On the eve of Annapolis, 13 questions for the GoI

To the Government of Israel

1. How many Israelis will be displaced as a result of a deal? (Under convergence it was 80,000. It could now be 200,000.)

2. What is the estimated cost all in? (Steve Plocker estimated the cost of convergence at $25 billion for 80,000)

3. Who is going to pay for it?

4. Will there be an end of conflict agreement as part of it or just a hudna? Islam permits all agreements with infidels to be broken.

5. Will the deal settle the Arab/Israel conflict or just the Fatah/Israel conflict?

6. Will the deal represent an irreversible option for the Palestinians that will bind Israel for ever regardless of Arab non-compliance? In other words is Israel demanding provisions in the event of default by the Arabs. If they don’t do their part, can we kill it.

7. Will the deal in effect create a Mandate whereby Israel will hold the land on trust for the Palestinians just as Britain held the land under the original Mandate, for the Jews.?

8. Is Israel doing this because it wants to or because it has to?

9. Is Israel not better off with J & S and no peace or peace process than with Auschwitz borders with a phony peace?

10. Does the GoI accept the New Demographic Study which forecasts that Jews will outnumber the Arabs in Israel plus J & S by 2:1 for the foreseeable future?

11. Why doesn’t Israel consider abandoning Oslo and annexing J & S? Many reports have been written that illustrate how this could be done democratically. It would be easier for Israel to deal with the Arabs within Israel than outside Israel. Why isn’t his option given serious consideration?

12. Why is Israel supporting the expulsion of Jews by anyone?

13. If Israel is doing this to win support from the Arab League for an attack on Iran, why are we not told exactly what we are getting for our sacrifice.

November 9, 2007 | Comments Off on On the eve of Annapolis, 13 questions for the GoI

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