It’s Imperative the U.S. Cuts Ties With the United Nations

By Pallavi Kakoti-McHugh

As a former United Nations staffer and invitee to UN University, a question I have been repeatedly asked is should the United States cut ties with the UN and what the future relationship of the U.S. and UN should be like? Without the slightest hesitation my answer is a strong yes. The U.S. should back down from the UN, but that is just first part of my answer. The second part of my answer is replace the UN with an international organization that is worthy of being funded by American taxes and is in action, not mere words, in line with America’s values of freedom, liberty, justice and equality for all.

What I envision is a new international organization that delivers what former U.S. President Woodrow Wilson, who founded the forerunner of the UN (League of Nations), wanted for Americans. He wanted Americans to be part of a group environment of peace loving and civilized countries and have a standard of morality, which does not exist in the current UN, where I’ve found evidence that staff practice racism, sexism, sexual exploitation and abuse, corruption, block sustainable development efficiency and are unfair to Americans.

My great-grandfather, Gopinath Bordoloi, was Prime Minister of an undivided Assam, a major ally of Mahatma Gandhi, and was crucial in securing India’s freedom. He sacrificed his life repeatedly so that millions of people could have freedom, a better form of justice and escape human rights violations. Mahatma Gandhi is the world icon of peace and the pioneer of non-violent civil rights movement. Mahatma Gandhi was consulted when the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights was drafted and he supported it not knowing that many racist, sexist and corrupt UN staff would later behave the opposite of human rights.

So how can the United Nations claim to state they work towards peace and justice when a number of their staff commit horrific injustices against individuals and the world at large and cover up and crush injustices from coming to light; and they are rarely punished for their wrongdoings? The foremost priority of these UN staff who cover up unethical and lawlessness behavior of UN staff is holding on to their income tax free international civil service careers, even if it means destroying people’s lives, countries and the planet. When Americans continue to allow their income tax to go to pay income tax free salaries of UN staff, some of whom for years covered up lawlessness and unethical behavior of their staff, caring more for rights of their UN colleagues instead of rights of the victims (a fact established by an independent UN report in 2013) and wanting to hold to their job, you are assisting accomplices to crimes and cover ups.

I do not blame people for supporting the UN. I felt the same way about the United Nations until I worked at the UN and experienced the corruption and racism of the UN staff, and researched evidence of their repeated unethical practices and realized that the truth of the UN is profoundly different behind a mask of excellent public image for 72 years. Some UN staff go to great lengths and will stop at nothing, including lawlessness, to maintain their public image. Some of them prevent reports from reaching the Ambassadors of the world at the General Assembly and Security Council, media and manipulate data and the reports. For example, they hid an extremely important 2013 independent expert evaluation of sexual exploitation and abuse report based on experts visiting UN peacekeeping missions in Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Liberia and South Sudan. The report was highly critical of the UN staff in New York, which Aids Free World received a copy of. Instead a profoundly different report (A/69/779*) was provided to the Ambassadors of the world that made the UN come across as being great peaceful warriors of abolishing sexual exploitation and abuse in their staff’s conduct in peacekeeping missions and they were making great progress.

The UN only advertises the good they do for the world and very cleverly and manipulatively hide how some of their staff are accomplices to cover ups of crimes against humanity including rape, sexual abuse, racial segregation, racism towards nationals and residents of western developed countries such as United States.

Many, in defense, have an attitude of, “so what if the UN staff sexually exploit and abuse approximately 65 starving children and women per year, they feed and protect thousands of children and women per year? So what if UN staff killed 10,000 people in Haiti since 2010, they feed and protect thousands of people over the years?” To me, to victims and families of victims, their life has value irrespective of what any supporter of the UN says or thinks. Cheerleaders of the UN would be singing a very different tune if they were the victims, they paid income tax like the rest of us do and that income tax, who they think is given to an organization in goodwill and altruism to look after wellbeing of humanity, is spent on repeatedly betraying the world public’s trust and harming people and the planet.

Actions speak louder than words. The only wise option is for the U.S. to back down from the United Nations and replace it with an organization that is transparent, fairer to Americans, and delivers in action peace, justice and equality for all. My message to all Americans? Nothing will change until you find out how you are being exploited and demand a change and see the solutions I propose.

Pallavi Kakoti-McHugh is a former UN staffer and invitee to UN University and the author of Anti-Human Rights and Anti-Environmental Practices of the United Nations: Misused American Taxes. For more information, please visit and connect with her on Twitter, @worldtriggerpo.

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  1. Robert Feldman Said:

    Probably go long way to retire national debt if we leased and/or sold prime UN real estate

    how many poor, or homeless, or street people could be accommodated there?

  2. Mahatma Gandhi is the world icon of peace and the pioneer of non-violent civil rights movement

    Mahatma) Gandhi and the Jews

    Harry’s Place has dredged up two of Gandhi’s more notorious quotes about the Jews, nonviolence, and the Holocaust (Gandhi’s article can be found here: Gandhi). In 1938 he recommended nonviolent resistance against Nazi persecution in Germany, and seemed convinced that if Jews willingly offered their lives, this would result in a moral reformation of the German people.

    He was also opposed to Zionism, partially on the grounds that the Jews should prefer to be citizens of the countries where they lived (England, France, Germany) and should fight for their rights in those places. (Obviously at the time this would not have worked in Germany!) He also thought that Zionism was unjust to the Arabs of Palestine. One curious part of his position was that although he opposed the Jewish use of violence in Palestine against Arabs, he did not object to the Arab use of violence against Jews. He says: “I am not defending the Arab excesses. I wish they had chosen the way of non-violence in resisting what they rightly regarded as an unwarrantable encroachment upon their country. But according to the accepted canons of right and wrong, nothing can be said against the Arab resistance in the face of overwhelming odds.” It is very curious, in my opinion, that he would so fiercely condemn Jewish use of violence without at the same condemning Arab use of violence. He does not recommend that the Arabs use satyagraha against the British or Jews in Palestine. (The context for this article was the 1936-39 Arab Revolt against British rule and Jewish settlement in Palestine

  3. replace the UN with an international organization that is worthy of being funded by American taxes

    Is this international bureaucrat for real?

    The US Government is so BIG that even foreigners try to tell it how to spend tax dollars pilfered from its helpless, domestic serfs.

  4. Ya, better the US has no friends at all, right? They are working to that end anyway. Well it is your opinion and it’s opinion that got the government elected in the first place. Venting on the UN and thinking that the US should not be in the UN would be better for them? Here’s my opinion, in a lot less words than your’s. Wrong!