Europe’s Israel Problem

JPOST reports on a recent poll not unlike all the others, which discloses that Europeans consider Israel and America as bad as Iran.

[..] Perhaps the best explanation, then, is one given by Stephan Vopel of the German Bertelsmann Foundation for why many more Americans and Israelis favor a military strike against Iran than Germans: “While Israelis subscribe to the maxim ‘never again,’ the German dictum is ‘never again war.'” Pacifism, in other words, is the driving force behind European animus toward both the US and Israel.

Europeans realize that Iran is a threat, but they are almost as, if not more, opposed to confronting that threat than they are fearful of the threat itself.

The US and Israel, as the nations that are perceived both as Iran’s main targets and as those most actively fighting back, are threats to the European strategy of lying low and hoping that their adversary will go away.

Further, America and Israel are both seen as provoking Iran and therefore making things worse. [..]

March 8, 2007 | Comments Off on Europe’s Israel Problem

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