Obama allowed Hezbollah to operate a multi-billion dollar cocaine distribution and money laundering scheme in the US

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Strip Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize Away

Multiple DEA agents speaking anonymously to Politico have confirmed that Team Obama spent eight years derailing a multi-agency investigation targeting Hezbollah, in order to facilitate the disastrous Iran nuclear deal. The details of this illegal collusion with a known terrorist group is the worst scandal of the Obama years — and that’s saying something!

Worse than Benghazi? Worse than Operation Fast & Furious? Yes it was, and every American should be calling their Representative and Senators (Congressional switchboard: 202-224-3121) and demanding a full Justice Department investigation and prosecution of everyone involved in this conspiracy.

In a nutshell, Obama allowed Hezbollah to operate a multi-billion dollar cocaine distribution and money laundering scheme IN THE UNITED STATES to “soften up” Iran for nuclear talks.

What is Hezbollah? Here is a quick history lesson and reminder of what Hezbollah really is, so you understand just how criminal Obama’s actions were. Hezbollah is a terrorist group formed by the Iranian government in response to Israel’s 1982 invasion of Lebanon. Hezbollah was responsible for the US Marine barracks bombing in Beirut in 1983 that murdered 305 people, including 241 US servicemen. Hezbollah is Iran’s puppet and the Iranian mullahs are the puppet-master.

In 2008, the Drug Enforcement Agency under the Bush administration began an investigation into Hezbollah’s operations in America. It turns out the terror group was financing itself through cocaine distribution and money laundering. The DEA discovered that Hezbollah was shipping cocaine from Latin America to Europe via West Africa, and from Venezuela and Mexico into the United States. The terrorists were raking in cash and then laundering it through used car dealerships.

How much cocaine are we talking about? “Multi-ton loads,” according to DEA agents, worth approximately $200 million annually — and that’s just in the United States! Hezbollah would then launder the money by purchasing used cars here in America and shipping them off to Africa for resale.

Operating in secret, the DEA mapped out the entire Hezbollah scheme. They knew the shipping routes, they knew where and when the cocaine was coming in and they knew which Muslim-owned car dealerships were involved. They knew who the key players were, including the higher-ups involved in the transactions and they had identified the bank in Lebanon that was helping Hezbollah launder the cash. It was time to start making arrests and dismantling the network.

Unfortunately for the DEA, Obama was now in the White House, Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, Eric Holder was the Attorney General and John Brennan was Obama’s national security advisor and would later become CIA Director.

Every time the DEA attempted to take action against Hezbollah, the Obama administration threw up roadblocks. The DEA wanted to lure high-value targets into countries where they could be arrested; the State Department under Crooked Hillary Clinton and later John Kerry, rejected those requests.

Hezbollah arms dealer Ali Fayad, who was a key player in the cocaine and money-laundering scheme, was arrested in Prague in 2014; the Obama administration refused to extradite him to America. Fayad had been indicted by US courts for plotting to murder Americans and for illegal arms sales. Obama told the Czechs to let Fayad go. They did, and it is believed today that Fayad is back in business, selling arms to ISIS in Syria.

Obama refused to allow the DEA to arrest a top Hezbollah operative known only by the code name “Ghost,” who is known to be one of the largest cocaine dealers in the world. Hezbollah’s envoy to Iran, Abdallah Safieddine, is believed to be intricately involved with the scheme; Obama refused to allow the DEA to snatch him up. The DEA asked multiple times for permission to round up and arrest the entire Hezbollah network in America under RICO and organized crime statutes; every single time, Obama and the Justice Department refused to allow the DEA to act.

Here is the whole story in 140 characters if anyone should want to tweet it:

Barack Obama allowed the terror group Hezbollah to sell $200 million in cocaine annually in American cities to facilitate Iran nuclear deal.

The July arrest of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s (D-FL) Pakistani-born IT experts is looking more sinister than before with these new revelations. Imran Awan is in custody on bank fraud charges, but he and his brothers also operated a used car dealership. Investigators say the Awan brothers, who worked for Wasserman and various House Democrats for more than a decade, hacked into congressional computers without authorization and stole reams of top secret data for… someone. Was it Hezbollah?

Were Wasserman-Schultz’s employees part of this Hezbollah money-laundering scheme? Keep in mind that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s personal laptop was seized by police months ago during the investigation and she threatened the Chief of Capitol Police in a congressional hearing with “consequences” if she doesn’t get it back.

Obama let Hezbollah establish itself as an organized crime operation on American soil, so that he could score what he viewed as a “foreign policy win” with Iran. Former CIA Director John Brennan viewed this as a way to help “legitimize” Hezbollah as a political party. If that’s true, what does it say about the Democrat Party if they view Hezbollah as “legitimate?” While we’re on the subject, what exactly did America get out of that “deal” with Iran?

This was all done behind the scenes, in secret, like every other scandal of the Obama administration. Barack Obama voiced his support for Black Lives Matter while he decimated actual black lives by allowing $200 million worth of cocaine to flood America’s inner cities every year.

In light of these revelations, the Israeli government is now calling on the Nobel Committee to revoke Obama’s phony Peace Prize. Hezbollah, after all, remains a daily threat to the lives of Israeli civilians, police and military members. Based on its multi-billion dollar cocaine operation, Hezbollah is also a direct threat to American lives. Stripping away Obama’s Peace Prize would a good first step in the right direction, but it should not be the last.

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  1. @ Russell:
    The elite always will protect the elite! The two “most famous Americans of “17” according to some may be the two most corrupted individual of the past 8 years. Of course for Ms. H it started way back into Arkansas.

  2. @ Russell:

    “Hezbollah is also a direct threat to American lives.”

    The cocaine imported by Hezbollah must have been very benign if it was merely a threat. I am fairly certain more than one death of an American drug abuser can be traced back to these drug shipments. I am, as well, fairly certain this action constitutes negligent manslaughter at the very least. This level of crime may negate any protection claimed by being a member of the Federal Government. Where is Jeff Sessions on this matter?

  3. OK, yet another Federal crime by Obama, like lying to Congress, Arming a sworn enemy. yet no-one arrests this criminal. Just follow the procedure: Investigate, gather evidence, arrest and prosecute. It takes time but can we please know what the status is on these issues or are the crooks, fraudsters, traitors, liars and now subversive politicians really above the law?