ER Doc – The Truth About COVID 19

July 8, 2020 | 6 Comments » | 642 views

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6 Comments / 6 Comments

  1. An extremely informative presentation by a competent, well-inormed, and rational physician, who understands the need to end the lockdown.

    While Israelis may believe that following government guidelines is a civic duty, those officials who have ordered a nearly total lockdown on the Israeli people have badly harmed them and absused their trust and willingness to obey government directives. By keeping people confined to their homes, they have prevented healthy people from developing the immunity they need to avoid getting sick from the virus. That is why when the lockdown was partially eased, there was an increase in cases. Elderly people have been denied the care they need from their children and grandchildren to survive. The country’s doctors and nurses have been exhausted to the breaking point by excessive, unnecessary hospitalizations.Excessive use of respirators, which are contrindicated for COVID-19 although usful for other illnesses, have caused some deaths.

    However, by far the worst impact of the unnecessary lockdown has been the destruction of Israel’s economy and the crippling of the iDF. There is mass unemployment in Israel. The government of Israel, unlike perhaps the government of the United States, does not have the resources to provide anincomes for hundreds of thousands of people. However much the government denies it, malnutrition, children dressed in rags, people unable to pay their rent or mortgages will become extremely common. Trade with foreign countries, and the badly needed tourism indistry, have been destroyed. The entire healthcare system may run out of money and collapse, which will of course cause vastly more deaths than one virus by itself.

    The only way the government can fund all this is by huge deficit borrowing from the national bank. But with almost no goods or services being imported from abroad, and few being produced oor generated within Israel, the classic problem of too much money chasing too few goods will occur, causing massive inflation, and eroding the valuewhatever maintenance payments the government provides the unemployed and the retired.

  2. @ Adam Dalgliesh:

    “The FDA said that no vaccine would be approved unless a vaccine company had “clearly demonstrated” proof of a vaccine’s safety and effectiveness through a clinical study, according to a summary of the guidance viewed by The Wall Street Journal. According to the summary, the FDA also said a vaccine wouldn’t be approved simply if it leads to antibodies in the bloodstream of patients, on grounds that it is not known what level of antibodies will confer protection to patients.

    “The FDA said it would also require a vaccine maker to conduct further monitoring of safety after any approval and recommended that people getting the vaccine be followed for a year after treatment. The summary document said that such “post-market studies” may be necessary to “further assess known or potential serious risks.””

    Five will get you ten, the FDA will allow the vaccine one week AFTER the Nov. 3 election — if the Demns manage to win.

    skulduggery noun
    “skul·?dug·?gery | \ ?sk?l-?d?-g(?-)r?
    , ?sk?l-?d?- \
    : underhanded or unscrupulous behavior also : a devious device or trick

  3. The REAL difference between Israel and the Diaspora pandemic politics (restrictions):
    Advance to the minute 22 – Frank from Netherlands (a non-Jew) who called the radio show (Tamar Yonah) explains why the political effect of coronavirus restrictions in Israel will be different from that of the Diaspora.

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