Olmert should form a government in exile rather than build a bomb shelter.

By Moshe Feiglin

Why does Israel have to invest three billion shekels to build an underground nuclear bomb shelter for the government? For those of you who do not understand what the endless construction work at the entrance to Jerusalem is all about, we have some disconcerting news. The construction is part of an atomic shelter six kilometers long in which Olmert, Livni, Peretz and their aides can continue to run the country with no fear – even if a nuclear mushroom is billowing at street level. The shelter also serves as a shortcut to Israel ‘s airport. No, this is not a joke. An elevator descends from the Prime Minister’s office to the secret tunnels, far from the traffic congestion on the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway – or the radioactive congestion – straight to the airport and the reunion with Olmert’s sons in New York . It’s sort of like a modern-day Cave of Tzedekiah .

This morning I heard Avi Farchan. Twice exiled (from his home in Sinai and then from Gush Katif), Farchan expressed his indignation at the government’s searching for a place to shelter the residents of southern Israel against heavy shelling from Gaza . “There is no difference between the residents of Sderot and the residents of Ein Gev and Gadot, who continued to plow their fields under Syrian shelling,” Farchan insisted. It is impossible not to like Farchan, but he is a bit reminiscent of the Japanese soldier who continued to “fight” in the jungles tens of years after Hirohito had surrendered. The kibbutzniks in Ein Gev who continued plowing their fields had leadership that intended to triumph. The residents of Sderot are soldiers whose leadership has backed out of the battle, leaving them abandoned in the battlefield. Who has the right to tell them to stay put and be sitting ducks, when their government has already surrendered?

The only way to understand what is happening now in the Western Negev and in the negotiations for the release of Gilad Shalit is to realize that Israel ‘s government has already surrendered. When they tell us that there is “no solution for the Kassams,” they mean that they have raised the white flag. The State of Israel continues to exist due to inertia and thanks to the perseverance of its citizens.

So why spend so much money to shelter the government far underground? After all, Israel ‘s government has already surrendered. Why take bread out of the mouths of the poor? The elegant solution would be to send the government to a safe haven in London now. Why London? Because the English have experience with governments in exile.

In his research, military historian Dr. Uri Milstein claims that Israel won the Six Day War because the Chief of Staff Yitzhak Rabin broke under the pressure of the war and was hospitalized in a psychiatric institution, thus rendering him incapable of bungling the army’s battle plan. Who knows? Maybe a government in exile (elegantly implemented under the pressure of current events) will liberate the healthy forces in this nation, allowing them to rise, defend themselves and triumph?

Just think about all the money that we could save if we would halt the atomic shelter project. Think about all the miserable Arab refugees from Gaza who would be thrilled to get a small fraction of this money to start a new life in Canada . With these colossal sums we could have a genuine peace process here. If we add the 13 billion dollars that the Separation Fence will cost (that’s right, the fence that cannot stop anything from flying over it or crawling under it), we could also begin to solve the problem of the Arabs of Shechem and Jenin.

Let’s take this approach a step further. If we had the money that the Disengagement has already cost, we could begin to consider solving the problem of Israel’s Arabs – who are involved in approximately half of all terror attacks in Israel . If we add the incessant flow of funds that Israel has transferred to the terrorists since Oslo – who knows? Maybe we could have set them all up with good jobs and nice houses all over the globe. Perhaps we could even have had something left over to buy medicine and food for hungry children in Israel . After all, we have already accepted the principle of Evacuation-Compensation, haven’t we?

What? Gaza and Shechem belong to them??? O.K., if you think so, maybe you really should take the elevator underground – as close as possible to the airport.

To learn more about Moshe Feiglin and Manhigut Yehudit (Jewish Leadership) and to read their plan for Israel ‘s future, visit www.jewishisrael.org .

Manhigut Yehudit is the largest faction inside the Likud Party in Israel. It strives to turn Israel from The State of the Jews into The Jewish State.

January 10, 2007 | Comments Off on Olmert should form a government in exile rather than build a bomb shelter.

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