Israel should not present a map

Abbas wants us to draw a line so that he will start nibbling away at it or probably he will use it to justify there is no purpose in negotiating with Israel. Under no conditions should Israel present a Plan. Ted Belman

By Avi Ischaroff, TOI

Livi ErekatWhile grappling with the tensions with Hamas, the Palestinian leader simultaneously intends to renew the diplomatic pressure on Israel. His peace plan, which he is set to submit for Arab League approval by the end of this week, envisions filing a request with the Americans in the coming days to pressure Israel to present a map of a future Palestinian state as the basis for substantive negotiations. After Israel presents the map, Abbas’s plan calls for a firm timetable to be laid down for a gradual Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank and the establishment of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

If Israel refuses his plan, or refrains from responding, the Palestine Liberation Organization intends, within three months, to seek a UN Security Council resolution that recognizes the establishment of a Palestinian state on the 1967 lines.

The Palestinians, expecting the US to veto any such resolution, intend to then approach the General Assembly with the same request. After that, the PLO will seek to join international bodies and organizations, and then to campaign to have Palestine recognized as a nation under occupation according to the Geneva Conventions.

The final phase of Abbas’s ambitious plan is to halt joint security operations with Israel, so central to the recent relative calm in the West Bank, and hand over all responsibility for rule in Palestinian cities to the IDF.

PA sources note that no one is talking about declaredly disbanding the PA, but in practice it will cease to function.

Ending joint security operations is still a long way off and, at this stage, there could yet be changes, developments, and restructuring of the Abbas plan. But, for Abbas and his close confidants, matters are clear: Israel has until the end of the calendar year to decide whether or not it intends to present a map of the future Palestine. If the answer is negative, a diplomatic confrontation between the PA and Israel will be unavoidable, and will also lead to the cessation of the joint security apparatus.

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14 Comments / 14 Comments

  1. It is so simple.
    Present a map that shows an Israel that includes all of Gaza, Judea and Samaria.
    After that a simple “NO” to all of Abbas’ demands for its alteration should suffice.

    Mickey Oberman

  2. yamit82 Said:

    Good question and I don’t have an answer except “ depends

    Adult protection” ?? It would be helpful to read the history of Mexico in Texas. They made terrible mistake’s and lost Texas. Allowing Americans [ Texicans] to settle was a major mistake. Insisting new settlers be baptized RCs was another, they lost the Jewish merchant class. And last, but not least was the draconian rule from Mexico DF and Santana.

  3. honeybee Said:

    Do you have the population to hold all that territory ?????

    Good question and I don’t have an answer except “It depends”.

    @ mar55:

    I love the map you drew. I find it perfectly accurate. The way it should be. Send it to Netanyahu.

    Wouldn’t do much good he is too busy apoligizing for his performance during the last monthand half. Hispoll numbers so low all he is doing since is trying to justify his performance and not doing all that well.

    ‘The great United States fought in Fallujah, its Gaza, sacrificed hundreds of soldiers… In the end it went out and al-Qaeda came back’
    Netanyahu: I didn’t want an Israeli Fallujah in Gaza

    PM defends decision not to send troops to oust Hamas; amid al-Nusra gains in Syria, says resources also needed elsewhere; believes Gaza calm may hold

    He is pathetic.

  4. Propose a map indeed.


    “To your descendants I have given this land, from the Egyptian River (NILE)as far as the great river, the Euphrates.
    Bereshit (Genesis) 15:18

  5. Bibi has always refused such stupidity from an Israeli perspective. This is tantamount to giving up land for nothing in return.

    Bibi’s choices:

    1. Status quo
    2. Repeat no withdrawls
    3. Annex E1
    4. Annex all of area C in Judah and Samaria
    5. Tell Abbas he is getting boring and we will stop keep him from getting killed during an overthrow.

  6. Decisiveness is what our leaders must show, instead of that the pathetic aggregate dances with shadows.
    We have only ourselves to blame for electing such trash to lead.
    Abbas has been allowed to run amok over our national rights.
    HAMAS was not defeated.
    What must be done to change the options before us?
    To start with NO NEGOTIATIONS except under our conditions.
    Harsh, swift and permanent reaction to any maneuver by Abbas.