Excavation Live

by Akiva of Mystical Paths

Live Video Feed from the Rambam (Mugrabi) hill excavation next to the Kotel, courtesy of the Israeli government.

Chief Sephardic Rabbi says, “There is no need for unnecessary provocations” and “The Chief Rabbinate should discuss the issue before construction works on the bridge connecting the Western Wall and the Temple Mount begin. This matter should be examined from the perspective of Jewish law,” – YNetNews here. Now, YNet works hard to spin the chief rabbi’s words in their worst most inflamitory light (inflamitory against the Jewish people), but that said, this is still giving in. Argh.

Uzi Landau, former minister of internal security, says “The Israel government in its entirety must stop apologizing and ensure that both the letter and spirit of the law are being followed, and never ever capitulate in the face of threats backed by the culture of terror. Only one possibility is worse than violence – capitulation in the face of violence.” Lots of details of historical PA reaction and government response to prove this, worth reading. – YNetNews here.

(Hat tip to IsraelReporter.Com)

February 15, 2007 | Comments Off on Excavation Live

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