FULL Unedited Interview of Putin Smashing Megyn Kelly

June 25, 2017 | 2 Comments »

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  1. @ ArnoldHarris:
    He certainly did. Funny, until you mentioned it, I didn’t realize that the camera is angled in such a way that we always see her legs, in fact her entire figure, reclining from the side so as to emphasize her s-curve, but we never see him below the middle of his tie straight on, full face. If real feminists existed in the West anymore, they would have a field day with this.

  2. President Putin all but smeared the floor with Ms Kelly’s reputation as a skillful journalist. Certainly she is a beautiful woman, with a pair of shapely legs such as American news hens on the various television news shows show to the world every time they sit down and expose as much of themselves as the current modes of public modesty will allow. But that hardly equips her intellect to cross verbal swords with one of the best-informed leaders in today’s world.

    Putin’s statements, reminding Ms Kelly of endless interference by the US government in elections of other governments all around the world, has been shown to be true by piles of evidence. If in fact that is so, and I know that it is so, then how can any American blame other countries for pursuing the same path in regard to interference in our elections here in the USA?

    Arnold Harris, Outspeaker