Haredi minister: ‘Shelving Override Clause is unacceptable to us’

Following reports that judicial reform will no longer include Override Clause, Jerusalem Min. Porush clarifies: Our party will not accept this.

Jerusalem Minister Meir Porush (United Torah Judaism) has clarified that his party will not accept the Override Clause being taken off the agenda.

Porush’s statement follows remarks by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in which he told the Wall Street Journal that the clause is no longer part of the judicial reform and will not be advanced

“Two weeks ago, in a meeting with the Prime Minister in the presence of ministers [Yariv] Levin, [Dudi] Amsalem, and the Cabinet Secretary, I warned against this improper idea, and demanded in the name of United Torah Judaism that the amendment to the Draft Law include the execution of the three signed commitments: Basic Law: Torah Study, the Override Clause, and the amendment to the Service and Security Law, accordingly. Any other agreement is not acceptable to us,” Porush said.

The Override Clause would allow the Knesset to re-pass legislation struck down by the Supreme Court. The issue is considered important for the haredi parties after the Supreme Court struck down multiple versions of the Draft Law which had allowed haredi men to defer their military service by studying in yeshivas.

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On Wednesday evening, Channel 12 News analyst Amit Segal said that the coalition plans to advance only two laws as part of the judicial reform, and complete its legislation during the net winter.

According to the report, the legislation will include only the reduction of reasonability, which will be brought for its second and third readings before the end of the Knesset’s summer session. After the Knesset returns for its winter session, the coalition plans to advance a bill to change the composition of the Judicial Selection Committee, according to the proposal put forth by a former Justice Minister.

That proposal would give each political side five representatives in the committee, some of whom are former Chief Justices of the Supreme Court, and some of whom are serving politicians. In such a situation, neither side will have a clear majority, and at the same time the existing veto held by Supreme Court Justices will not be given.

The Override Clause will not be advanced, nor will additional laws which were at advanced stages of legislation.

Regarding the law concerning attorney generals, a final decision whether to include it or leave it out of the legislation has not yet been reached.

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