Did Israel’s Netanyahu agree to a ceasefire & hostage deal under pressure?

Peloni:  It seems that Wion has hired a Pal activist to play journalist in what was probably one of the most outrageous airings I have seen on this network.  Most of his questions were actually raised while talking over Glick, even as she was still responding to his previous questions which were highly prejudicial mischaracterizations of the truth.  It is concerning that Wion would conduct itself so poorly as this.

FINEPRINT, WION Nov 23, 2023

Has Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu crumbled under pressure and agreed to a temporary ceasefire? Israel’s National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir has described the hostage deal to be a ‘disaster’, and has slammed the Netanyahu government for taking an amoral decision. Netanyahu has been accused of having rejected the deal several days ago. But has now agreed to it. As the family members of the hostages have been staging protests against the Israeli government’s lack clarity in getting the hostages back. Mohammed Saleh speaks with Isreali Prime Minister Netanyahu’s former Foreign Policy Advisor Caroline Glick for more.

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  1. Was Israel coerced into the cease fire…..??

    WHO CARES, we’ll never get the truth now so near to the fact.

    In my opinion the cease fire is to Israel’s advantage in that it releases hostages which Israel has publicly sworn multiple tmes to bring home. And some are better than None.

    This cease fire will be repeated until all live (and dead) hostages are returned, without stopping Israel’s intention to destroy Hamas. This, to ME, is a “given”.

    But in 20 years time ALL will be revealed inn a redundant book that will cost the publisher millions and be of little interest, except to historians .

  2. Caroline Glick spoke the truth to someone who is woefully misinformed by pro-Hamas pro-Palestinian propaganda. The very questions he asked were essentially statements of propaganda against the Israeli government.

    Caroline Glick could not answer the questions because they weren’t questions they were mis-statements of facts and she had to deal with the mis-statements of facts that kept coming at her.

    Despite that, she tried to explain the truth of what is going on in Israel, for anyone to hear who is open to the truth.

    This particular news caster is someone I will make a point to miss in the future as he is so ignorant that any interview he has with someone who has less clarity of thought than Caroline Glick is likely to promote more misinformation than information.

  3. Follow the connection on Wikipedia


    Zee News reported that students from the Democratic Students’ Union (DSU) raised “anti-India” slogans such as Bharat ki barbadi (Destruction of India) and Pakistan Zindabad (Long live Pakistan) in an event on the Jawaharlal Nehru University campus.[28] In a letter Vishwa Deepak, a journalist working at the channel gave a statement that “our biases made us hear Bhartiya Court Zindabad (Long live Indian courts) as Pakistan Zindabad.” Vishwa Deepak later resigned from the channel after expressing reservations over its “biased coverage”. The footage on the newscast of Zee News had formed the basis of charges filed by the Delhi Police.[29] Sudhir Chaudhary, editor and prime time anchor of the channel however on a telecast made a statement saying “our channel only showed what was happening there, whatever we have shown is 100% authentic.”[30] A forensic report of the Delhi Police however later stated that the footage was doctored.[31]

    Zee Media Corporation

    Essel Group