Francisco Gil-White: If Israel Falls, Is The United States Next?

T. Belman. Every second of this rant is priceless.

November 26, 2023 | 11 Comments »

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11 Comments / 11 Comments

  1. In every generation, they rise up to destroy us.

    – Pesach Hagadah.

    Antisemitism is the end not the means. As we are seeing, it roars back into life when we least expect it and from the quarters we least expect it to come from, often as not. Much like the allegorical play which became a film with Gene Wilder, “Rhinoceros” by Ionesco, about the rise of fascism in a town where normal people start turning into rhinocerosses. The various and even opposing ideologies antisemites have espoused, going back thousands of years, are the means to that end. It doesn’t make any sense and no sense can be made of it. Every ideology Jews have embraced to oppose it has been perverted and turned into a weapon against us. Only Zionism is the answer.

  2. We are heading into a world of capitalism in crisis, into a world where capitalist governance as we have in Ireland (where the Prime Minister has just slapped on the people Face Recognition as evidence) which is the ultimate spying machine. At the same time, in the very same breath, he goes all out to defend Jihadist Islam in Ireland. So we have an alliance of capitalist government and jihad. And jihad on the streets supporting jihadist Palestinians. Capitalism in Ireland is in deep crisis on many fronts and answers with plans for dictatorship. And the method is Antisemitism and its hatred of Israel with its support for Hamas jihad. But can in the end only be stopped by ending capitalist governance.

  3. Frank Adams

    The problem is that you place these things together

    “The real point is that the Jews are an easy test run because of their dispersion in small communities so easy to bully and history of being a target of both Church and Mosque, but Moslems like Fascists and Communists could just as easily abuse coloured people or some outlier sect eg Quakers in the Christian West or Ahmadi Moslems to divide society against itself.”


    You will be laughed right out of town.


    Learn about Jews uniting with the Red Army in 1918 to 1921 Pogroms in Ukraine

    And then the model in your brain about communism has to collapse.

  4. I have always been a huge supporter of Francisco and Jared from the very beginning. Yugoslavia was a big experience and remains in our political consciousness.

    But we have arrived at a time when words is not enough.

    We have been doing that for a lifetime.

    We need the organised vehicle or vehicles to carry forward and effect material change.

    For example Global Warming is too real but the woke revisionists like little Greta confuses and lies about Jews.

    For example no problem Hamas will be rooted out but the danger is a vacuum and the Israeli elites are dynamic confuses by nature.

    And so on almost ad infinitum.

    There is posed now for everyone need for a new way of operating. That is very challenging no doubt about that!

  5. @Michael

    I did not devote two hours to watching this video

    That is apparent, because if you even clicked on the video, you would realize that this is but a 20+min clip. Also, if you had watched this clip, you would realize that Dr. Gil-White is not Jewish as you state.

    In fact, if you had listened to what he did say, you might find that you agree with him, or at least to be able to offer an intelligent response why what he said was not actually supportably true. Instead you chose to offer an off target comment deriding the title of the video which simply lacks any relevance to Gil-White’s argument.

  6. The real point is that the Jews are an easy test run because of their dispersion in small communities so easy to bully and history of being a target of both Church and Mosque, but Moslems like Fascists and Communists could just as easily abuse coloured people or some outlier sect eg Quakers in the Christian West or Ahmadi Moslems to divide society against itself.

    Whatever one thinks of Islam as religion it is undeniably – and proudly – the creation of an authoritarian warlord. Iran, China and Russia are all allied in a project to return the World to authoritarianism out of fear of ideas. However it is exactly ideas that advance the World. When the mob is systematically mobilised to rampage and wreck anybody not in the mullahs’ line then we get stagnation as happened to Ottoman Turkey in refusing ot take up the printing press for three centuries. They took up artillery quickly enough which puts substance under the contention that the ideas matter more.

    Currently what is now happening in US classrooms has already become a problem in French schools. It is an open bet which country goes up in civil war first. Bets on that will probably win in the US gun culture. However France has had civil wars over ideas and religion before and could turn very nasty especially as young Moslems have taken to frequent vandalising of churches – as in Nigeria. Do not be surprised if the century turns into a reconquista.

  7. If Israel Falls, Is The United States Next?

    I hope nobody takes this notion seriously. It’s absurd. Do Jews like Gil White believe Israel is the mainstay ot the US? Let’s see…

    1. How long has Israel been a country? Since 1948. And the US? Since 1776. That means the US managed to survive on its own, without any Israeli help, for at least 172 years. I know that mathematics is now disparaged as a “White Supremacist” subject; but IMHO it still has some validity.

    2. Unlike GreatWhiteNortherner, I did not devote two hours to watching this video, with its absurd title. I just wonder,

    “Does Israel plan to fall some time soon?” “To where?”

  8. The argument that Israel is there to protect the US or the Western civilization, or that the West is going to be next after Israel or Jews, unfortunately, doesn’t work because when the “world community” is pursuing its favorite prey (the Jews), there is no price which it too high for it to pay to take down this prey.

    Total military and civilian losses in WWII for Germany and Austria easily come up to at least 6 million dead.

    Given that the main goal of the war for Germany was making the world Judenrein and eliminating “Judeo-Bolshevism”, to accomplish this goal they lay down at least one Arian life for one Jewish life.

    In WWII “Deaths directly caused by the war (including military and civilian fatalities) are estimated at 50–56 million, with an additional estimated 19–28 million deaths from war-related disease and famine.”

    So, knowing that the “world community” at the time (including the governments of whole countries) aided and abetted Germany in perpetrating the Holocaust, the total human cost for this event for the non-Jews is at least 10 of their lives for every Jewish life taken by the Holocaust.

    I am not aware, however, that anyone has ever thought about persecution of Jews in those terms, i.e., “Wow, look at what a horrible price we paid in the lives of our own in order to kill Jews! This was too much, we’d better give it up!” or “Those terrorists are incredibly vicious and dangerous! When they are through with the Jews, we’ll be next!” (except for several outstanding thinkers such as Fransisco Gil-White).

    In fact, it seems that the “world community”, the Arabs in particular, are ready and willing (and, I hope, not able) to do a repeat of the same thing or worse and pay any price for it in their own lives and treasure.

    This is why the Holocaust museums don’t serve the purpose they were meant to serve but, instead, they show what could and was done to the Jews (the unthinkable is then perceived as doable).

  9. Ted, I watched the full two hour video you posted a few days ago and was blown away by so much of what Gil-White had to say about Al-Husseini’s relationship with Eichmann and the integral role he played in The Final Solution’s genesis
    and how yet despite his massive stature and influence in the Arab world before and during the war it was as if he’d never existed in the early 1950s, raising questions about who was behind this and why. Recall Yad Vashem recently removing an iconic and notorious photograph of him for seemingly suspicious reasons, which raises more questions.). And of course history repeating itself with different totalitarian periods and players over the past 2000 years where every one used anti-semitism to trample the God given rights of all Jewish men and women. One of the best, most informative and provocative video podcasts I’ve ever watched, all the more amazing given Gil-White isn’t a Jew yet understands the fundamental contribution and importance of Judaism to the origin and sustenance of democracy. I dare say aside from the highly observant most Jews are unaware of this connection. Highly recommend others watch the whole thing.