Liz Crokin argues Deep State is targeting Trump because he is targeting sex trafficker’s and Pedophiles

You can skip the first 9 minutes. You may not believe much of what follows but you can;t ignore what she says.

June 20, 2017 | 1 Comment » | 341 views

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  1. The attacks on Trump and other Republicans have been so emotional, frantic and laced with conspiracy theories (the whole Trump as Russian agent and Russian ‘hacking” fixing the election nonsense),that it very understandable that Trump supporters have become convinced that his enemies are involved in all sorts of sinister conspiracies themselves as the only explanation for their mud-slinging and hate. And while there is legitimate evidence of criminal wrongdoing by Democrats that the FBI has covered up, many people on the right are going overboard by alleging all sorts of extremely improbable conspiracies, and by arguing furiously with each other. That is what seems to have happened to these two journalists. They clearly are so shell-shocked by the Trump-haters frenzied mud-slinging that they have become paranoid.

    I am particularly troubled by their suggestions that “Zionists” and the Mossad are behind misinformation and “fake news.” This certainly smacks of traditional antisemitic conspiracy theories. As Menachem Begin put it, “When goyim kill goyim, everyone comes to hand the Jews.”

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