Mark Levin delivers a warning for Israel and for America about Antony Blinken

By Andrea Widburg, AM THINKER

By Antony Blinken, our current Secretary of State, appears to be an unimpressive man. My most vivid memory of him is of him being excoriated by a Chinese official and sitting there and taking it. Blinken is also a genetically Jewish person who likes to talk about the fact that he is related by blood or marriage to people who survived the Holocaust. More significantly, though, Blinken is a leftist, and that is his true faith. That faith explains why, as Mark Levin writes, Blinken’s allegiance isn’t to America’s security or the survival of the world’s only Jewish state. Instead, he’s all in for Iran and its satellites, including the violent, blood-thirsty people who call themselves “Palestinians.”

Yesterday, Mark Levin posted a very long tweet in which he called out Blinken’s long-standing hostility to Israel and his continued allegiance to Obama’s plan to raise up Iran as the most powerful nation in the Middle East. Iran, of course, has been at war with America since 1979, openly announces its plans for the mass genocide of Jews inside and outside of Israel, and foments and pays for most of the world’s anti-Western, anti-Christian, and anti-Jewish terrorism.

Here’s the tweet, along with my somewhat simpler version of the very densely packed ideas Levin includes within it:

Although many have forgotten, Blinken worked as Deputy Secretary of State for Obama. Already then, Sen. John McCain knew that Blinken was a dangerous man whose foreign policy was invariably antithetical to the well-being of America and her allies. He excoriated his values and ineptitude:

Additionally, as I noted above, there was Blinken’s famous “deer in the headlights” moment when the Chinese foreign minister abused him to his face:

Blinken has been at Biden’s right hand for the withdrawal from Afghanistan, the war in Ukraine, the sanctions lifted from and the hundreds of millions of dollars made available to Iran, and the anti-Israel foreign policy that emboldened Hamas’s murderous attack on October 7. In an email to antisemitic, anti-Israel State Department employees, Blinken reiterated his belief that the Gazastinians, whose charter calls for Israel’s extinction and the genocide of her people, deserve a country and that this remains his highest priority.  He is also behind the push to stop Israel from destroying Hamas, which will allow the organization to regroup and continue its war against Israeli civilians.

Ultimately, Blinken is on board with Obama’s vision of a Middle Eastern realignment, one that sees Iran—anti-American, genocidal, antisemitic, anti-Christian, homophobic, misogynistic Iran—as America’s biggest ally and the dominant force in the region. This Harvard-educated leftist who, like George Soros, hauls out the Holocaust whenever he’s attacked but whose behavior reveals a deep and abiding hatred of the Jewish people, is a danger to the Middle East and America. He embraces the enemies of Western civilization and turns his back on America’s allies and all behind a deceptively meek exterior that implies a powerless figure.

Levin issues a stark warning at the end of his long tweet:

The question is, how long will this go on before Blinken is stopped?  Where are the House Republican committee chairmen?  Where are the Senate Republicans?  Where are conservative think-tanks?  Where are the conservative media?  I understand that the Democrat Party media and the Democrat Party are worse than useless.  In fact, they are colluders and propagandists for this, from Thomas Friedman at the New York Times to Jamie Raskin in the House.  But if there is not an organized pushback immediately, a relentless and public demand for accountability and transparency, and the targeting of Blinken for impeachment (successful or not), evil to prevail.  Never forget all the disasters the Biden whisperer has unleashed in a mere 3-years running American foreign policy, and the death, inhumanity, and impoverishment he has imposed on one region and society after another.\

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9 Comments / 9 Comments

  1. “The will to do the right thing!” And what is the right thing to do in Israel? The right thing for Israel will also be the right thing for rest of the world.
    In my view Israel should do what any other country would do when faced with an internal enemy that is killing its citizens. The ruling power has to have the determination to want to stay in rule in order to find the courage to do what must be done to restore peace. Sherman march through the south, looting and burning and destroying infrastructure and everything in his way. His soldiers took everything of value even to the last food form starving women and children.

    When he rolled through Ga. he burnt Atlanta to the ground. Once the enemy was defeated only then did, they start to rebuild. Life 160 years later is not bad in Atlanta. Getting the prisoner’s back should not be the object of the game. It should be killing every Hamas member and unfriendly in the Gaza strip. Regardless, if the Hostages are freed alive or found dead. If Israel does not send a clear message to the enemy, then all these dead Jews who have died since Oct 7, will have die for naught and it will happen again………

    Israel keeps playing this stupid game of hostage release and trading Jews for Palestinian’s. One Jew is worth a couple hundred Arabs now. If the cease fire is done, we will get to see what a Jew is going for on the open trade market. That makes no sense in any place in the world except Israel. Israel is like a women with her loyalties spilt between two masters. One of these days she is going to be forced to choose which one she will serve.

    Bibi, talks big and says the right things. I fell to see that he has the backbone to do what needs to be done. If the cease fire happens for four days. The war is over. Nothing will have changed, and more Jews will be sacrificed.

  2. @Laura: many thanks for your comment. USA really does lack the will to do the right thing. On top of that, USA seems to be determined to make sure that Israel will not do the right thing either.

  3. I think the GOP (all wings) is for the most part very pro Israel. There are some anti-smites among the crazy far right.

