnings now admit I was right. There are still a few holdouts, but only a few.

    As to the coming war, I have no doubt that Israel has the military potential to carry out the kind of victory Mr. Galganov describes. I’m not convinced the folks in charge right now have the will or resolve to do so. Maybe if Lieberman were in charge instead of Bibi…..I think Bibi will hit hard but not as hard as I would like to see. If he leaves the PA standing as a coherent political entity in any form, he will not have done his job.

  2. Although the victories in the previous wars were magnificent, they were still logistically and strategically down to the superiority of Israel’s warfare.
    I believe we are witnesssing a repeat of the Exodus from Egypt.
    In 1948, Israel’s independence was perceived to have been gained as a consequence of the United Nation’s approval.
    This corresponds to the time when Pharoah initially granted the Children of Israel freedom, before he subsequently changed his mind. Just as the United Nations wish to sign Israel’s death warrant, as the Palestine State means the extermination of Israel.
    When Israel finally left Egypt, it was perceived to by solely by the mighty hand of G-d.
    In the same way the world will be astonished as Israel overcomes all its enemies, recognising both the true nature of reborn Israel, the great wonder of the world, once again, saved by the mighty hand of G-d.

  3. A news analyst recently pointed out that the New York District 9 vote was heavily influenced by Forest Hills, a Jewish heavily non-orthodox area. The dems are smoking cigarettes without printing on them if they think they can dismiss this as “the orthodox Jews”. They have a much larger Jewish problem, and all the fancy dancing can’t hand wave away that it is Obama’s inimical policies toward Israel that is a major factor.

    What is even more significant is that American Jews, though proportionately small in number, account for a massively disproportionate share of the nation’s opinion leaders, with influence far beyond their numbers. despite the left-wing press.

  4. To the New York race. As this is written, with 92% of precincts counted, Republican Bob Turner leads Democrat David Weprin 53% to 47%. That doesn’t look big but is. In 2008, Mr. Weiner won the district with 93%. In 2010, a bad year for Democrats, he beat Mr. Turner with 61%. In 2008 Barack Obama carried the district 55% to 44%. This week a Sienna College poll said voters there now had an unfavorable opinion of the president by 54% to 43%. It’s a perfect reversal.

    That is good news indeed. Thank you, NY 9th district Orthodox Jews AND OTHERS. The Orthodox did not support Obama in 2008. This swing is not about them. It is a groundswell of anti-Obama sentiment.

    The Leftists have as much to hate in Obama as the Right-Wingers do. With all his spending and bureacracy building, he hasn’t benefitted the proletariat (remember them?) one iota. Neither has the President who oversaw the worst environmental disaster in US history (the Gulf oil leak) done much for the Greens. He is turning out to be just an all-round flub-a-dub with a teleprompter. The Lefties will do well, to get more involved in Republican politics.

    I don’t share Galganov’s buoyant enthusiasm about the coming war — most likely, with Turkey. I expect the current face-off to remain a verbal exchange for some time; and so, apparently, do many others. Once Syria gets into the equation, though, I expect war at any moment. While Israel is focussed on Turkish ships, the main threat is a tank assault across Syria, with air support. If this were 1967, my Monday-morning quarterbacking says Israel could handle the Turks hands-down; but this is 2011, with Ehud Barak as Defense Minister; and even a Childrens’ Crusade has a good chance against Israel.

    Israel needs prayer, and I am praying.

  5. First things first. The very hour that Abbas makes his demand at the UN, Israel must abrogate the Oslo Accords and annex Judea and Samaria. She must, also find a way to oust the judge on Israel’s Supreme Court as a traitor to her country.

    At the point where relations with Turkey seem to fall apart, Israel must do what she did in 1967, strike first with a total devestation strike on all airfields. Egypt has too many economical problems to attack Israel with force because of the loss of two billion per year from the US.

    Somehow, the 1 1/2 million Arabs in J&S, must be deported to other Arab countries. Peace or not, they are a continual manace to Jews in Israel.

    American Jews must make their voices heard in support of Israel. Jewish Leftists are an embarassment.

  6. If the capital cities of any countries that attack Israel don’t look like Berlin ’45 at the end of it, Israel won’t have done the job properly.