If only… DA’YE’NOU

Straight From The Jerusalem Cloakroom #202, March 27, 2007

The Proposed Palestinian State – a 2007 edition of Passover’s DA’YE’NOU

How many assumptions have the Palestinian State Supporters (PSS) bestowed upon us?

1. If the PSS had ONLY assumed that snatching the PLO (in 1993) from the jaws of oblivion in Mideast terrorist camps, installing the PLO onto hilltops overlooking the door steps of its intended victim (Israel), arming and training the Palestinians, rewarding the PLO with a Nobel Peace Prize and with frequent access to the White House, and showering upon the Palestinians a multi-billion dollar aid-package, would pave the road to A MODERATE PALESTINIAN STATE AND PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE WITH ISRAEL, DA’YE’NOU (it would suffice);

2. If the PSS had ONLY assumed that the resuscitation of the peace process required overlooking the correlation between expanded Palestinian sovereignty and exacerbated Palestinian terrorism, while sweeping under the carpet the TRACK RECORD OF THE ABU-MAZEN/ARAFAT PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY since its inception (rejoicing in 9/11, naming central sites after Iraqi and Palestinian terrorists, systematic violation of commitments, virulent hate-education, all time high conventional terrorism, becoming role-model of homicide bombing), DA’YE’NOU;

3. If the PSS had ONLY assumed that the proposed Palestinian State would be less violent than the ARAFAT/ABU-MAZEN SUBVERSIVE AND TREACHEROUS TRACK RECORD in Egypt (early 1950s), Syria (1960s), Jordan (1968-1970), Lebanon (1970-1982) and Kuwait (spearheading the 1990 Iraq’s invasion), which sparked civil wars, bloodshed and massive expulsion, DA’YE’NOU;

4. If the PSS had ONLY assumed that the establishment of a Palestinian State would resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict, ignoring the fact that NONE OF THE ARAB-ISRAELI WARS HAS BEEN TRIGGERED BY THE PALESTINIAN ISSUE (e.g. the 1948/9 War was fought by the Arab countries at the expense of the Palestinians, hence the Jordanian and Egyptian occupation of Judea, Samaria and Gaza respectively), and that neither the 1982 Israel-PLO war in Lebanon, nor the 1987-92 1st Intifadah, nor the 2000-2006 2nd Intifadah ignited Arab-Israeli wars, DA’YE’NOU;

5. If the PSS had ONLY assumed that the Palestinian issue constitutes a crown jewel of Arab priorities, and that the establishment of a Palestinian State would sooth Arab leaders, thus disregarding the fact that ARABS HAVE NEVER SHED BLOOD FOR PALESTINIANS, BUT HAVE SHED MUCH PALESTINIAN BLOOD, that pro-Palestinian Arab rhetoric has been matched by anti-Palestinian Arab actions, that the meager Arab financial assistance to the Palestinians is dwarfed by Western assistance, that Arabs consider Palestinians to be a potentially subversive element, DA’YE’NOU;

6. If the PSS would ONLY assume that the establishment of a Palestinian State would defuse Middle East turbulence, failing to realize that a one century old (Palestinian) problem cannot be a root cause for 13 century old (inter-Arab, inter-Muslim, Islamic terrorism) problems, that THE ARAB/PALESTINIAN-ISRAELI CONFLICT HAS NEVER BEEN “THE” MIDDLE EAST CONFLICT, and that Iran’s and Iraq’s megalomaniac aspirations, Al-Qaeda Islamic fanaticism, the Iran-Iraq conflict, Syrian regional terrorism, Islamic assaults on conservative Arab regimes and Sunni-Shite conflicts have preceded – and have raged independent of – the Arab/Palestinian-Israeli conflict, DA’YE’NOU;

7. If the PSS would ONLY assume that a Palestinian State would diminish Islamic terrorism, turning a blind eye to a 13 century old tradition of Islamic terrorism and to the fact that – IRRESPECTIVE OF ISRAEL’S EXISTENCE AND THE PALESTINIAN ISSUE – Islamic terrorism has recently plagued Australia, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Russia, Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, Mauritania, Nigeria, Turkey, Scandinavia, Holland, France, England, Spain and the US, DA’YE’NOU;

8. If the PSS had ONLY assumed that a Palestinian State would moderate anti-US Islamic terrorism, ignoring the fact that the PA has become the largest terrorist base in the Middle East and the role model of homicide bombing, that ANTI-AMERICAN ISLAMIC TERRORISM HAS PEAKED SINCE THE 1993 ESTABLISHMENT OF THE PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY AND WHILE WASHINGTON APPEASED THE ARABS and/or pressured Israel (1983 – Lebanon, 1993 – 1st Twin Tower, 1995/6 – Saudi Arabia, 1998 – Kenya Tanzania, 2000 – Aden and the 2000 preparations for 9/11). DA’YE’NOU;

9. If the PSS had ONLY assumed that a Palestinian State would advance western interests in the Middle East, brushing aside its LETHAL EFFECT UPON JORDAN’S HASHEMITE REGIME, its energizing impact on rogue regimes and on terrorist organizations, its close ties with Iran and pro-Saddam and pro-Bin-Laden elements, its alliance with Russia and China, its corrupt and repressive (mostly anti-Christian) track record, DA’YE’NOU;

10. If the PSS had ONLY assumed that the establishment of a Palestinian State and Israel’s security are mutually-inclusive, ignoring the track record of the PA/PLO/Hamas and the INDISPENSABILITY OF THE MOUNTAIN RIDGES OF JUDEA & SAMARIA (the “Golan Heights” of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Israel’s 9-15 mile wide sliver along the Mediterranean) to Israel’s security, DA’YE’NOU;

11. If the PSS had ONLY assumed that the establishment of a Palestinian State would spare Israel a demographic calamity, while ignoring the FALSE 70% INFLATION OF THE ACTUAL NUMBER OF PALESTINIANS IN JUDEA & SAMARIA, the grave inconsistencies in Palestinian demographic statistics, the dramatic decline in the Arab-Jewish fertility gap from 6 children to 1 child, the 36% increase in annual Jewish births since 1995, while the number of annual Arab births has stagnated, as documented by the American-Israel Demographic Research Group (www.aidrg.com), DA’YE’NOU.

12. If the PSS had ONLY assumed that Palestinians deserve a state alongside the Jewish State, while being oblivious of the fact that geographically, historically and demographically the core of Jordan is Palestinian, hence the ESTABLISHMENT OF A SECOND PALESTINIAN STATE – and the 23rd Arab state – would be AT THE EXPENSE OF THE ONLY JEWISH STATE, DA’YE’NOU.

How many more assumptions – made by Palestinian State supporters – must be crashed against the rocks of Middle East reality, before we realize that THE PROPOSED PALESTINIAN STATE WOULD EXACERBATE THE PROBLEM AND NOT ADVNANCE THE SOLUTION, and that the proposed Palestinian State and regional stability, peaceful coexistence, Western interests and Israel’s existence CONSTITUTE AN OXYMORON?!

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