Mudar addresses the committee of the EU Parliament

Mudar eloquently praised, Israel the Jewish state, and condemned the PA, Jordan and the EU. He was passionate and persuasive.


December 1, 2023 | 4 Comments »

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4 Comments / 4 Comments

  1. This video is from 2018. Jordanian Opposition Coalition page worked until 2021. Do they have a new page? What is going on now?

  2. PELONI-

    It’s long past about time he got rolling and delivered some real, powerful, statements capable of being substantiated. The EU appearance is just the beginning.
    Until now all we saw were an irregular series of videos, taken somewhere in Jordan,(?) with meagre gatherings of people who, noticeably didn’t have any effect on passing cars or people.
    Something like the London Hyde Park Corner where budding speakers let off steam.

    Ted has put the crown of “The Moshiach” on his head. “The Chosen One”

    He HAS to make himself more prominent. He’s 50 years old already and FAT, not a guarantee for a long lifespan in which to do what he, I’m sure, sincerely wants to do.

    BUT, Ted’s avoidance of the simple question I asked him casts doubts FOR ME on the eventual result involving Mudar…

    Whilst I support the JO 100% as the very best Plan for Jordan,

    “will Mudar accept it if it is achieved by different leader”

    Undoubtedly he’d have a high place in government-assuming that another Leader and he were on good terms.

    But it’s all been hanging fire for the past 10 or more years, with multiple imminent prognostications-but no results.

    By now Abdullah should have been dead from his various ailments, his family safely abroad in one of their palaces enjoying their stolne wealth,
    That is, according to Mudar’s previous reports. hasn’t yet happened, and no signs that it will….!!

    And lately he has been uttering reports which seem “fantastic” and
    unlikely to occur.

    just my own opinion, using the very little I know about it all.., we need to see RESULTS.

    His meeting with the EU Officials may be the beginning . He sounded GREAT. the effect is yet to come.

    His partiality in support of Israel may mitigate against his concepts.

  3. Amazing speech. I wonder if the governing elites are curious enough to look into what Mudar Zahran says and consider the possibility that they have been wrong in their understanding of what the Palestinians want and need.

    I wonder how many of the governing elites of the West have open minds, have an interest in facing mistakes they may have made, and have a desire to do better once they learn they have erred.

    Do any of them care about the people they represent or just about the billionaire globalists pulling their strings? Are any of them capable of being moved or inspired to be better human beings?

    One member of the European Parliament from Romania, Christian Terhes, (I think that is his. name) has impressed me with his integrity, are there others like him?

    As long as King Abdullah sits on his throne, it appears the Palestinians will have to keep walking their long road to freedom. I am wondering what it will take for him to abdicate. Very few people who have power give it up willingly, especially those who view their power as hereditary and who have been brought up to believe they deserve to be king. Also the more corrupt a powerful person is, the more they have justified to themselves their corrupt behavior, and their kingship makes them feel safe from the judgment of others. Losing their kingship makes them vulnerable: now he is a man, like other men, and must be judged by the content of his character.

  4. This is perhaps one of the most powerful statements ever spoken on behalf of Israel with regards to the issue of the Pals. I have noted previously that no other leader could chastise the Europeans with such clarity and conviction as Mudar provided that day when he indicted the maligning actions of the Europeans as they used the Pals to abuse the Israelis, but at the cost of abusing the Pals themselves all the more. Speaking as a Pal himself, Mudar provided an important testimony which was poignant for its logical conclusions and which I still see sporadically shared in admiration and inspiration by many in the Twitterverse. Also, when I meet a Lefty Pal supporter who lacks a sense of reason or awareness about the facts as they really exist between the Israelis and the Pals, I share this video with the wokey loon and it is amazing how hard it is for them to do more than watch in utter disbelief. It may be as useful as jausting at windmills, but I would argue that the seed of reason grows a hearty stem and such subtle and powerful statements of truth as Mudar provided in this video are hard to dismiss given that it has been explained so clearly and so well.