Israeli police ‘beat’ Jew (Nadia Matar) for protesting Arab violence


[The government and police of Israel continue shamefully to ignore Arab violations and suppress Jewish rights and free speech.]

A Jewish woman was allegedly beaten repeatedly by Israeli police Friday for participating in a march to protest endemic Arab terrorism and criminality.

Nadia Matar, co-chair of the patriotic organization Women for Israel’s Tomorrow (Women in Green), was with about 150 other Jewish men and women who were walking towards the Arab village of Tzurif, breeding ground of a number of terrorists as well as car and stock thieves.

Residents of the nearby Gush Etzion community, who this past week suffered two homes broken into, two cars and 15 sheep stolen, were protesting what they believe to be the failure of Israel’s security forces to deal with the situation for fear of provoking an Arab backlash.

The protestors said their plan was to stop well short of the village and hang up signs bearing messages like: “This is Jewish Land; no entry for the Arab enemy,” and “Scaredy-Cat Army, Go into the Villages.”

While the police have reportedly excused their inaction against the Arabs citing a shortage of manpower, the protestors noted that they were able to turn out in sufficient force to stop a small, violence-free event.

About 100 police and army personnel arrived to confront the marchers. Eye-witnesses said they had specifically sought out Matar – a mother of six who has repeatedly been targeted by police because of her willingness to speak out against Israeli governments’ anti-Zionist policies and actions.

Upon catching her, the police had dragged her across rough ground, “hitting her all the while” before carting her off to arraign before a Jerusalem judge.

A right-thinking Israeli parliamentarian who was present at the site, Aryeh Eldad, was reportedly involved in trying to secure Matar’s release before the Sabbath began.

Eldad strongly criticized the behavior of the security forces.

“The police and army that have not succeeded in stopping hostile Arab acts against the residents of Gush Etzion, have finally proven their strength – by arresting Nadia Matar.”

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