The FBI and Attorney General Nessel Hid These from the People of Michigan – Piles of Fraudulent-Manufactured Ballot Registrations from the 2020 Election


Two weeks ago The Gateway Pundit published our exclusive report on MASSIVE 2020 voter registrations fraud that our sources uncovered in Michigan.

The report included information on 8,000-10,000 fraudulent registrations and a police raid on a Democrat election registration group’s office in October 2020.

The police found semiautomatic weapons, silencers, burner phones, bags of pre-paid cash cards, and blank registrations in a GBI Strategies’ voter registration manufacturing center.

After several days Michigan Attorney General finally responded to our explosive investigation and confirmed our earlier reports.

We continue to hear back from individuals with intimate knowledge of this scandal.<

Photos from a confidential source close to the Muskegon investigation reveal what far-left Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel now admits is a stack of faked and fraudulent voter application forms with a return address at a Staybridge hotel, the base of operations for GBI Strategies in 2020 that sent out at least ten thousand fake voter registration applications for the election.

These photos and the source confirm that Muskegon Clerk Ann Meisch received these voter applications and received them in multiple batches, sometimes through the mail and sometimes in person.


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  1. Georgia: TTV Says They “Have the Goods” on State Voter Rolls in 2020

    67,284 ineligible votes cast in the 2020 election, “19,077 votes were assigned to records of voters who no longer lived in Georgia. 48,207 votes were assigned to voters who had moved to a different county within Georgia. Of the 19,077 votes, 16,986 were mail-in ballots. Of the 16,986 mail ballots, 8,984 were inactive according to state data.”…

    One of the more critical events on the timeline is Engelbrecht’s meeting with SOS Raffensperger and staff on Dec. 16 to discuss her findings on the state’s voter rolls. She says Raffensperger acknowledged and confirmed her findings during the meeting. Engelbrecht told Bannon on Wednesday:

    “I’ll never forget it; Secretary Raffensperger pulled out a piece of paper, kind of back of the napkin, did a little bit of quick math, and said, ‘yeah, 364,000, about 14% of Americans move every year. We haven’t been able to clean the roles because of this lawsuit. So yeah, that sounds about right. That’s about how many ineligible records there are.’”