Hydroxychloroquine And The Burden of Proof

By Ted Belman,

I was asked by Israeli authorities to make the best case for the use of Hydroxychyloroquine. This is what has been submitted in response.

The Economic Standard is proud to present our first white paper. We demonstrate through meticulously sourced analysis:

1) Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is a safe, versatile medicine that has treated hundreds of millions of people for many diseases over seven decades.

2) Numerous controlled observational studies and meta-analyses have demonstrated that HCQ can help people with COVID-19.

3) Hundreds of drugs have been approved by the U.S. FDA on the basis of similar observational studies, especially when conducted in large numbers and subject to meta-analysis.

4) As a matter of medical practice and especially in a pandemic emergency, it is not the case that only randomized controlled trials can justify adopting a treatment.

5) HCQ should be more widely recommended, prescribed and promoted to treat COVID-19 right now.

Our goal is to advance debate about public policy. This paper was produced without financial support or ethical conflicts of any kind, in close collaboration with practicing physicians and infectious disease specialists from across the U.S. and around the world. We are extremely grateful for their help in ensuring the accuracy of our analysis. Any mistakes are ours alone.

Download the report.

Erik Sass, Editor-in-Chief
The Economic Standard

September 25, 2020 | 9 Comments » | 657 views

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9 Comments / 9 Comments

  1. Thanks for you efforts in this, Ted.

    I can’t believe the level of obvious, self-serving duplicity that has been used as the basis of argument against the use of this drug protocol. It disturbs me how the world has been so universally determined to reinvent the methods and procedures by which medicine has always been routinely practiced. And with each passing day, more people needlessly die – turned away with no treatment until the disease is established enough to create serioius illness if not death…I am so disgusted with the level of such silliness that comes with significant consequences for so many.

  2. Information on the treatment and prevention of Covid-19 infection

    Not a panacea, but a significant slow down the likelihood of hospitalization, etc.
    Protocol of Dr. Vladimir Zelenko (USA):

    Hydroxychloroquine-200 mg. twice a day. (Not “Chloroquine”, which has serious side effects) Hydroxychloroquine at this dosage is very safe.
    Zinc Sulphate-220 mg. (50 mg. Pure zinc) once daily.

    Azithromycin-500 mg. Once a day. From a secondary bacterial infection. Take 5-7 days at the first symptoms of the disease. It is important (very) to take it at the very beginning of the disease. The earlier is the better. Up to 4, 5 days from the onset of symptoms. Further, this will no longer help or will help much less.

    According to Dr. Vladimir Zelenko this treatment significantly reduces the likelihood of hospitalization by 84% and fatal outcomes by five times. The entire treatment costs about $20. Hundreds of other doctors have received similar results. But information about this is being hushed up for various reasons, including what Trump said about it.

    For prophylaxis (before the disease), the doctor recommends taking within five days:
    Hydroxychloroquine-200 mg. once a day.

    Zinc Sulphate-220 mg. (50 mg. pure zinc) once a day.

    After five days of use, take this combination once a week.

    Hydroxychloroquine is a very safe drug, used for over 60 years, over a billion doses have been prescribed for malaria, lupus, and others with very rare side effects.

    Dr. Vladimir Zelenko also believes that his protocol can be successfully used to prevent and treat influenza. The flu vaccine is often ineffective due to the constant mutation of the influenza virus and vaccines being developed cannot keep up with these mutations.

  3. What is the problem with Hydroxychloroquine? Hydroxychloroquine should be consumed at the initial stage of the disease (up to 4, 5 days from the onset of symptoms, or better on the first day.)

    And this is the problem. It is not always possible to catch and diagnose an infection in time. After a person has felt some symptoms, he is at first in no hurry to see a doctor or test for the presence of a virus, and while he receives Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc Sulphate and Azithromycin (Dr. Zelenko protocol), if it does, it will be too late.