  4. She appears to be up for any war at any time.

    I’m up for wars to destroy our enemies, or at least completely destroy their ability to wage war and be a threat to us. The regime in Iran should have been taken out years ago. It wouldn’t take troops on the ground or years long. We have deadly weapons to do the job. All we need is the will to carry it out.

  5. Laura

    While Trump may have had pro-Israel policies, a large part of the MAGA base is isolationist and does not support Israel.

    I would strongly disagree with your assertion here. I am curious on what you might base such a claim.

    If your conclusions were correct, MAGA would not be backing the most Pro-Israel president to ever sit in the White House.

    Also, the idea that MAGA is isolationist is not easily supportable for a similar reason. Many have mislabeled Trump’s policies as that of isolationism. This is simply not true. He could have pulled out of NATO, but instead he forced the NATO members to actually increase their commitment to the US led organization. He pulled US forces from Syria, while being lied to by his generals, but still maintained a force there to control the Syrian oil. He isolated Iran and crushed its economy as well as increasing the sanctions on Russia. He led trade reform with Europe, Canada, Mexico and China, as well as many other nations. He ended the unaddressed support of state sponsored terrorism. He moved the embassy to Jerusalem. He executed Sulemoni. He put forward his own peace plan for Israel and the Pals. He co-signed the Abraham Accords as well as a peace treaty between Israel, Serbia and Kosovo. He challenged China and its manufactured islands in the South China Sea. This is but a small list of what could be listed in regards to Trump’s international record. Though it would clearly differ from the RINO policies preferred by some establishment RINOs, it could hardly be described as being that of an isolationist.

    Indeed, Trump didn’t withdraw from the international arena because he has never been an isolationist. Hence, your conclusion that a sizeable part of the MAGA base is isolationist would appear to be as unsupportable as your conclusion that a sizeable part of MAGA does not support Israel. Truly, if a sizeable part of the MAGA base did not support these two pillars of Trump’s track record, we would have had a MAGA challenger challenge Trump in the primary on either of these issues, and yet, all of Trump’s challengers are establishment RINO types with the single exception of Ramaswamy who is a true chameleon, willing to adopt any position which might improve his polling, which is still so low that nobody really cares.

    MAGA supports Trump, Israel and international policies, albeit not the RINO policies which led to the wars in Iraq, Libya, Serbia or Ukraine. MAGA’s focus is directed towards America First policies, not America Only policies.

  6. @Laura,
    I actually disagree with you a bit. MAGA Americans and Trump supporters are extremely supportive of Israel. Other than support for Israel which is as important to most Trump supporters as support for the US, it is true that the MAGA movement is against FOREVER WARS. This is why they ridicule Nikki Haley, who seems to have identified with the goals of the billionaire donors footing her campaign bills. She appears to be up for any war at any time. MAGA Americans feel our priorities should be fixing America. We feel we have a rogue Military Industrial Complex out for creating as many wars as possible. It doesn’t even matter to the MIC whether or not we can win any of them, because the people who make big bucks make them even if we get defeated every time. And in fact, the US armed forces have been defeated in almost every conflict since World War II. The money being spent on all these forever wars takes money away that is needed to rebuild America’s infrastructure and secure our borders. If we are attacked, we have a Department of Defense for that. But our DoD should probably be called the War Department since that is what it mainly produces.

    So I do not think all of MAGA is isolationist. Tucker Carlson, Tulsi Gabbard, and Candace Owen are just 3 people. They do not represent MAGA Americans.

    MAGA Americans want the country’s priorities to change from anti-American indoctrination in schools to teaching the Constitution and helping students learn to read, write, do math and think critically. Woke indoctrination needs to end. Normalization of sexual perversions needs to end. Normalization of Jew hatred needs to end. All these projects require energy and focus to accomplish, and MAGA Americans want those types of projects, including getting our own American energy back available, instead of adventures in “democracy building,” as it was put in “Dubya’s “days as President.

    I am not seeing that a large part of the MAGA base is isolationist, but instead prioritizes rebuilding America first, helping Israel and using our DoD if/when we are attacked, as opposed to using our DoD to create biochemical weapons and calling them vaccines and insist that all Americans get injected or lose their jobs.

    The isolationism some people feel is because their needs as Americans have been totally ignored for a decade or more while billions are being spent on a war in Ukraine that we couldn’t win anyway. But the MAGA movement isn’t largely isolationist. I am basing these observations on pages of posts and comments over the last couple of years or so at

  7. I hate the expression “World’s only Jewish state”.
    That’s such garbage. It implies that “Jewish” is a “religion”. But if Jewish is a religion, then we don’t deserve a state.
    Jew, is a nationality, and we do deserve the state, but then saying “world’s only Jewish state” is simply stupid, like saying world’s only French state, or Word’s only Swedish state” or “World’s only Japanese state”.
    Cut out this idiocy.

  8. While Trump may have had pro-Israel policies, a large part of the MAGA base is isolationist and does not support Israel. I worry about the future of the party, once dominated by hawkish Reaganites and Evangelicals who are now being replaced by isolationists who at best are neutral on Israel. That seems to be the future of the GOP. The MAGA movement has unleashed these forces and has pushed traditional conservatives aside, even demonizes them. I’m very worried about the next generation of Republicans. We see this generational difference going on with the democrats. Where can American Jews turn? European Jewry is already all but lost.