Obama enabling Iranian interest at expense of Arab interests

By Rachel Avraham, Jerusalem Online

Iran bombMEMRI noted that Jasser Al Jasser furthermore wrote in the Saudi newspaper Al Jazirah: “Several analysts, if not all, regard Obama’s letter to Iran’s Supreme Leader as indicative of a pro-Iranian bias and as a continuation of Obama’s negative policy towards the Arabs. This because it allows Iran freedom of action in the Arab region despite all the suspicions about the Iranian regime’s complicity in terror! This American and Western bias in favor of Iran and against Arab interests refutes everything that has been said about the nature of the U.S. alliance with the Arab countries. The agreement that the Americans currently want to sign with the Iranian regime places the Arab interests ‘on the negotiating table,’ after the concerned Arab countries have been kept away from the negotiations. The absence of the Arabs from the negotiations has led to the expected results: Iranian interests may grow stronger and gain precedence in the Arab region, at the expense of Arab interests.”

November 28, 2014 | Comments »

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