    But this does not mean, that nothing needs to be done. First, you can have a good immune system and the body will fight the virus on its own. Secondly, if you do not fall into this group of lucky ones, instead of Hydroxychloroquine can be used with Quercitin, EGCG, Zinc Citrate and a variety of natural preparations that kill both viral and bacterial infections and strengthen the body’s immune system. All of these can be purchased inexpensively at health food stores. It is very important to have high blood levels of vitamin D (50ng/mL and above). This level must be reached before infection, not after. Dr. Zelenko believes that using his protocol everywhere for people with increased risks (the elderly and/or people with serious chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, oncology, etc.) can reduce the risks to the level of seasonal flu.

    But his voice, and many other doctors, remains crying in the wilderness. There are basically two reasons. The first is that Trump mentioned it. Secondly, the Zelenko protocol costs only $ 20, while other possible treatments promise thousands and thousands of dollars in profit per patient, plus hospitalization, which costs an average of $50,000 per person in the United States. And the vaccine, which does not yet exist, promises billions in profits.

  4. Prevention with natural supplements to strengthen the immune system:

    Vit.D3 3,000-10,000 IU per day plus 15-20 minutes sun. The darker the skin of a person, the longer it is necessary to be in the sun. But everything must be done in moderation. High levels of Vit.D in the blood (50ng / mL and above) significantly reduce the likelihood of hospitalization and fatal outcome.

    Simultaneously with Vit.D3, it is advisable to take Vit.K2 (90mcg per day).

    Quercitin-500mg. 2-3 times a day (instead of Hydroxychloroquine) The addition of 1000mg.Vit.C (better Liposomal vit.C) enhances the effectiveness of Quercitin. Quercitin has problem with absorption in the body and should be replenished each day to be effective.

    Hydroxychloroquine and Quercitin are the conductors of zinc ions into the cells of the body (ionophore). Zinc basically kills the virus, reducing its reproduction and spread. Hydroxychloroquine is probably more effective than Quercitin and has several mechanisms of action against the virus. Hydroxychloroquine also stay longer in the body.

    EGCG-30 drops several times a day, 400mg. (green tea extract) is also an ionophore in addition to Quercitin.
    Zinc – 25-50mg. (pure zinc) per day (Zinc Sulphate-22% Zn, Zinc Citrate-31% Zn,
    Zinc Picolinate (20% Zn). Zinc should be taken separately from iron supplements.
    25mg. for prevention and 50 mg. for treatment within 5-7 days.
    NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine) -600mg. 2 times a day or glutathione.
    Melatonin 2-10mg. before bedtime.
    Selenium-100-300 mcg. a day.
    Vit.C-1000-3000 mg. a day or more. In case of illness, increase the dose. It is even better to take Vit.C intravenously in large doses (30,000 mg. and more.)

  5. The US government sent millions of doses of HCQ to Brasil a couple of months ago.
    This should be the be the best proof that it is at least harmless, shouldn’t it?

  6. @ efirub:

    I get your message..it’s fine… but I don’t like your reference to “crying in the wllderness”. How many damned times to I have to post here that there was NO voice crying in the wilderness. The Torah says, “A voice, cries”….(from Jerusalem is implied, from the context…because it is Isaiah, who was ALWAYS in Jerusalem at the King’s Court -and was his TOP adviser.. He was the king’s elder cousin maybe uncle??)

    Anyway here is what the Torah actually says…. “A voice cries; in the wilderness make a Path for the Lord, make straight in the desert a Highway for our G-D”.

    You are repeating the mistranslation from the Christian Gospel of John.

  7. @ Ted Belman:

    ????. I totally agree with your post to efirub, on his contribution about the Covid-19 Virus material………In fact I have sent this whole article to several people, (to whom I’d already sent the Zelenko system), and whom I KNOW sent it on to their families and friends, And of course to my own family, adding that they should pay special attention to elfirub in the Comments,

    Your own contribution in the Article was as good, as concise and as meaningful. (Forgive me for not writing it all in Capitals.)

  8. @ Reader:
    I would think that at least 50% of the American People would be using it+zinc etc. since they are supporters of President Trump, who announced many months ago that he used it all the time.

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