Gaza Must Be Contained


There are many ways to look at the Hamas victory in the Gaza Strip last week, but the most relevant is that Gaza has joined the expanding Jihadistan terrorist landscape.

Gaza is only the most recent addition to Jihadistan’s several cities in Iraq, the tribal regions along the Pakistan- Afghanistan border, much of Somalia, and the Hezbollah-controlled areas of southern Lebanon — yet another place for terrorist-masters to meet, organize, plan, and operate.

It will be a farce if President Bush and Prime Minister Olmert spend their meeting tomorrow discussing a two-state solution or how many millions of dollars are needed to shore up the non-existent authority of Fatah. What is needed is a plan to stop the addition of Gaza to Jihadistan, to contain it, and to bleed it. CONTINUE


June 18, 2007 | 2 Comments »

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2 Comments / 2 Comments

  1. Watch; the cult of bloodletting revenge killings,and intercene clan and mafia infighting will carry the day in both Gaza and WB. The Myth of a pali people united with common interests and common cause has now exploded in the faces of anyone not religiously blinded by revisionist dogma and bitten into the fiction of Pali narrative. Since there never was a Pali. People, common Pali history,(as distinct from any other Arabs in the region) no distinct language and no historic defined geography,their only commonality was their insane and insatiable desire to kill Jews and first deny and later to destroy the small non Muslim Jewish enclave in the middle of Arab and Muslim sea.

    Israel is what united them, till now the hatred jealousies, clan rivalries were more restrained cause Arafat like Makiavelli k
    new how to manipulate and kill off his rivals and reward his supporters, (he just gave them ea. a big piece of the pie).

    Problem with the Arabs especially the intellectuals amomg them tend to believe their own lies and myths, which dosen`t help if you want to make agreements with them. They tend to blame everything and everyone else except themselves for their own failures and blindness to reality.

    An interesting symbolic incident happened yesterday or the day before was that Arafats Home in Gaza was ransacked and they stole his Nobel Peace Prize.

  2. Jumping out from this article about the current situation in Gaza is the following:

    Egypt and Jordan are just as concerned as Israel.

    I have laid out in previous posts that if Egypt and Jordan could become fearful of the consequences to them of having an independent Palestinian state on their borders, that could be a critical factor to evaporate those nations’ support for an independent Palestinian state coming into being as a necessary condition for peace in the region.

    If Israel wished to promote a peace paradigm that did not allow for such independent Palestinian state and to ultimately gain at least the West Bank for Israel, and that is a big if, it seems conditions are now ripe for Israel to play on the concerns of the Egyptians and Jordanians and turn that concern into unmitigated fear.

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