How al-Qaeda got to rule in Tripoli

By Pepe Escobar, Asia Times

Hardly by accident, all the top military rebel commanders are LIFG, from Belhaj in Tripoli to one Ismael as-Salabi in Benghazi and one Abdelhakim al-Assadi in Derna, not to mention a key asset, Ali Salabi, sitting at the core of the TNC. It was Salabi who negotiated with Saif al-Islam Gaddafi the “end” of LIFG’s jihad, thus assuring the bright future of these born-again “freedom fighters”.

It doesn’t require a crystal ball to picture the consequences of LIFG/AQIM – having conquered military power and being among the war “winners” – not remotely interested in relinquishing control just to please NATO’s whims.

Meanwhile, amid the fog of war, it’s unclear whether Gaddafi is planning to trap the Tripoli brigade in urban warfare; or to force the bulk of rebel militias to enter the huge Warfallah tribal areas.

Gaddafi’s wife belongs to the Warfallah, Libya’s largest tribe, with up to 1 million people and 54 sub-tribes. The inside word in Brussels is that NATO expects Gaddafi to fight for months if not years; thus the Texas George W Bush-style bounty on his head and the desperate return to NATO’s plan A, which was always to take him out.

Libya may now be facing the specter of a twin-headed guerrilla Hydra; Gaddafi forces against a weak TNC central government and NATO boots on the ground; and the LIFG/AQIM nebula in a jihad against NATO (if they are sidelined from power).

Gaddafi may be a dictatorial relic of the past, but you don’t monopolize power for four decades for nothing, and without your intelligence services learning a thing or two.

From the beginning, Gaddafi said this was a foreign-backed/al-Qaeda operation; he was right (although he forgot to say this was above all neo-Napoleonic French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s war, but that’s another story).

He also said this was a prelude for a foreign occupation whose target was to privatize and take over Libya’s natural resources. He may – again – turn out to be right.

The Singapore “experts” who praised the Gaddafi regime’s decision to free the LIFG’s jihadis qualified it as “a necessary strategy to mitigate the threat posed to Libya”.

Now, LIFG/AQIM is finally poised to exercise its options as an “indigenous political force”.

Ten years after 9/11, it’s hard not to imagine a certain decomposed skull in the bottom of the Arabian Sea boldly grinning to kingdom come.

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4 Comments / 4 Comments

  1. @ Linda Rivera:
    Keep on writing the list…
    Who won the Jihad war in Lybia?
    Who won the Jihad war in Egypt?
    Who won the Jihad war in Iraq?
    Who will win it in Syria?, in Alger? and the list will go on and on.
    Stupid naive world, playing it into the hands of the radical Islam. A new world order will be set by Al-Quaeda.
    And with a powerfull agent in the white house they without a doubt,will hand the victory to Allah and Muhhamad his prophet.

  2. With very strong U.S. backing, French military and UN troops (UN Soldiers for Global Jihad) waged ruthless war against Ivory Coast Black Christians and triumphantly won the war for Islam against intensely hated Christians.

    The French did not hesitate to hand over Christian President Gbagbo and his family to the Muslims who pulled out the president’s wife’s hair by the roots and displayed it to cheering Muslim crowds. It is not pleasant to think what is happening to the President and his family now. There is NO MERCY for hated infidels.

    The new Muslim president’s Islamic forces burnt alive or hacked to death 1,000 Ivory Coast Black Christians.

    When it comes to America, France, the UN and NATO, G-D help you in this world if you are not a Muslim.

    Which vulnerable country is targeted next by America, France, the UN and NATO? Israel has always been at the top of the list.

  3. Based on a PHONY massacre US/NATO knew NEVER took place, US/NATO waged merciless war on Kosovo’s Christian Serbs for the KLA Muslim terrorist organization. US/NATO triumphantly won the jihad for Islam against despised and intensely hated Christians.

  4. But we’ve seen NATO playing this same game before in the former Yugoslavia, didn’t we? And to be really precise, we in the US at least, played the same game against the USSR in Afghanistan. Look where it got us. Clearly, there is a deeper thesis at the bottom of this.