“Israel must plan for a future without U.S. military and diplomatic support”

In this great article published by the Freeman Center, Dr. Irving Kett, Colonel, U.S. Army, asks HOW SECURE ARE JEWS IN THE CONTEMPORARY WORLD?

“Not very”, is the answer.

This is a chilling report on the condition of the Jews today. The similarities to the Jews of the Nazi era are undeniable. Both then and now we are abandonned. Then as now Jews were shunned and harassed on campus. Then the world shut its doors to us literally and now it does so figuratively. Then as now, Jews could get no justice. Then as now we were assaulted with detestable propaganda. Then as now we were demonized. Then as now there was no room in the world for Jews. Then as now, the world wanted us dead.

Our only hope is in our strength and the support of Christian Zionists throughout the world.

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  1. Yamit, you paint a very gloomy and hopeless picture but you back your thoughts and ideas with facts. There is one thing that might save the world and that is a Sunni-Shia war once the US leaves Iraq but that seems to be only a faint hope. You say that Pakistan is more of an immediate threat than Iran with its ongoing proliferation of sales to rogue nations and the possibility that paks will be ruled by terrorists very soon.

    The USA, I believe, will be going into a long period of isolationism, turning inward and allowing others such as China and others to gain a big foothold in places that the US will have abandoned. Russia seems to have its head in the ME but they are starting to get cold feet because they know very well that they are on the list of jihad targets too.

    Europe is being over run without a shot being fired and they are happily giving in.

    Your solution to all this is not realistic because you know very well that Israel does not do pre-emptive warfare. It never has – correct me if I am wrong. In the past there has always been a direct and long-term serious provocation before Israel would act.

    In my ignorance after 9/11 I was hoping for a mass exodus from Islam that would weaken that ideology but I was very wrong – it is a growing and thriving religious group and getting more fundamentalist by the day – it is expanding everywhere. It speaks volumes about the intelligence of the human species to distinguish between right and wrong.

    I wish that I could offer some magic solution to the crisis we are facing in the free world. There does not seem to be any urgency about many of the issues you have identified except for people who are directly affected. The others seem to be happy with paying off the terrorists as if they were paying taxes to them in exchange for being left to live( for now) in return.

  2. “Once there was none to listen. . . now there are few who care to speak. . . .”

    The assimilation rate in North America of Jews is so large and happening so fast That I do not think it is handleable anymore. In the States alone over the past decade has lost to conversion, over 4oo,ooo Jews. This does not indicate how many just dropped out and have little or no identification with Judaism in the first instance and Israel in the second. Jewish education such as it is falls way below and reasonable standard as a tool for stemming the negative tide. Jewish Leadership is for the most part bought with millions of Dollars in donations and Most Jews are unprepared to to face future challenges especially those of direct attacks against Jews both physical and intellectually. They lack the education , belief, and motivation to fight and compete. I see the debates and comments here in this blog about who should be President of USA. Lets state an open truth all are going to be bad for the Jews and Israel and what all the many arguments or comments finally come down to who would be the best of the worst! All Christian Countries have historically been and basically are antisemitic. What has tempered American antisemitism are Americas Institutions which for the most part practice equality. Thus most American Jews live with a false sense of security.

    Unlike 1938, Israel exists today as a place that would welcome the Jews in trouble. Jews have learned to fight and protect themselves. The major threat to Isral and the West today which ties into the most virilent strains of antisemitism is Islam, so if we want to solve both the Jews problems in the Diaspora and Israel and as a by product save Western civilization I think Israel will need to Destroy Islam in the same manner that Judaism was changed after the final destruction of the 2nd Temple:

    Attacking Iran is not only about stopping its nuclear program, but preventing nuclearization of other rogue regimes who are now waiting to see the outcome of international quarrel with Iran.

    Destroy Iranian oil refineries, bomb pipelines, stop gasoline deliveries. Iranian economy strained to the extreme. Security build-up for Sistan, Baluchistan, and Kurdistan cost Iran a lot of money. Iran had to scrap long-term economic programs.

    Why not hit Ahmadinejad’s plane on his trip to Belarus or similar destination? General Doolittle similarly objected to bombing emperor’s house during the war with Japan.

    Iran is not the biggest nuclear threat. The biggest is Pakistan. It supports nuclear development programs in many Muslim countries. Muslim radicals heavily influence Pakistan policies and are strong in its military, especially due to the close security-military-religious cooperation in Kashmir insurgency. Pakistan enjoys Saudi Arabian political and financial backing. Pakistan is basically a front for Saudi Arabia nuclear proliferation activities.

    Other Muslim countries are also dangerous. Islamists purchased nuclear waste in Kazakhstan and Albania; some got caught, but probably many other shipments went through. It is unknown whether Libya ended its nuclear program or transferred it to a safer location. Algeria and Morocco have nuclear programs. Jordan intends to build a nuclear reactor under Israeli nose, and with the fall of Jordanian monarchy Palestinians will get a lot of radioactive material for dirty bombs. Egypt can develop nuclear weapons in the matter of years, and Saudi Arabia most likely stocks some of the Pakistani nuclear bombs; Saudi also received top-edge aircraft from the US capable of delivering nuclear bombs into Israel.

    Some naïve souls harbored the dream of North Korea abandoning its nuclear program in return for $300 million foreign aid. The unveiled North Korean nuclear cooperation with Syria dispelled such nonsense. Nuclear weapons are too profitable in strategic and financial terms to part with them. The North Korean ship which delivered nuclear cargo to Syria made two conspicuous stops in Egypt and Lebanon; North Korea cooperates with those countries, too. A ballistic missile strike against North Korean nuclear facilities is the only proper response to its nuclear proliferation efforts. Israel can safely launch the missiles when no hostile satellite watches the area.

    Just about every Muslim country, from dangerously large to irrelevantly small, is pursuing some sort of nuclear program, ostensibly peaceful. There are no peaceful nukes. Any nuclear reactor can be used to harvest weapon-grade uranium, and most reactors produce plutonium. These reactors are traditionally thought of as peaceful because harvesting enriched fissile material requires stopping them for weeks or even months, leaving electric power supply short. Muslim regimes, however, can live with power shortages. The Soviet Union built its peaceful reactors with an eye to using them as a backup source of plutonium. Peaceful nuclear proliferation will give Muslim regimes easy access to radiological weapons.

    Whatever Israel does to stop nuclear proliferation, the nukes will proliferate. Muslim regimes will be happy to nuke Israel. The only policy that can perhaps prevent that scenario is the announced retaliation against all major Muslim targets: Mecca and Medina, Cairo, Damascus, Tehran, Islamabad, and so on. There are of course Christian countries, notably Russia, which would be equally happy to fry the Jews in nuclear mushroom; they deserve a similar response. When Tel Aviv is annihilated, Israel should not seek saving Haifa but avenging Tel Aviv.

    Israel must deal a crushing blow to Islam. Just like the destruction of Jerusalem in 135 signaled a change of Judaism from a state-oriented into purely spiritual religion, so the nuclear destruction of Mecca and Medina with the concomitant radiological contamination will render the concept of jihad senseless. The idea of ripping off the heart of Islam is ambitious but doable and feasible.

    If successful then there should not be an antisemitism problem anywhere. At least for a number of years!