ISRAEL TO LIMIT SETTLEMENT ‘FOOTPRINT,’ New homes only inside building lines

T. Belman. This is a good deal for Israel. Basically infilling is allowed with permission given for exceptions. Secondly the restriction applies to all settlements, not just the blocs. The decision says nothing about restricting construction to the settlement blocs or to communities within the security fence. There is enough infilling to do which will triple the number of Jews in J&S.

This deal also suggests, in any deal, the settlements will remain.

Arutz Sheva said we have agreed to “significantly” reduce construction.  I don’t see it.

No commitment made to restrict construction to large settlement blocs.


BULIDINGS ARE SEEN last month under construction in the settlement of Ma'aleh Adumim

Israel will restrict its building beyond the Green Line to the built-up areas of existing settlements, the security cabinet decided Thursday night after nearly three weeks of discussions on the matter with the US government.

The guiding principle behind the new guidelines is to limit as much as possible Israel’s settlement “footprint” beyond the existing communities. Sources said the decision was taken out of consideration of the position of US President Donald Trump, and that Israel will also significantly curb building to enable efforts to advance a diplomatic process with the Palestinians.

Israel, according to the security cabinet decision, will — as much as possible — only permit building within the existing construction lines of the settlements, a principle that was also informally employed during much of George W. Bush’s tenure.

In areas where this is not possible because there is no more available land inside the settlements, construction will take place close to the existing construction line. Where this too is impossible because of issues of land ownership, or security or topographic considerations, Israel will build as close to the existing settlement as possible.

The decision says nothing about restricting construction to the settlement blocs or to communities within the security fence.

Israel also committed itself not to permit the establishment of new wildcat outposts.

The new guidelines, aimed to remove settlement construction as a bone of contention with Washington at the outset of the new administration, come after nearly three weeks of talks between the US and Israel. The US team was led by Trump’s envoy Jason Greenblatt, and Israel’s team was led by Netanyahu’s chief-of-staff Yoav Horowitz, and Israel’s ambassador to the US Ron Dermer.

Earlier Thursday evening the Prime Minister’s Office announced that the security cabinet approved the establishment of a new settlement – the first one in over a quarter-century – for the evacuees from Amona. This new settlement will be established near Shilo.

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  1. The Security Cabinet should also have agreed a time limit with the Americans for the Presidents efforts to be considered either as successful or more likely a failure. After which we should nullify the Oslo Accords and build and annex area C. Support Mudha Zahran’s efforts to declare Jordan as the Palestinian homeland and economically support the arabs in areas A and B to move there

  2. What does this mean for building in E1. Is E1 considered part of Ma’alah Adumim? It is vital to build there.

    Will this be an exception.

    This is better than Obama but I still do not like Israel restricting building and apparently the extension of Israeli Civil Law to areas in Judah/Samaria.

  3. The language of “footprint” limitations means nothing to me and I suspect to many other readers and residents of YESHA. Why use cryptic words to present the GOI’s future building plans in Judea and Shomron (as I see no plans for Jordan Valley discussed)? Bibi appears to be up to his old tricks to cajole the Jews of Israel and the world leaders of his commitment to a two state solution when he should declare again that the Jewish settlements are not an obstacle to peace, that Israel has a right to build in YESHA, and building will continue as long as the PA and the Arabs refuse to sit down without conditions and discuss real peace terms, not to push a step by step liquidation plan of the Jews and Israel.

  4. Jews telling Jews that it’s illegal to build a synagogue upon land in much of ancient Israel.


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