Gantz: We will have full security control in the Gaza Strip

T. Belman. Whatever did he mean by “fake divisions”. Perhaps he is referring to Bibi’s acceptance of possible annexation in whole or in part.

Minister Benny Gantz holds press conference and comments on how, in his eyes, the future in the Gaza Strip should look.

  Dec 15, 2023, 3:03 AM (GMT+2)

Minister Benny Gantz held a press conference on Thursday evening in which he commented on how he thinks the future in the Gaza Strip should look.

“Our mission, as a political echelon, is to allow the soldiers to continue and complete the mission – in the south as well as in the north, to return the hostages and allow the residents to live safely,” Gantz said. “To that end, we must preserve the legitimacy and freedom of action, and plan the continuation of the fighting. Unlike in the past, we will not end with ‘quiet will be met with quiet.’ In this war, there is no ‘day after’, there is a long, difficult and necessary process, with varying intensities. Days, and months, and years.”

He continued, “The role of the leadership is to tell the public what will happen, and to strive to achieve it. In a matter-of-fact way, and without creating imaginary disputes when our soldiers are fighting side by side on the battlefield.”

On the issue of what needs to be done in Gaza, Gantz said, “Hamas is part of the Iranian axis that wants to destroy us and stop normalization. We must make the opposite happen: Remove the threat of Hamas, strengthen the relationship with moderate Arab countries, and build a different regional reality that will also include a framework for a solution In Gaza. In the military aspect – at the end of the next phase when the mission in the south of the Gaza Strip is completed – we will establish full security control over the area, including a seizure of territory that will allow the continuation of the operational effort.”

“Israel will rule from a defense standpoint, preserve freedom of action, and exercise it in the entire territory. Khan Yunis and Shuja’iyya will be dealt with in the same manner as the casbah in Shechem (Nablus).”

Later in the press conference, he criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and said, “Unfortunately, even these days, there are those who are engaged in creating fake divisions in the nation and harming the important relations with the United States. We will not behave like this in time of war.”

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  1. TOI reported

    “Unfortunately, even in these very days, there are those who are engaged in creating manufactured disputes in the public domain and harming the important relations with the United States.”

    The National Unity leader appeared to be referring to Netanyahu doubling down on his rhetoric against the idea of the Palestinian Authority returning to govern Gaza after the war.

    In other words, Gantz is in favour of the TSS with the PA governing it once rehabilitated.